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Bipartisan Effort To Stop NSA Spying Gets Lots of Love

What Snowden brought out from under tin-foil hats and secret courts, may face the full force of the Constitution, the will of the People and a whole lot of social media support this week. Representatives Justin Amash, John Conyers, Jr, … Continue reading

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Digging in Deeper: Obama Circles the Wagons Around Susan Rice

The Obama Administration and State Department must settle on which lie they want to go with. They must either decide that they are incompetent, and left the consulate vulnerable to attack, and when it was attacked, couldn’t figure out for … Continue reading

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New Ad Illustrates How White House Leaks Threaten American Lives

It is a strange administration that promises transparency, but is secretive with its citizens and loose-lipped with our enemies. That is the case of the Obama Administration. In the wake of the death of Osama bin Laden, the Obama Administration … Continue reading

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Julian Assange’s Supporters In A Nutshell: Assange Should Be Able To Get Away With Sexual Assault Because We Like Him And Hate America

Many liberals love Julian Assange because they hate America and he disclosed top secret American documents. How many people died because of what Julian Assange did? We don’t know for sure and intelligence agencies around the world have reason to … Continue reading

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The UK Is Helping To Destroy The WMDs in Iraq The Left Says Doesn’t Exist!

The truth is that there was a lot more grey area when it comes to Iraq’s WMDs than people like to admit. As a matter of fact, that grey area is still being cleaned up today. Britain will help the … Continue reading

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There Is Apparently More Security Screening For American Airplane Passengers Than Illegal Pilots

Did you know that if American immigration law had been followed, there wouldn’t have been a 9/11? You don’t hear that said very often because it steps on the pro-illegal immigration agenda so many people in the media have, but … Continue reading

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Opting Out From The TSA (Thousands Standing Around)

It doesn’t matter what airport I go to, or what line I fall in, if there is a Naked Body Scanner (NBS) I’m picked to go through it.  As soon as those things came into existence I have never again … Continue reading

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Leakgate: Obama Must Be Punished For Putting Politics Over National Security

Over the last four years, the Obama Administration has given the American people plenty of grounds for concern. From the failed stimulus and the auto bailout to Solyndra, Fast And Furious and domestic drone surveillance, there’s no shortage of things … Continue reading

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