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The Joy of Going Home: Jon Hammar Finally Makes it Back

This Christmas, as I gather around the Christmas (not holiday) tree with my family and feel lucky to be home, I am mindful this year of someone who undoubtedly dwarfs my sense of comfort. Jon Hammar, the former Marine who … Continue reading

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Autozone Fires Young Veteran for Saving His Coworker’s Life with a Handgun

23-y cialis buy ear-old Devin McCLean was locking up one night at his job, an Autozone in York County, Virginia, a few days before Thanksgiving, when an armed robber came in demanding money. McClean, an Air Force veteran, snuck out … Continue reading

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Half-In, Half-Out: The Modern State of Military Policy

War is hell. That is what I am told. I have never served in the military, but I have the utmost respect for those that have or do. Because war is hell, if a war must exist, I favor a … Continue reading

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Detroit Police Finally Admit what Gun Owners Have Always Known: The Police Can’t Protect You

In a move that is disheartening, the Detroit Police Department has officially given up maintaining the façade that police are able to adequately protect citizens. As fans came to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers beat the A’s on Saturday, … Continue reading

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Filmmaker Reenacts With Vivid Detail the Murder of Brian Terry for New Documentary

Documentary filmmaker Fleming Fuller has created a short documentary that reenacts with gripping and vivid detail the events just before and after the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The scene in which Terry is killed is part of … Continue reading

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Awesome: Allen West Slams “Spoiled Brat” in His New Ad

Allen West is a Tea Party favorite for a reason- he embodies that rare, proper mixture of sound reasoning mixed with the guts to act. Lately, West, the incumbent congressman from Florida, has received some criticism for an ad he … Continue reading

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Overlooked Story Of The Day: The Death Of Ambassador Chris Stevens

The story that is being missed by nearly everyone in the media is the story of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Taking the ambassadorship to Libya isn’t a position that men take to pad their resume or stroke their egos. This is … Continue reading

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The Best Moment Of The Democratic Convention: Cardinal Dolan Push Back During The Closing Prayer

If you missed the Democratic Convention, you didn’t miss much. It was extremely liberal, relatively nasty, and most of it was paint-dry-boring watching. The DNC was also abortion-palooza 2012. Not only did the Dems have speakers from NARAL and Planned … Continue reading

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92-Year-Old WWII Vet Shoots Intruder, Hopes it Serves as a Lesson

A 92-year-old World War II veteran shot and killed a would-be burglar who had, apparently, picked the wrong house to burglarize.

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Obama Sends Autopenned Form Letters to Families of Fallen SEALs in Between Rounds of Golf

On August 6th, 2011, a Chinook helicopter carrying 30 American soldiers and 8 Afghan soldiers was shot down outside of Kabul. Of the 30 American soldiers, 17 were Navy SEALs, members of the elite Special Forces that are the best … Continue reading

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