I came across this hashtag on Twitter today.  Just one year after toppling a dictator the people are once again toppling an oppressive regime.  Good for them and apparently they aren’t all that thrilled with the meddling from the Obama administration after they helped install the Muslim Brotherhood after the “Arab spring”.

MB = Muslim Brotherhood


So would it be cool if we cut off the funding to your military?

Tough to argue with that.

See we can’t watch and learn because Honey Boo Boo is on later.

To US Policy Makers: Get your dirty hands out of Egypt, and everywhere else!

It may be hard to remember but the Obama “Cairo speech” was lauded by our press as one of the most important foreign policy speeches of all time, if this hashtag is any indication, not so much……

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28 Responses to #MindYourBusinessUS

  1. siteunseen says:

    Yes, USA, get your dirty hands out of the Middle East and let them take care of their own problems the way they wish to handle them. Stop telling everyone else what to do. You don’t own the world! We love you too Egyptian people, and pray for us and we’ll pray for you.

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you, LORD, that You are exposing the plots of the enemy of every man’s soul! You HAVE put eternity in the hearts of every man, and I pray that Your Kingdom come, and that Your will be done! People are made in Your image, and have a love of truth. Your word IS truth! It warms my heart to see truth win the day, to know that Your love is being shed abroad in every heart. I pray that You reveal Yourself to every man that loves You within their heart.

    • Lt.Cray says:

      You are so right and righteousness will win the day …even for us poor humble Americans …if we ask Lord of Israel for help ..Amen..

  3. Laurence DeBerry says:

    My wife and I went to Cairo a few years ago and found the Egyptian people to be a proud people just like us Americans. We hope and pray that they find a path to have a government that they can depend on to represent them honestly and fairly.

  4. Gary Johnston says:

    Maybe we Americans can learn something from the brave Egyptian people who were able to clearly see what their president (Morsi) was trying to do to them and triumphed over their dictator while here in the USA the traitor (Obama) in our White House continues strengthening his dictatorship and shred our Constitution. I hope and PRAY that the people in our country finally wake up and remove him.

    • Dee says:

      AMEN!! It’s ”brewing” in America too… just hope our ”Military” will stand with us!

      • Judith Trumpy says:

        All of the above comments are spot on. We Americans don’t like to see our government meddling into others affairs, but at times we are helpless as to the internal workings of our g’ment. Maybe we’ll have to hit the streets as the Egyptians have. Stay informed,
        be active, vote, spread the word about this dictator in the WH!

    • Agreed! All Americans must start believing that the Pretender (Obama) is out to destroy our country as we know it. Open your eyes America!!

    • Christy Grubbs says:

      I cannot believe the amount of people who still see Obama as a leader in here in the US. We need to stand together and take him out of power so that our GREAT COUNTRY can prosper not go down in flames as he (Obama) wants. He is trying to break our nation and make us so poor we can’t defend our selves. He is trying to make it so we can’t defend our selves and trying to get our military to fight against us. I just pray we have a strong American heart in the soldiers who will stand for the people instead for this dictator.

  5. Pamela Arnold says:

    Egypt got it right. Pray for them that they now will have much happiness. In the meantime, we have a fraud occupying our White House that has just brought in 15,000 Russian Troops. So, please pray for America.

    • Lt.Cray says:

      Amen we will become the great fallen …..if God chooses it… Lord help America recover to you not to empire …Amen..

    • Dianne says:

      We know that our Lord is coming in short time — this ridiculous infighting amongst countries who only have one succinct difference – they’re Suni and Shiite — how can a country, a world be so divided over such arrogance? Our God loves us — muslims have so much hatred in their hearts for their own brethren — may God grant them peace in this tribulant land where it could be different if only they would realize that there is NOTHING that separates them! For God’s sake, stop hating each other — you only create discord and war for no reason! May God grant you peace, for your idiotic war is ridiculous! Support each other — why hate when you can love???

  6. john says:

    Let the Egyptians take take of Egypt.
    They don’t want America’s assistance.
    If they do , they will ask

  7. mattmax says:

    Way to go Egypt! Get rid of Muslim extremists and move toward freedom! Morsi was a jerk! Elect someone who will actually represent you and cares about your interests, and doesn’t have some hidden agenda. We need to do the same here! For us get back to the basics of what made our country great. Freedom and Capitalism, one nation under God.

  8. Leonard W. W. Giddens Giddens Jr. says:

    The US needs a president worse than a hog need slop. He needs to resign and take all of his retreads with him. Do your own thing Egypt, and maybe these duds that support a fraud will get the message.

  9. JT says:

    The Egyptian people are right. And we as a nation should take Sarah Palin’s suggestion when she suggested that Syria should be left alone to sort out their problems. We need to work on getting the Muslim Brotherhood out of OUR government! ASAP! What are we waiting for? The Liar-in-Chief is out of the country right now–tomorrow is Independence Day!

