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Eric Holder Refuses To Step Down

Eric Holder aka the worst Attorney General EVER says he isn’t going anywhere. From Fast and Furious to the countless lawsuits that seek to strip citizens of their constitutional rights, Eric Holder is making a mockery of the office. Defiant, … Continue reading

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Holder to Gohmert: “You Don’t Wanna Go There, Buddy”

OH YES HE DOES! Eric Holder, who has been held in contempt by the House, lost his cool to Rep. Louie Gohmert when the Texas Congressman demanded to know why certain documents hadn’t been released. The audacity of an Attorney … Continue reading

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Holder Calls for Automatic Voter Registration, Dismisses Seriousness of Voter Fraud

The truly astonishing thing about our current government is the unique ability to say th generic cialis no prescription ings that are both untrue and that run contrary to what Americans know for a fact. If I pointed up and … Continue reading

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Filmmaker Reenacts With Vivid Detail the Murder of Brian Terry for New Documentary

Documentary filmmaker Fleming Fuller has created a short documentary that reenacts with gripping and vivid detail the events just before and after the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The scene in which Terry is killed is part of … Continue reading

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Rewarding Treason: Eric Holder Receives an Award from Black Caucus

It’s been a strange few weeks- the Obama Administration is considering rewarding the Blind Sheik for masterminding attacks on America by negotiating his release, Egypt is being rewarded with $450 million for attacking our embassy and now, the Black Caucus … Continue reading

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A Fast And Furious Whitewash? Holder’s Office Was Told, But He Wasn’t?

Here’s the standard mainstream media spin on the inspector general’s report on Fast and Furious. The 472-page report by the department’s inspector general concluded that Attorney General Eric Holder was not informed of the program’s controversial tactics run by the … Continue reading

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Gather ‘Round, It’s Story Time: New DOJ Report on Fast and Furious

Yesterday morning, the Inspector General’s Office for the Department of Justice released a scathing report on the failings of the DOJ in Operation Fast and Furious. While the report was certainly critical across the board, the report serves as convenient … Continue reading

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We May Now Have The Best Explanation Yet For The Hiring Of Eric Holder

At what point do you go so far past diversity that you’re just being quirky? The Department of Justice is certainly testing those limits with its hiring practices. The PJ Tatler has obtained documents from the Justice Department detailing efforts … Continue reading

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House Pursues Civil Contempt of Congress Charges Against Holder

I have heard that the wheels of justice turn slowly. In the case of Attorney General Eric Holder’s contempt of Congress charge, I find the wheels of justice to turn particularly slowly. The important thing, however, is that they turn. … Continue reading

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Chicago Politics Goes National: Obama Administration Plays Fast and Loose With Election Laws

Anyone who has been paying attention at all knows that the Obama Justice Department, headed by the infamous Eric Holder, has been playing pretty fast and loose with elections over the last four years. More sinister than any ambiguous charges … Continue reading

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