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Tearing Up the Constitution is Insane (Even for the New York Times)

There is plenty of room at the table for differences of opinion. People don’t always have to agree, but in order for this country to have a chance, we must all actually wish to see a better America. We must … Continue reading

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Union Thugs Tear Down Tent, Shout Racial Slurs at Hotdog Vendor While Destroying his Cart

Remember the early years of the Tea Party Movement? Every liberal “reporter” under the sun vehemently tr buy cialis online ied to push the narrative that Tea Partiers were violent, that they were bigots. Andrew Breitbart went to his grave, … Continue reading

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Unions, Communism and the Rise of the Reds

There’s an old saying, attributed to hundreds of different authors, that goes, “A man is judged by the company he keeps.” While it can hardly be attributed to one person, the thought seems appropriate and grounded in logic. The Brooklyn-based … Continue reading

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Lansing Mayor is “Proud” of Union Thuggery

While we witnessed a terrific day for the weakening of the union grip on workers in Mic generic cialis uk higan yesterday, we simultaneously witnessed a sad day for political discourse as we were reminded of the type of tactics … Continue reading

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Get ‘Em While They’re Young: California Teachers Aim to Indoctrinate Students with Occupy Propaganda

In an absolutely enraging video produced by the California Federation of Teachers, the “story” of how America fell on hard times is told in animated form. The video, entitled, “Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale,” tells the story of … Continue reading

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Pot Calls Kettle Black as Obama Campaign Attempts to Paint Romney as Divisive

Alright, typically, I’m not in the habit of putting up videos for the Obama Campaign. However, this one is so pathetic and mind-blowingly ridiculous, I couldn’t help but pass it along. The video is supposed to suggest that Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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Got a Couch? Obama Now Asks Supporters to House Campaign Volunteers… No, I’m Not Joking

The emails from the Obama Campaign are getting weirder and weirder… Since I live in a firmly entrenched “blue” state, I do not get to see the really desperate measures the Obama Campaign has taken to secure victory in November. … Continue reading

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Out of Steam: DNC Speakers Sure to Disappoint

Who’s ready to witness an all-out trainwreck? The Democratic National Convention has been plagued with failures and disastrous budgetary issues since the beginning of planning. Now, we get to see what failed ideas and fiscal mismanagement looks like on a … Continue reading

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Tampa: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I must have heard “Chicago” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young a thousand times over the years. It’s a good song and, though I was not there, I am given to understand that Chicago in ’68 was intense. Soon, however, … Continue reading

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OWS Organizer: “[Our] objective is to make revolution in the United States, overthrow the capitalist system and build communism”

My father has always said, “You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.” Likewise, I, and many on the right, have been convinced since the beginning of the Occupy “movement” that the Occupiers are far more radical … Continue reading

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