    • Michelle says:

      I’m not sitting around like many Americans I’ve seen complaining & saying we should do something about our Government. I’ve been sending out petitions every day to Senators and Congressmen for different reasons, bills that they are trying to pass, ones that they’ve already passed, and still others that are going to be waited on. I call the White House so much to express to my Representatives that they have me in their system. I don’t have to give them all of my info. every time I call, they have it right in front of them. Since I’ve been calling, sending out petitions to our lawmakers, & really keeping in touch with our representatives on the Hill, I’ve seen how much of an impact that it has. However, in stating this let me just say that two Senators in my state are just trying nothing more than to pass liberal bills. The one sends me many letters as to what bills he has passed, etc., his letters sound legit. but only to the liberal. I most generally don’t agree with the one especially who has gotten an F- rating from a conservative group. The other has a rating of F; who’s retiring, good thing but the other one I believe won’t be there much longer probably. It’s the first time he became Senator since last year. We were leery of sending him to the D.C., to become Obama’s twin. But he asked us to let him prove himself and boy, has he really proved himself & that’s a walking, talking, robot Obama!!! Just what we thought!! We don’t need another Obama, one is too much. Impeach Obama, Impeach, Impeach!!!

      • Carol R. says:

        I have also been calling my representatives and senators along with signing petitions galore. Unlike you, I’m just sick at the way the American people have been ignored by the imposters we’ve sent to Washington. Let’s CLEAN HOUSE!!!

        • Christy Grubbs says:

          You are right let’s clean house and start at the top. But we have to remember that Hillary is just as bad. She will drop right into place if the Dems have their way. How do we open the eyes of the blind to let them know what is really going on. Most of the blind watch the 3 major stations for their information and we all know that the Leftist White House runs all the information going out these people. How do we get ahold of these people the ones that vote blindly for who the news tells them to. Oh Lord please let the blind see and let them vote!

  10. NHConstitutionalist says:

    To the good people of Egypt I wish them God’s Speed in forming their own destiny, their own government, without US interference or finance. It is not our right to determine another country’s fate, only our own.

    237 years ago tomorrow we made the decision to make our own choices as a free nation, but today I wonder if we have the courage to stand against our own farcical leadership as we once did and as the Egyptian people are doing today.
    Do we???
    This administration needs to stand down regarding Egypt and the US. We have both had enough of this dictatorial meddling BS from an inept leader.
    It was the Obama administration who told our troops to stand down regarding Benghazi allowing the murder of 4 Americans, after Obama gave the executive order to invade Libya a few months before. It is this administration that needs to stand down and get out of OUR way. It’s not their way, or their right. That right belongs to “We The People.”

  11. HorizonScanner says:

    If WE THE PEOPLE over here could send a TELEPATHIC COMMUNIQUE to the WE THE PEOPLE of EGYPT, we will ALL PREVAIL in the cause of LIBERTY!

  12. WCBill says:

    I pray that Egypt learns that a democracy is not what they want.

    If they do and form a representative republic, please stay active in your government and don’t let those who think that they are better than the citizens steal the power of the people. We in the U.S.A. have allowed those in government to steal power that is not rightfully theirs and now must do what is necessary to return it to the people… our mistake!

  13. Bobby says:

    On the contrary. I am happy for Egyptians and i am a bit envious. I hope they find a fair government that will represent them. I pray for the same for the US. Soon.

  14. p.e. byars says:

    I also beleive we should umpeach Obama before he does anymore damage!!! Also, Eric Holder, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

  15. Herrmann Glockler says:

    Do we have to sink as low as Egypt did economically, to finally wake up to that Morsi equivalent we have in the White House, a radical Muslim??
    Everything Obama did during his rein has empowered radical Muslims in America, including stripping all references to radical Muslims from the manuals of all intelligence agencies.
    Nidal Hassan, who killed of 13 and injured some 45 at Fort Hood, has not yet been charged byt Obama, has collected his full salary for about 4 years after the killing, but when LtCol Terry Laking refused an order to deploy , because he felt Obama was not qualified to be C.I.C. (as required by the officer military code), he was denied his constitutional right to Discovery by a corrupt officer, and in jail within less than 6 months after his refusal to deploy.
    The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff blabbers about the need to continue integrating Muslims into our defense forces into the face of refusals by these Muslim soldier to shoot at other Muslims.
    Hello, who will be our most likely enemy in the next conflict??
    And even our own Muslim soldiers must have nothing but contempt for an army that included homosexuals, which the Holy Koran mandates them to stone to death.
    We have a lot to learn from these Egyptian heroes.

  16. We, US, now it’s our turn!

  17. Everett says:

    Obama must be pondering at this point about pushing an agenda that goes against the will of the people too far !

  18. Doaa says:

    A petition is created on WhiteHouse.gov by the Egyptians against Obama policies, and we ask for your support. If this petition gets 100,000 signatures by September 15, 2013, the White House will review it and respond! If a petition gets enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.
    You can view and sign the petition here:
    “To Obama: Get your hands out of Egypt!
    To the good US people: Your taxes are supporting Brotherhood terrorism in Egypt.

    WAKE UP Obama! We are not Syria.
    You helped install Brotherhood, creators of Al-Qaeda & Hamas, in our country after 25th January revolution, and we’ve had 2 revolutions to take them off & you called that Military Coup!
    And now, you are supporting brotherhood terrorism in Egypt & arming them in Afghanistan with the US tax Dollars in both cases! Isn’t the
    Brotherhood’s motto “Jihad is our way”? Is that the “democracy” US supports?
    Dear the good Americans:
    We, the Egyptians, have nothing but love to you. But our country is being destroyed with Obama’s policies and your Tax Dollars.
    If you can’t raise a revolution against him, just like we did 3 times against our corrupted regimes, then at least ask him why he spent all those billions on Brotherhood and led you to budge crisis? “ End of Petition.

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