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With Republicans Like These…:Rep. Charles Boustany

On Sunday, I wrote about how Senator Roy Blunt (R-Progressive-MO) was auditioning to be the new Spokesman for the Obama White House as he decreed that there’s no way the Obama Administration was responsible for the IRS targeting Tea Party … Continue reading

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Obamacare (Employer Mandate) Delayed

The Treasury Department announced that implementation of  the employer mandate portion of Obamacare will be delayed for one year.  Treasury cites employer concerns with the complicated and unclear reporting requirements, and the delay is intended to give the Administration time … Continue reading

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GOP MIA in NC12 Special Election

North Carolina Congressman Mel Watt has been nominated by President Obama to lead the Federal Housing Finance Agency (am I the only one who is upset that something that far outside the scope of the Constitution exists…?) setting up a … Continue reading

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The Party of the Cat With the Laser Pointer

I’m a proud feline owner. I have 4 of the fuzzy critters…I’m well on my way to ancient spinsterhood. One of my favorite tricks to get them to exercise is to break out the old laser pointer and watch them … Continue reading

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Rep. Jeff Duncan Asks For Your Input

Many Freshman Republican Congressmen are becoming increasingly savvy in the use of Social Media to reach out to their constituents as well as activists around the country. South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan is one such example. What's the most important … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz Polls Twitter on Abolishing the IRS

Senator Ted Cruz championed a variation of the traditional Flat Tax during his 2012 election campaign, and has been outspoken in regards to the ongoing flood of information coming out about the IRS targeting of Conservative political groups.  Yesterday, just … Continue reading

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“Green” Graft: After Receiving “Green Energy” Stimulus Money, Tesla CEO Buys $17 Million Mansion

One of the notable characteristics of the Soviet Union before it fell was the increasingly-noticeable divergence of laws and policies that affected “connected” people versus the lowly, regular Soviet citizens. Before its predictable collapse, high-ranking Party members and their friends … Continue reading

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Our Dear Leader, His Glory and the Never Ending Pleas for Your Money

It was a sad day when I realized the election was over and that I would no longer be receiving fundraising emails from the Obama Campaign. I eagerly awaited the most recent too-friendly salutations from Barack (or Barry, as he … Continue reading

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Reality Conflicts with Obama’s Gun Control “Mandate”

President Obama has a nasty habit of falsely believing that since he was elected by the people, the people, therefore, are supportive of whatever the hell he wants to do. He’s said raising taxes is his “mandate” from the people. … Continue reading

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Birds of a Feather: Communist China Calls for Gun Control in America

This should tell you something about the cries for gun control in this country: Communist China, who has been responsible for untold misery and violence wrought upon its own people, is calling for America to adopt stricter gun control measures. … Continue reading

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