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Frequently, Conservatives wonder why we fail to pass Conservative policies even when we elect Republicans. Well, I think this Tweet gives a pretty good visual to the problem: ICYMI: Greek yogurt needs to be part of the school nutrition program. … Continue reading

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Rove and Republicans Seek To Destroy Party

There has been a lot of news lately that Karl Rove and some top Republican donors have decided that the problem with the Republican party isn’t the failed establishment but the grassroots. Rove has been tasked by his puppet masters … Continue reading

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Obama Has Not Come to Negotiate, He’s Come to Consolidate Power

The level of audacity coming from the Democrats – who I chiefly blame for creating this economic mess in the first place- is simply unbelievable. And I mean, unbelievable- as in, if I saw this plot line in a movie … Continue reading

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So, Was That Really The Best Use Of 1.3 Billion Dollars For The Republican Party?

The Republican Party’s infrastructure is dilapidated. Our get out the vote efforts are way behind the Democrats and we do very little minority outreach of significance. Additionally, our marketing/data research, new media, most of our Tea Party groups, voter registration, … Continue reading

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Job Creator Newsletter #2

The two-party system dominates our election process even though any candidate from a third party organization can run for office.   In general terms, Republicans are considered conservatives while the Democrats are largely defined as liberals.  For instance, President Obama is … Continue reading

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The Counter-Revolution Of The Clark County (NV) Republicans

The Republicans who left the Clark County (NV) Republican Party since the Ron Paul takeover, made a first attempt to take back control at the Sept. 19th meeting. The Ron Paulites have been wreaking havoc on our party and disgraced … Continue reading

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The Back Stabbing Establishment

It’s not even October and the Republican establishment is abandoning the candidate they forced on the rest of us.  I’m so tired of the tired rhetoric this time of year but nothing is quite as infuriating as tired hacks like … Continue reading

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Propaganda in its Purest Form: California Retains a Marketing Firm to Infuse TV Shows with Obamacare Themes

Recently, in an article in the New York Times tried to paint California as some bastion of forward progress by praising the bankrupt state for leading the nation in the creation of bureaucracy and for it’s willingness to institutionally indoctrinate … Continue reading

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Does Obama Have To Do Anything To Get Black Voters Other Than Be A Black Democrat?

At what point do black Americans start to ask the Democratic Party to do something for them in return for their votes? Today’s 14.1 percent black unemployment rate is almost twice the 7.4 percent white rate, and the racial gap … Continue reading

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Remember What The GOP Establishment Said About Charlie Crist Before He Became A Turncoat

It’s not really a shocker that Charlie Crist endorsed Obama or that he’s speaking at the Democratic National Convention. It’s also probably not going to ultimately be any more helpful than an endorsement from Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chafee, or Scozzafava … Continue reading

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