Hillary Has A Shoe Thrown At Her In Vegas!

If you didn’t see this video the other day, do yourself a favor and watch it.

The Democrat’s messiah gets a shoe tossed at her by an angry woman in the crowd. No one knows why as of yet.

While we don’t condone attacking anybody, this is for sure the must-watch video of the week.

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Who Didn’t See This Coming? House Committee Refers Lois Lerner To DOJ For Criminal Prosecution

Today the House Ways and Means Committee released emails that show Lois Lerner tried to put inappropriate pressure on the IRS to deny tax-exempt status to conservative groups.

Actually not just pressure, but pushing for an audit!

This is EXACTLY what conservatives fear and she should be made an example of!


House Republicans on Wednesday accused former IRS official Lois Lerner of breaking agency rules by aggressively urging denial of tax-exempt status to Crossroads GPS, the giant political nonprofit founded by Karl Rove.

The Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee released emails showing the former chief of the tax exempt unit took a special interest in Crossroads GPS in early 2013 — inquiring with IRS officials why they hadn’t been audited. Around the same time an email suggested she might be applying for a job with a pro-President Barack Obama group, Organizing For Action, though it is unclear if she was joking.

The committee letter calls her actions an “aggressive and improper pursuit of Crossroads… but no evidence [that] she directed review of similarly situated left-leaning groups.”

Read More at Politico

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Penn and Teller Give The Best Explination Of The Second Amendment…In Just Over 90sec!

Get in a gun control argument? Just send over this short Penn and Teller clip.

In the video the two comedians/magicians break down the Second Amendment in terms even a child could understand.

This is a MUST WATCH!

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Caption Contest!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 7.40.03 AMAs you may have heard, former President Bush and Clinton took in the NCAA National Championship side by side last night in Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ box.

Various others surrounded them including members of the Cowboys and Papa John (yes, the pizza magnate).

The reunion also provided us with one heck of a photo, which can only mean one thing…caption contest!

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Economic Freedom Zones Are A Good Idea, Period.

I don’t know if you guys saw this, but Rand Paul gave an awesome speech last year in Detroit in which he laid out a blueprint that should be brought to every economically depressed area of the country.

They’re called economic free zones and could lift American inner cities out of poverty and much more.

Instead of recapping it, why don’t you go ahead and listen to him break it down.

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John Wayne On Liberals…Needless To Say, It’s Awesome

You gotta love the Duke, always called it like he saw it. This monologue is the perfect example.

John Wayne spends 4 and a half minutes dissecting liberal hypocrisy and the case for conservatism.

This is a must watch for anyone who calls themselves a conservative!

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Jeb Bush Pokes Conservatives In The Eye With “Act Of Love” Comment

In one of the biggest political stories in the already-underway race for the 2016 GOP nomination, Jeb Bush said that people who come to America illegally aren’t committing a felony, rather an act of love.

There’s a lot to take in there. Those who skip the line and break our laws should simply be allowed to do it without consequence?

We’re headed down the road to open boarders and that should make everyone furious!

But tell us: what do you think?

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The Best Of Late Night Obamacare Jokes

Ok, we all know that late night comics are liberals for the most part.

But Obamacare has been such a disaster they can’t avoid it! From Conan and Fallon to Colbert and Stewart, all have had some classic zingers at the expense of this horrible government program.

Take a few moments to relax before the weekend by checking out the best of late night Obamacare jokes!

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Obama Gets SCHOOLED…90 Years Ago!

Is our generation dumb or are we just misinformed? This video is the first ever video recording with sound of a U.S. President.

In it, President Coolidge makes a cut and dry argument for lower taxes and less government.

The video is short and Coolidge almost seems to be talking to a certain President who sees taxes and government as the answer to everything!! Can anyone guess who I’m referring to?!

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In Honor Of the News Coming Out Of Cuba Today…

I wanted to share with you a video that I really like. Marco Rubio RIPPING into Cuba and putting Cuban apologists like Sen. Harkin on notice.

The efforts to build a “Cuban Twitter” may have failed but I really hope one day freedom will find its way onto that island.

So check out this video and spread it around. It deserves another watch if you’ve already seen it.

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