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Guns Don’t Get People Killed- Michael Bloomberg Does.

Often, anti-gun zealots try and advocate restrictive gun control measures by claiming that they’re uncomfortable with “untrained” people with guns in their community. However, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a special kind of zealot. Though he has talked … Continue reading

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Nanny State News: NYC Considers Milkshake and Movie Popcorn Ban

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been in the news lately, spreading his calls for an intrusive nanny state. Several weeks ago, Bloomberg unveiled his city-wide proposal to ban the sale of sugary drinks in quantities over 16 ounces. But, … Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin Knows What’s Best For You

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll plainly confess that I have a bias against Alec Baldwin. But then again, I have a bias against Jane Fonda and a plethora of other two-faced celebrities that take advantage of the tremendous … Continue reading

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