With Republicans Like These…: Senator Roy Blunt

I really try to be positive. It’s much more fulfilling to write about elected officials who are doing the right thing and standing up for the rest of us…unfortunately, they’re the exception rather than the rule.

I remember back in 2010, during the heyday of the Tea Party summer, some of us suggested over on Redstate.com that Congressman Roy Blunt should receive a serious challenge in his bid to become the next Senator from Missouri. One of the moderators, I’m not sure which but I think it was Moe Lane (I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong ;) ) responded with the old Clint Eastwood line “a man’s gotta know his limitations”.

Well, those of us who supported a primary to the former House Majority Leader (he served as interim Majority leader after Tom Delay was forced to step down) were right.

Seems the good Senator decided that he’d like to be the next spokesman for the Obama White House.

There are no tanks in Baghdad!

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