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“Green” Graft: After Receiving “Green Energy” Stimulus Money, Tesla CEO Buys $17 Million Mansion

One of the notable characteristics of the Soviet Union before it fell was the increasingly-noticeable divergence of laws and policies that affected “connected” people versus the lowly, regular Soviet citizens. Before its predictable collapse, high-ranking Party members and their friends … Continue reading

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The Myth Of “Mitt Romney’s Solyndra”

In keeping with the efforts of leftists to shift focus to anything but the Obama administration’s string of failures, Liberals are squealing with delight as they believe they have found Romney’s “Solyndra”. However, with even cursory scrutiny, the truth is … Continue reading

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Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Paul Krugman Edition

A big part of my job here at DustinStockton.com involves exposing the inane arguments made by big-government proponents. But every once in awhile, my job is made easier by leftists spewing their unique blend of arrogance and insanity, making their … Continue reading

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What’s The Difference Between Bain Capital And Solyndra?

Obviously the White House doesn’t know, so let’s help them out. Bain Capital rescues failing businesses using private capital, while the Obama Administration tries to launch unsuccessful businesses using taxpayer money. Bain rescues whatever sustainable jobs it can, while Obama’s … Continue reading

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