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Chuck Todd Exposes The President’s True Motives Behind Keystone XL

Eventually the truth becomes so apparent that even some of your biggest allies can no longer keep quiet. That is what we have here as Chuck Todd took to MSNBC to confirm what the whole world already knows. Obama won’t … Continue reading

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MSNBC: The Network that Makes TMZ Look Like ‘60 Minutes’

A big congratulations is in order for Steve Frank of The Ed Show and the stellar Woodward and Bernsteins over at MSNBC! They captured the story of the century that will put them on par with the fine journalist at … Continue reading

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“Tingles” Matthews and His Constitutional Confusion

As Chris “Tingles” Matthews goes further and further down the rabbit hole of insanity, he’s still proving that he’s good for a few laughs. Not with him- at him. In an odd statement, thoroughly bereft of any understanding of what … Continue reading

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SNL Lampoons Leftist Hysterics at MSNBC

As the world crashed down upon the liberals Wednesday night, we on the right had a good chuckle. Like the cocky main character of “Casey at the Bat,” President Obama had struck out- and the Mudville nine at MSNBC couldn’t … Continue reading

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So What Does Spending A Half Million Dollars On MSNBC Stimulate?

Even if Keynesian stimulus worked — and the historical evidence overwhelmingly shows that it doesn’t — this doesn’t seem very ah…stimulating. The Labor Department paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus funds to a public relations firm … Continue reading

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Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Ed Schulz Grieves Wisconsin Edition

On Wednesday, Liberal puppet Ed Schultz bemoaned the crushing defeat dealt to union supporters in Wisconsin. While it certainly comes as no surprise that Schultz would be upset about the victory of fiscal responsibility in Wisconsin, he took it in … Continue reading

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