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Ice-T Understands the Constitution Better Than (fmr.) Speaker Pelosi

Rapper Ice-T is a narrator on a documentary on the Second Amendment and pointed out that gun (ownership) rights are Civil Rights… Ice-T: Gun Rights Are Civil Rights http://t.co/NVuUFsIoF2 #2a #nra — DTTS (@TYCapitalism) July 5, 2013 …you know, actual … Continue reading

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Tearing Up the Constitution is Insane (Even for the New York Times)

There is plenty of room at the table for differences of opinion. People don’t always have to agree, but in order for this country to have a chance, we must all actually wish to see a better America. We must … Continue reading

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Flashback: Ted Nugent Shreds Piers Morgan to Pieces on Gun Control

Say what you want about Ted Nugent. He’s opinionated- perhaps even pushy. However, in the age of overly-cautious soundbites and over-the-top sensitivity, Ted Nugent’s brand of in-your-face candor and unapologetic Americanism is as refreshing as iced tea on a hot … Continue reading

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Gun Control: When Defiance is Patriotism

As America ponders gun control, one of the more salient points I have heard is indisputable and potent in its brevity: Gun control laws hinder the obtaining of illegal guns like drug laws control the obtaining of illegal drugs. The … Continue reading

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Gun Control Hysteria: Obama Takes the Petition Process Very Seriously… When He Agrees

President Obama has responded to the petitions signed at thewhitehouse.gov that called for gun control. In a three-minute dialogue seething with placation and ignorant ramblings devoid of greater issues of constitutional permissibility, Obama assured the American people that he will … Continue reading

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Camel’s Nose Under the Tent: NY Gov. Hints at Gun Confiscation

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, law abiding citizens of New Orleans were unconstitutionally stripped of their Second Amendment rights when police went around, disarming citizens under the pretense of public safety. Apparently too eager to wait for the next … Continue reading

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Reality Conflicts with Obama’s Gun Control “Mandate”

President Obama has a nasty habit of falsely believing that since he was elected by the people, the people, therefore, are supportive of whatever the hell he wants to do. He’s said raising taxes is his “mandate” from the people. … Continue reading

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If The Comment Is Illegal In Real Life, It Should Be Illegal Online

Obviously, we don’t want people being prosecuted for insults, jokes, and offensive statements, but you shouldn’t be able to break the law with impunity because you’re online either.

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Birds of a Feather: Communist China Calls for Gun Control in America

This should tell you something about the cries for gun control in this country: Communist China, who has been responsible for untold misery and violence wrought upon its own people, is calling for America to adopt stricter gun control measures. … Continue reading

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I Hope Someone Shoots You, But You Don’t Need A Gun Or Anything!

One of the great ironies of the post-Newtown massacre gun debate is that liberals have been simultaneously claiming that we need to take guns out of the hands of law abiding Americans while casually wishing death on people who disagree … Continue reading

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