Liz Cheney Running Against Enzi: Oh, Where to Begin?

Normally, when a well known Conservative challenges an incumbent GOP Senator in a Primary, I get very anxious to support them. The pending showdown in Wyoming has me a little…lacking in enthusiasm.

First Senator Enzi came out in opposition to the Rubio amnesty bill and took a hardline Conservative stance on Immigration. This is not a recent tack to the right in preparation for the Primary. This is consistant with his position back in 2007 when the issue last came to the fore.

Liz Cheney is, of course, the scion of the sitting Vice President under whom the George W. Bush administration tried to cram amnesty down the throats of the GOP’s Conservative base. We wanted none of it then and we still don’t want it now.

Then, Senator Rand Paul, a leading Tea Party voice in D.C., pledged his unwavering support for the Wyoming incumbent.

Now, it seems Ms. Cheney is having one of the worst candidacy rollouts since Jeanine Pirro tried to run against Hillary Clinton back in 2006.

Really? Playing the age card? You stay classy, Ms. Cheney.

Congresswoman Lummis, meanwhile has endorsed the incumbent Senator and called Liz Cheney a carpetbagger.

“When someone has never gotten a paycheck in Wyoming and has lived their entire adult life in Virginia, I think they should run from Virginia.”

– Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY)

Of course, Rep. Lummis may have ulterior motives.

Heritage Action gives the Wyoming Congresswoman a score of 70%. Slightly above the average for a Republican member of Congress (66%) but rather disappointing for a Rep. from a Conservative state. Senator Enzi’s Heritage Action score is 67%.

Somehow, the Progressive left thinks Ms. Cheney is some sort of right wing firebrand.

…but then again, perhaps she only plays one on TV? She supported Mitt Romney in 2008.

I’m sure the Wyoming Senate primary will somehow be highlighted as a national test of the Tea Party. In reality, there is no Tea Party candidate and there is no firm establishment candidate. The lines are blurred and whomever wins, both sides will feel like they lost.

In South Carolina on the other hand…

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One Response to Liz Cheney Running Against Enzi: Oh, Where to Begin?

  1. Jim Smith says:

    “Somehow, the Progressive left thinks Ms. Cheney is some sort of right wing firebrand.”

    Ms. Cheney is a professional politico and sees an opening. In her e-mail announcement she doesn’t even mention the immigration/amnesty issue, and I find little reason to believe she’s opposed to the Rubio bill. On another key hot-button issue for conservatives, do we even have to ask where she stands on “gay marriage?”

    This is old wine in a new bottle.

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