Karl Rove Wrong Again… Congressman Amash Sets Him Straight



It might be time to turn Karl Rove out of his role as GOP strategist. During a panel discussion at the Aspen Ideas Festival late last month, Rove called Representative Amash ( R-MI) “the most liberal Republican…because he is a 100% purist libertarian.” Rove went on to criticize Amash, adding “…and if it’s not entirely perfect, ‘I’m voting with Nancy Pelosi.”

Congressman Amash got fact-y on Twitter in reply:

These inconvenient ( for Rove and his ilk) numbers are backed up by Amash’s scorecard with numerous conservative think tank groups.


You would think that after losing $325 million in donor money on the 2012 election, Rove would be a little more careful about his research.  Luckily, we have people like Amash to correct him, when he is wrong. Again.

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10 Responses to Karl Rove Wrong Again… Congressman Amash Sets Him Straight

  1. Wendy Vega says:

    Karl Rove and suck it! If He is behind any candidate I won’t vote for him/her! How do we get rid of this guy?

  2. jack anderson says:

    awesome; keep up the fight

  3. Gerry De Jong says:

    Carl Rove has served his purpose when he worked for GW’s election. Since then he has become more concerned with staying in the good graces of the Rhino eletes and has set aside any semblance of true conservatism. He has become a Fox News pundit but does not represent the true conservative perspective, playing politics when it is time to return to being the true conservative.

  4. Now that’s what I call a bitch slap…Rove is down for the count!

  5. Karl Rove keeps trying to move the Republican Party to the left, thereby making the Party a Democrat Lite Party, which is why we ended up with Two weak Candidates for the White House, in 2008 and again in 2012. Karl Rove should just move to the Democrat Party and work for Billary Clinton in her next run for the White House in 2016, and take Rubio and Graham with him.

  6. Dempsey Coleman says:

    I have almost figured out Karl Rove will be Shooting his Chubby Cheeks off till he has a Heart Attack. For some reason FOX just loves this

  7. The problem with the Republican party is that it is filled up with traitors such as Karl Rove. They are Democrats working on behalf of the Democrat Party in the Republican Party. The only way we are going to ever solve the problem is to have a Conservative Third Party. Boehner, McCain, Lindsay, Rubio, just to name a few, goes way beyond the old establishment of the Republicans. This is downright treason to the American Republicans who have voted for what they thought was a conservative.

  8. American47 says:

    Rove may have forever ruined the Republican brand with his Rino president, the son of a Rino president. He believes that to get elected you need to appeal to everyone that does not automatically vote democrat.

  9. Joyce Giles says:

    I am sick of Karl Rove. I never agree with anything he says anymore. Why does he just not go away and stop trying to hinder those who are trying to save our country?

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