Redistribution of power

I’ve been trying to get back into the flow of writing after letting myself get out of the habit. When I sit down to write I usually have an idea of what direction I want to go but the finished product is almost always a reflection of the wildly abstract thoughts I’ve been pondering. The work I’ve been producing has been either dark and terrible or outright revolutionary. I don’t publish the dark and terrible stuff because it a more a result of a personal dark spell I’ve been dealing with than something that concerns you. I don’t publish the revolutionary stuff because I don’t want to lose the element of surprise.

While I have a distinct strategy and vision for the route I’d like to chart forward, I have been failing to articulate that vision in a way that inspires the kind of passion necessary for it to be successful. This is a personal failing that I’m not used to dealing with. One of the problems is that it’s more of a vision than a plan and it incorporates some seemingly contradictory elements. It seeks to ignore the old labels of Democrat and Republican but also Liberal and Conservative. It’s rooted in my experience that there are good people whose loyalty to Republicans and Democrats has been strained right up to the point of breaking after years of watching broken campaign promises and crony corruption and that the fight we should be having is based more on breaking up power than a specific ideology.

I don’t have a crystal ball but I see history repeating itself and expect to see an uprising on established Democrats from within their party as dissatisfaction with President Obama and old cronies like Harry Reid metastasize as 2016 approaches. The same way that the Tea Party has nearly uprooted the Republican establishment the Democrats are overdue for an internal revolution. If we can build a coalition inside the two revolting movements that doesn’t compromise principles but builds a consensus on obvious solutions to glaring problems, we’ll take dramatic steps towards diversifying power. When I explained it to a “liberal” friend recently, they said you’re not looking to redistribute wealth, you’re looking to redistribute power!

I know that you understand that a handful of people have been wildly successful at monopolizing power. That centralization of power is starting to lead to terrifying abuses of anyone who uses the legal and peaceful methods trying to disrupt that power. The Tea Party movement was slandered, subverted, and targeted for having the audacity to be successful at rallying people around the constitutional exercise of their natural rights. I may eventually write a book detailing all the nefarious and malicious ways they undermined our movement so that their subversive tactics will be less effective next time regular people challenge established power.

There are more pressing issues at hand than writing a book. It’s time to get started on the next phase and to be perfectly honest I’m frustrated with where we are at. I’m largely responsible for this as I got cold feet after contemplating what might happen to me personally, these guys are ruthless and I’m worried what that means for me. There have been a few damaging false starts that only make getting started more difficult. The other problem is that while the back-end technology is functional, it lacks the crisp bells and whistles that people have come to expect when signing up for significant things.

We have a solid platform that can be implemented at the school board and city council level, we have a deep understanding of the tactics and resources of our enemy, and we have the righteous goal of returning things to the natural state that our creator intended. Make no mistake, logically we are underdogs but righteous optimism always overcomes the pessimism of greed and control!

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