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A Great Example Of How The GOP Gets Killed On Messaging Over and Over Again

The Democrats may obsess over race, fail to understand basic economics and be incapable of governing, but they have learned one key lesson that Republicans just can’t seem to grasp: Winning in politics is all about being on offense. It … Continue reading

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One Of Romney’s Staffers: The Real Problem With The GOP is the “Far Right?”

Mitt Romney, who was a moderate governor of a blue state, with a moderate staff, running a campaign that seemed to be geared around avoiding social issues and being as non-offensive as possible, lost to Barack Obama. Didn’t we see … Continue reading

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Romney Adviser: We Lost the Election Because the Far Right of This Party Has Taken the Party to a Place That it Doesn’t Belong

Still reeling from the defeat, establishment Republicans are running from the right, clinging to the mistaken belief that more-centrist politics will yield better election results. Because the last two moderates the GOP nominated for the presidency worked out really well…

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Obama’s America Act II: Stock Market Plunges After Obama Reelected

Let’s take a moment and compare the two distinct reactions America had to Obama’s elections. In 2008, the morning after Obama’s election, the town of Eugene, Oregon was filled with exuberance and glee. With, seemingly, nary a Republican in sight, … Continue reading

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Why A Conservative Third Party Is A Terrible Idea

Respectfully, I have to disagree with Herman Cain’s call for a Third Party in the strongest of terms. It might be emotionally satisfying, but it would be doomed before it got started.

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Join Us for Live Election Coverage at TPNN.com

All hands are on deck. Dustin and the rest of the staff have set up shop at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have been working tirelessly with TheTeaParty.net and The Tea Party News Network to … Continue reading

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CNN Boss Sends Email to Staff, Reminding Them to Cover For Disgraced Crowley

CNN’s Candy Crowley did an unspeakably bad job moderating the debate. More has been said in recent days about her awful job than what either candidate had to say. While the best the liberal media can seem to muster up … Continue reading

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Mr. Fix It Vs. Mr. Broke It

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Not Only Does He Pay Taxes, Mitt Romney Gives 29% of His Income to Charity.

It turns out that Mitt Romney believes in giving out money to the less fortunate. However, unlike the incumbent, he seems to favor voluntary charity instead of the state-mandated shakedown and redistribution of wealth so loved by President Obama. In … Continue reading

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Obama & Romney Ads Compete for Woman Vote: Who Wins?

As a mom I feel I have more skin in the game than ever this election cycle. I’ve been paying close attention to the Presidential race to figure out what’s best for my family. Polls released last week by CBS … Continue reading

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