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The Nick Crews Guide To Parenting

I have to admit that at first, I disagreed with this harsh letter that Nick Crews wrote to his disappointing children. It just seemed far too rough a message for a father to send to his kids. However, when I … Continue reading

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Preparing Kids To Play In The Freeway Of Life

Hooray! We can all win all of the time.

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The 7 Best #LiberalFastFood Suggestions From Twitter

#LiberalFastFood In and Hand-Out Burger — The People’s Cube (@ThePeoplesCube) August 2, 2012 #LiberalFastFood Ted Kennedy’s Drive In Seafood. #MApoli — Kevin (@MoriartyKevin) August 2, 2012   #LiberalFastFood The You Have To Pass It To Find Out What’s In It … Continue reading

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Why Media Reports About Psychological Studies Usually Turn Out To Be Garbage

The media loves to report on psychological studies that confirm its existing biases and if it requires a sensational headline that isn’t even remotely justified by the study, well, that’s just the price the media has to pay to get … Continue reading

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Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Feel Guilty For Being Born With A Certain Skin Color Edition

Define Irony: An ad campaign meant to discourage racism by working under the predicated assumption that to be born white is to be born into privilege, and that such privilege is inherently unfair, thus stoking the flames of racism.

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