Senator Ted Cruz Proposes Bill To Defund Obamacare

With the announcement made by the Obama Administration that the employer mandate portion of Obamacare will be delayed and income verification impossible, Senator Ted Cruz has finally thrown down the funding gauntlet.

From the Senator’s press release:

The Administration’s recent announcement to delay the onerous and unpopular employer mandate until after the 2014 election, coupled with its announcement to delay income and health status eligibility requirements in favor of an honor system for the most expensive entitlement for our generation, confirms what has been obvious from the start—this law is a colossal mistake.

Oh, and all TWO pages of the proposed legislation are embedded in the press release.  Can a two page bill finally bring down a 904 page law?  (cue David and Goliath metaphor) #popcorn


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2 Responses to Senator Ted Cruz Proposes Bill To Defund Obamacare

  1. Tim Payne says:

    It’s about time to get this done and repeal this government program and mandate.

  2. James Mate says:

    Sen. Cruz is critical of Eric Holder for going after Texas’ voting laws, saying that Holder has no respect for the Supreme Court and checks and balances. Fari enough. But Sen. Cruz now also to defund a program that not only is the law of the land but was also ruled constitutional by the same Supreme Court that he says he so respects. The senator can’t have it both ways!

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