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The Party of the Cat With the Laser Pointer

I’m a proud feline owner. I have 4 of the fuzzy critters…I’m well on my way to ancient spinsterhood. One of my favorite tricks to get them to exercise is to break out the old laser pointer and watch them … Continue reading

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One Of Romney’s Staffers: The Real Problem With The GOP is the “Far Right?”

Mitt Romney, who was a moderate governor of a blue state, with a moderate staff, running a campaign that seemed to be geared around avoiding social issues and being as non-offensive as possible, lost to Barack Obama. Didn’t we see … Continue reading

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Is The Romney Campaign Just the McCain Campaign Redux?

In 2008, John McCain made a somewhat risky VP pick who turned out to be a winner, but otherwise ran an overly cautious, fuzzy, non-aggressive campaign with no theme that was largely based on his resume. Remind you of anyone? … Continue reading

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