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Congressman Rodney Alexander (R-LA) Resigns to Take Jindal Administration Appointment

Jindal names Rep. Rodney Alexander (r-LA) VA secretary — Mary (@mryfrtsn) August 8, 2013 …and good riddance. The six term Congressman’s score from Heritage Action is 36%. On his way out the door, Alexander lamented the influence of “people … Continue reading

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Official List: Day of Resistance Rallies.

If you don’t see a rally close to you listed, we are working on it. If you’d like to help organize a Day of Resistance Rally in your area please select the organizer option at Alabama: Huntsville, Alabama Day … Continue reading

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Obama Has Not Come to Negotiate, He’s Come to Consolidate Power

The level of audacity coming from the Democrats – who I chiefly blame for creating this economic mess in the first place- is simply unbelievable. And I mean, unbelievable- as in, if I saw this plot line in a movie … Continue reading

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So, Was That Really The Best Use Of 1.3 Billion Dollars For The Republican Party?

The Republican Party’s infrastructure is dilapidated. Our get out the vote efforts are way behind the Democrats and we do very little minority outreach of significance. Additionally, our marketing/data research, new media, most of our Tea Party groups, voter registration, … Continue reading

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To Make an Effective Deal, the GOP Must Reach Out to its Conservative Base

As the media contemplates what will happen in the fiscal cliff negotiations, Americans wonder why Democrats aren’t listening to Republicans. Others wonder why Republicans aren’t listening to Democrats. While it is maddening to see the stubborn negotiations go nowhere fast, … Continue reading

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Since Congress is Losing Moderates, Can We Finally Get Down to Business?

A recent A viagra cheap ssociated Press article lamented the departure of moderates from both parties in Congress. Entitled, “New Congress: Fewer Moderates Make Deals Harder,” the article paints a bleak picture of partisan gridlock. To me, however, the departure … Continue reading

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A Great Example Of How The GOP Gets Killed On Messaging Over and Over Again

The Democrats may obsess over race, fail to understand basic economics and be incapable of governing, but they have learned one key lesson that Republicans just can’t seem to grasp: Winning in politics is all about being on offense. It … Continue reading

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Fiscal Insanity: Geithner Advocates the Elimination of the Debt Ceiling

I am quite used to our government spending with a reckless disregard for the generations of Americans that will have to pay off the massive debt being accumulated. It’s enraging, but I’m genuinely not shocked to find a tax-and-spend liberal … Continue reading

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One Of Romney’s Staffers: The Real Problem With The GOP is the “Far Right?”

Mitt Romney, who was a moderate governor of a blue state, with a moderate staff, running a campaign that seemed to be geared around avoiding social issues and being as non-offensive as possible, lost to Barack Obama. Didn’t we see … Continue reading

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Romney Adviser: We Lost the Election Because the Far Right of This Party Has Taken the Party to a Place That it Doesn’t Belong

Still reeling from the defeat, establishment Republicans are running from the right, clinging to the mistaken belief that more-centrist politics will yield better election results. Because the last two moderates the GOP nominated for the presidency worked out really well…

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