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The Joy of Going Home: Jon Hammar Finally Makes it Back

This Christmas, as I gather around the Christmas (not holiday) tree with my family and feel lucky to be home, I am mindful this year of someone who undoubtedly dwarfs my sense of comfort. Jon Hammar, the former Marine who … Continue reading

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Autozone Fires Young Veteran for Saving His Coworker’s Life with a Handgun

23-y cialis buy ear-old Devin McCLean was locking up one night at his job, an Autozone in York County, Virginia, a few days before Thanksgiving, when an armed robber came in demanding money. McClean, an Air Force veteran, snuck out … Continue reading

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Half-In, Half-Out: The Modern State of Military Policy

War is hell. That is what I am told. I have never served in the military, but I have the utmost respect for those that have or do. Because war is hell, if a war must exist, I favor a … Continue reading

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Overlooked Story Of The Day: The Death Of Ambassador Chris Stevens

The story that is being missed by nearly everyone in the media is the story of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Taking the ambassadorship to Libya isn’t a position that men take to pad their resume or stroke their egos. This is … Continue reading

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Small Businesses, Not Government, Are The Real American Heroes

I have often stated that President Obama denies American exceptionalism. I believe that, at his core, he is first-and-foremost, out for himself and has zero interest in bolstering America to do well. While I am all too familiar with the … Continue reading

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On The Anniversary Of D-Day, Remember America’s Heroes

68 years ago today, brave men stormed daunting beaches across Normandy and dropped from the sky, knowing that they would be surrounded by the enemy. Many solemnly waited for the turkey shoot that would occur on Omaha, Juno, Sword, Gold … Continue reading

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