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So, About That Mayan Apocalypse…

As you may have noticed by the fact that you’re still alive, the Mayan Apocalypse didn’t happen. That may be good news unless you did something unfortunate without a condom last night because you thought the world was about to … Continue reading

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Obama Vs. Obama On The Rich (Pic)

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If The Comment Is Illegal In Real Life, It Should Be Illegal Online

Obviously, we don’t want people being prosecuted for insults, jokes, and offensive statements, but you shouldn’t be able to break the law with impunity because you’re online either.

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I Hope Someone Shoots You, But You Don’t Need A Gun Or Anything!

One of the great ironies of the post-Newtown massacre gun debate is that liberals have been simultaneously claiming that we need to take guns out of the hands of law abiding Americans while casually wishing death on people who disagree … Continue reading

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The Pain Keeps On Coming For Electric Car Operators

One day, the technology for electric cars may advance to the point where they’ll be a better deal than gasoline-powered vehicles. However, that day is not today. Today, electric cars are underpowered, overpriced golf carts with limited range and expensive … Continue reading

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Liberals Love Michael Moore And Michael Moore Hates America. What Does That Say About Liberals?

Michael is a left-wing fascist who hates this country with every fiber of his being. Want evidence beyond all the other things he’s said over the years? How about this?

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Why You Don’t Need To Get Too Worried About Gun Control In Under 100 Words

In order to pass any new gun control laws, every Democrat would have to vote for it and 17 Republicans in the House would have to cave. Any Republican in the House who caves on gun control might as well … Continue reading

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Franz Kafka On Obama (Pic)

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5 Awesome Anti-Gun Control Images (Pics)

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Never Forget The Rich Have Options Because They Certainly Won’t Forget It

O Levitra low price ne of the foolish assumptions of the Left is that we can raise taxes sky high with no consequences whatsoever. This shows a rather remarkable lack of understanding of human nature – but, of course, if … Continue reading

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