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The Pain Keeps On Coming For Electric Car Operators

One day, the technology for electric cars may advance to the point where they’ll be a better deal than gasoline-powered vehicles. However, that day is not today. Today, electric cars are underpowered, overpriced golf carts with limited range and expensive … Continue reading

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A Government-Created Problem For Which There Is Absolutely, Positively No Solution: A Plague Of Endangered Egrets

It seems bizarre that there could be so many of an “endangered” species in one area that they could torment a whole neighborhood, but that’s exactly what’s happening in a Fort Worth, Texas neighborhood. Tree branches and bushes are stripped … Continue reading

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The EPA Is Watching You!

George Orwell imagined a surreal, terrifying world dominated by a police state in the year 1984. He was off by 28 years. Federal inspectors for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been flying over farms and ranches in order to … Continue reading

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Popular Oregon State University Professor Fired For Global Warming Skepticism

Seldom does anything happen in Oregon. And when it does, it’s always ridiculous, uninteresting or otherwise just plain weird. We recently had a man contract the bubonic plague from a cat. See what I mean? But I’ll take weird over … Continue reading

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