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I Want To Help But Have Never Done This Before

Hundreds of people have reached out to us recently, wanting to help but apprehensive about taking the lead for a number of reasons. This post is a response to all of those great people and if you have further questions, … Continue reading

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Useful Idiots: The Problems of Uninformed Advocacy

I live in a place where the desire to be politically active has overtaken the desire to be informed. I am constantly confronted by people looking to get me to sign their petition. These people mean well and many are … Continue reading

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Winning Wisconsin: The Reverend Jesse Jackson Crashes The Walker Party

Did you see Tiger’s epic shot today on his way to winning the Memorial Tournament? Well, that’s us in Wisconsin. The phones are off the hook in Milwaukee and we are still setting state records. Across the state today, over … Continue reading

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Winning Wisconsin: Call Center Ninjas Versus Drum Circle Drones

We made history in the state of Wisconsin! Never before has a single call center pounded out as many calls as team “Deployment,” with a grand total of 31,610 calls! Not only did we break a record as an individual … Continue reading

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