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Senator Ted Cruz Polls Twitter on Abolishing the IRS

Senator Ted Cruz championed a variation of the traditional Flat Tax during his 2012 election campaign, and has been outspoken in regards to the ongoing flood of information coming out about the IRS targeting of Conservative political groups. ¬†Yesterday, just … Continue reading

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Holder Calls for Automatic Voter Registration, Dismisses Seriousness of Voter Fraud

The truly astonishing thing about our current government is the unique ability to say th generic cialis no prescription ings that are both untrue and that run contrary to what Americans know for a fact. If I pointed up and … Continue reading

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Holding The Obama Administration Accountable For Fast And Furious

America has a long history of offering rewards for the participation of citizens in bringing criminals to justice. We’ve all seen the more famous wanted posters of Bonnie and Clyde, Jesse James, John Dillinger and such. Each of them offered … Continue reading

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