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Rep. Hank Johnson’s Unintentionally Hilarious Mutterings

Alright, with the serious talks of fiscal cliffs and treachery in Benghazi, I think it’s purchase viagra time for a little levity. While we still have important issues to discuss, the rambling nonsense that has been coming out of Georgia … Continue reading

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Union Thugs Tear Down Tent, Shout Racial Slurs at Hotdog Vendor While Destroying his Cart

Remember the early years of the Tea Party Movement? Every liberal “reporter” under the sun vehemently tr buy cialis online ied to push the narrative that Tea Partiers were violent, that they were bigots. Andrew Breitbart went to his grave, … Continue reading

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Unions, Communism and the Rise of the Reds

There’s an old saying, attributed to hundreds of different authors, that goes, “A man is judged by the company he keeps.” While it can hardly be attributed to one person, the thought seems appropriate and grounded in logic. The Brooklyn-based … Continue reading

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Lansing Mayor is “Proud” of Union Thuggery

While we witnessed a terrific day for the weakening of the union grip on workers in Mic generic cialis uk higan yesterday, we simultaneously witnessed a sad day for political discourse as we were reminded of the type of tactics … Continue reading

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Get ‘Em While They’re Young: California Teachers Aim to Indoctrinate Students with Occupy Propaganda

In an absolutely enraging video produced by the California Federation of Teachers, the “story” of how America fell on hard times is told in animated form. The video, entitled, “Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale,” tells the story of … Continue reading

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Union Good Fellas Meet A Bankrupt City Of San Bernadino

Remember those classic, but profane lines from Good Fellas?

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Union Greed and the Death of the Twinkie

The battle over who can rightly be labeled “greedy” rages on. Recently, Hostess went out of business after stubborn negotiations between the company and bakers unions who felt that harsh economic realities should only be felt by companies and not … Continue reading

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Apparently, You Can’t Get Creamy Filling Out Of a Stone

On the one hand, it’s too bad that Hostess went under, but on the other hand, it’s at least great to know that the greedy union members that killed the company will probably spend the holiday season jobless. It couldn’t … Continue reading

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Public Sector Unions Claim Another Victim: Atwater, California About To Go Bankrupt

Are we getting to the point where whole cities going bankrupt is a ho-hum topic? Stockton, San Bernardino and Mammoth Lake have all gone down that road now and over the next few years, dozens and dozens of cities – … Continue reading

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Chicago Teachers’ Unions: Yet Another Example of Liberalism Run Amuck

Other than Sandra Fluke, a 31 year old student who’s demanding that everyone else pay for her birth control and perhaps the entire city of Berkeley, you won’t find a better example of what’s wrong with modern liberalism than the … Continue reading

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