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MSNBC: The Network that Makes TMZ Look Like ‘60 Minutes’

A big congratulations is in order for Steve Frank of The Ed Show and the stellar Woodward and Bernsteins over at MSNBC! They captured the story of the century that will put them on par with the fine journalist at … Continue reading

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CNN Boss Sends Email to Staff, Reminding Them to Cover For Disgraced Crowley

CNN’s Candy Crowley did an unspeakably bad job moderating the debate. More has been said in recent days about her awful job than what either candidate had to say. While the best the liberal media can seem to muster up … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Spouts Racism (Again), Liberal Media Quiet… A Little Too Quiet

Bill Maher, the biggest fraud in political discourse, recently opened his mouth to spew forth more ill-informed rhetoric. More than merely being his usual, unintelligent banter, however, his diatribe against the Tea Party took a turn towards racism as he … Continue reading

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Liberal Nonsense of the Day: The War Against Chick-fil-A Rages On Edition

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”   -Voltaire I honestly do not understand the state of liberal intolerance in America. We hear ad nauseum the cries … Continue reading

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Deranged Man Learns the Meaning of the Phrase, “Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight”

I am always amazed to witness the spotty, speculative logic from the gun control crowd. The way they carry on in the wake of a shooting is as if violence was invented along with bullets. When they discuss magazine capacity, … Continue reading

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Liberal Nonsense Of The Day: Romney “Too Focused” On The Economy

Even the most casual observers of American politics know by now that this presidential election will revolve around the economy. Considering that the last election was an election to decide, “Who will be best suited to fix this economy”, it … Continue reading

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Andrea Mitchell’s Out-Of-Context Attack On Romney

Both the Obama administration and the liberal media have been working together very hard lately to try and switch the focus onto anything but the catastrophe that has been Obama’s presidency. When confronted with evidence of the economic failures of … Continue reading

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