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If The Comment Is Illegal In Real Life, It Should Be Illegal Online

Obviously, we don’t want people being prosecuted for insults, jokes, and offensive statements, but you shouldn’t be able to break the law with impunity because you’re online either.

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Does an Oath to Protect the Constitution Mean Nothing Anymore?

Oaths, themselves, seem like a clinging relic from the past, but they’re not. We think of oaths as a verbal bond, a declaration that you subscribe to an idea beyond impulsive self-interest. We use oaths less these days, and the … Continue reading

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Julian Assange’s Supporters In A Nutshell: Assange Should Be Able To Get Away With Sexual Assault Because We Like Him And Hate America

Many liberals love Julian Assange because they hate America and he disclosed top secret American documents. How many people died because of what Julian Assange did? We don’t know for sure and intelligence agencies around the world have reason to … Continue reading

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Pressure Grows On Twitter To Curb Abusive “Trolls” That Have Already Fairly Effectively Been Dealt With

As people have become progressively more wimpy and feminized, we’re hearing more and more calls for legislative and corporate action designed to prevent people from being mean to each other. Yes, really. That’s what has happened with bullying despite the … Continue reading

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Dumping The DISCLOSE Act

The Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light On Spending in Elections Act, or, DISCLOSE Act died a quiet death on Monday as Senate Republicans blocked the act much loved by Democrats. The act was supposedly aimed at requiring organizations that … Continue reading

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