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Funny! Tim Allen RIPS On The California “Socialist State”

Tim Allen took to Jimmy Kimmel for a bit on how pitiful California’s economy is. But naturally you can’t talk California’s economy without acknowledging the major role the government played. Tim Allen did just that….and it was hilarious!

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Ice-T Understands the Constitution Better Than (fmr.) Speaker Pelosi

Rapper Ice-T is a narrator on a documentary on the Second Amendment and pointed out that gun (ownership) rights are Civil Rights… Ice-T: Gun Rights Are Civil Rights http://t.co/NVuUFsIoF2 #2a #nra — DTTS (@TYCapitalism) July 5, 2013 …you know, actual … Continue reading

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Unemployment Benefits for Illegal Aliens In California? Absolutely!

buy cialis lowest price a>Sure, this may sound insane even for California, but there’s a good reason to support it.

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San Bernardino City Attorney: Police Can’t Protect you. Lock Your Doors and Load Your Guns.

San Bernardino City Attorney Jim Penman has expressed to the public what gun-rights activists have been expressing for years: The police can’t protect you. Get a gun.

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Escaping Socialism: Refugees Flee the Golden State Amidst Devastating Taxation

It is fabled that an Oregon governor, Tom McCall, once put a sign on the Oregon-California border that read, “Welcome to Oregon. Enjoy your visit, but please don’t live here.” The story seems to be largely Oregonian lore, but McCall … Continue reading

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All Aboard For Bankruptcy!

Good news — well, if you’re betting on California to default on its debts sooner rather than later. The bankruptcy express is laying down some high speed rail in California and getting ready to start moving down the tracks!

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California Welcomes Illegal Immigrants

Reason number 1,614,246 why I don’t live in California: the California Senate just approved the California Trust Act which prohibits the police from turning a detainee over to immigration officials for deportation unless the detainee has been convicted of a … Continue reading

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