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“Fire Harry Reid” Picks Up Steam

We missed our shot in 2010 but it looks like “Fire Harry Reid” is now becoming a rallying cry for 2014. Taking him out of the position leader will be vital for the future of this country. Now the American … Continue reading

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Chris Christie Refuses to Endorse Likely GOP Nominee in Special Senate Election

In 2009, former Bogata, New Jersey Mayor Steve Lonegan ran to Chris Christie’s right in the Republican Primary. He lost the election, but still received a very respectable 42%. When former Atlantic County Freeholder Seth Grossman (formerly a Lonegan activist) … Continue reading

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Gov. Christie Appoints Jeff Chiesa to Senate Vacancy

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced today that he is appointing New Jersey Republican Attorney General Jeff Chiesa to the Senate vacancy created with the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg.   I said on Monday I was going to pick … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace, Senator Lautenberg

30 year Senate Veteran Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) passed away today at age 89 after months of increasing problems with his health. Senators on both sides of the aisle expressed their condolances to the Lautenberg family and sorrow at his passing. … Continue reading

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Frequently, Conservatives wonder why we fail to pass Conservative policies even when we elect Republicans. Well, I think this Tweet gives a pretty good visual to the problem: ICYMI: Greek yogurt needs to be part of the school nutrition program. … Continue reading

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A Final 2012 Senate Breakdown: The Key Races To Watch

The GOP would need to capture 4 seats to take control of the Senate. Unfortunately, the same state level polling data issue that’s impacting the presidential race is playing a role in the Senate races as well. In fact, it’s … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity Bill Fails: Obama Poised to Rule by Executive Order

The most recent testament to government ineptitude, the ill-famed Cybersecurity Act of 2012, was defeated last Thursday in the Senate, as the bill only received 52 of the necessary 60 votes to proceed with debate. While it is dead for … Continue reading

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Liberal Nonsense of the Day: The Harry Reid’s Libelous Remarks Edition

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been slandering Mitt Romney lately, as Romney refuses to release the last ten years of his tax returns. I will admit, I do not fully understand the justification. We know Mitt Romney is rich. … Continue reading

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Citizens Send a Clear Message to the UN: Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns!

Well, it looks like our Second Amendment rights will live to see another day. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which was designed to complicate the process of the import and export of firearms has been defeated.

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Funniest Line Of The Day: Bob Bennett Declares “Tea Party Wave Is Receding.”

Remember Bob Bennett? The squishy Republican senator from Utah who ran into a Tea Party buzzsaw that sliced him to pieces and left big-time-upgrade Mike Lee in his Senate seat? Well, yesterday, he had this to say on Fox Business … Continue reading

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