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Not A Joke: Kathleen Sebelius To Seek Senate Seat

Yep, that’s right. The woman behind the DISASTER that is Obamacare is now plotting her way back into government by organizing a run against Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas. We can’t envision how Kansas voters could take her seriously but … Continue reading

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Reagan DESTROYS Obamacare…In 1961!

Don’t say we weren’t warned. Way back in 1961, then private citizen Ronald Reagan cut an LP to persuade the country against socialized medicine. He argued that socialized medicine was the gateway to turn America into a full fledged socialist … Continue reading

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The Best Of Late Night Obamacare Jokes

Ok, we all know that late night comics are liberals for the most part. But Obamacare has been such a disaster they can’t avoid it! From Conan and Fallon to Colbert and Stewart, all have had some classic zingers at … Continue reading

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Ice-T Understands the Constitution Better Than (fmr.) Speaker Pelosi

Rapper Ice-T is a narrator on a documentary on the Second Amendment and pointed out that gun (ownership) rights are Civil Rights… Ice-T: Gun Rights Are Civil Rights http://t.co/NVuUFsIoF2 #2a #nra — DTTS (@TYCapitalism) July 5, 2013 …you know, actual … Continue reading

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Obamacare (Employer Mandate) Delayed

The Treasury Department announced that implementation of  the employer mandate portion of Obamacare will be delayed for one year.  Treasury cites employer concerns with the complicated and unclear reporting requirements, and the delay is intended to give the Administration time … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Makes “Plan B Morning After Pill” Accessable to Women of All Ages

Obama Admin’s reversal on morning-after pill tramples on parent’s role in their minor children’s most personal healthcare decisions — Rob Portman (@robportman) June 11, 2013 After far too long, science has prevailed. Today’s move by Admin means #PlanB safety & … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz Polls Twitter on Abolishing the IRS

Senator Ted Cruz championed a variation of the traditional Flat Tax during his 2012 election campaign, and has been outspoken in regards to the ongoing flood of information coming out about the IRS targeting of Conservative political groups.  Yesterday, just … Continue reading

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Fiscal Nonsense: Obamacare is Off the Table for Negotiations Because it ‘Reduces the Deficit’

President Obama has said that he would “do whatever it takes” to avoid the fiscal cliff. However, on Monday, his lackey, Jay Carney, made it clear that Obamacare will not be on the table for fiscal negotiations. Sure, why go … Continue reading

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“Free” Healthcare is not Free. Somebody Must Pay For It.

Twitter and various news outlets have been going crazy in recent days as major companies have come out to discuss the kinds of cuts that will be needed in order to pay for Obamacare mandates.

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A Physician: If Obama Is Re-Elected, You May Lose Your Doctor

Yesterday, we had a CEO telling his employees that they might lose their jobs if Obama is reelected. Today, we have a doctor talking about the consequences we’ll face if Obama is reelected and his health care reform goes into … Continue reading

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