Ice-T Understands the Constitution Better Than (fmr.) Speaker Pelosi

Rapper Ice-T is a narrator on a documentary on the Second Amendment and pointed out that gun (ownership) rights are Civil Rights…

…you know, actual rights enshrined in the founding document of the American system of Government. To wit, the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Former Speaker of the House (thank your personal God we somehow managed to survive that horrifying chapter of US History), Californicrazy Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has magically discovered that a right to healthcare not only is guaranteed by our form of Government, but the Founding Fathers would have celebrated Obamacare on the Fourth of July.

Somehow, the lady from California has also discovered a magical Constitutional right to a cheap college “education”.

If Conservatives interpreted the Second Amendment the way Progressives abuse the “necessary and proper” clause, we’d all own canons and drive M1A1 Abrams Tanks to work every day.

Come to think of it…
Maybe not such a bad idea

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5 Responses to Ice-T Understands the Constitution Better Than (fmr.) Speaker Pelosi

  1. Pazuzu says:

    Do the folks at the asylum know Pelosi’s escaped again?

  2. It’s appalling–and scary–to think this brainless nitwit has anything at all to do with the governance of this nation. Has she been checked for early onset of senile dementia, or is she just impossibly stupid? I had to take a four-hour 20-page test and receive a score of 59 or better just to work for the doggone Post Office. Not only that, I had to document my life from birth all the way to the present moment, and almost didn’t get hired because I couldn’t remember a job at a dime store I held for 3 months when I was 16. We ave congressmen and a President who didn’t have to do an nth of that who are running the nation–and our lives. It’s terrifying.

    • Jack Edwards says:

      We should be terrified. What people don`t understand is when we don`t have guns anymore we will be servants not citizens

  3. Jack Edwards says:

    It is past time for the U.S. to start prosecuting members of congress and yes even The President, for treason. We are at war overseas, Benghazi.

  4. Thaaff says:

    What is with all of this defeatist talk?? Defeat is not an option and fear is a useless, debilitating emotion! One thing we need to realize is that we cannot rely upon any government agency to go as far as necessary to reach our goal of defending OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights! The fed is so riddled with vile corruption and has proven itself to be enemies of our Constitution and Bill of Rights….it is nothing less than a putrid cancer, which absolutely must be surgically removed asap! Any Oncologist will tell you that to remove a cancerous tumor, it needs to be accomplished with great precision before it spreads any further, and done so completely that not one cancerous cell remains; if even one is left behind, it could be fatal! I don’t think that many Americans fully realize what evil our Republic is facing; of course, the sorry state of our so-called “education” takes much of the blame, and that is no accident! For over a century, the left has had control of our schools and have turned them into re-education facilities designed to dumb-down generations of our youth! What we need is to be focused, and to have a solid strategy in place….nothing in writing, nothing electronic! Back in the day, the early Christians came up with a code, even a series of codes when they too were under attack by their heathen enemies; they were enemies of Almighty God, just like what is happening here and now! Last but certainly not least, before taking any action, we must be on our knees before Him, earnestly praying for His forgiveness and mercy for how we have strayed from His Ways, and for Him to lead us to victory against America’s, Israel’s and His enemies! Forgetting that would mean certain defeat! If it were not for God’s direct intervention, there never would have been an America, which was founded and blessed with prosperity in order to shed His Light upon the world, and to be a refuge for Israel. Obama and his pit of vipers are charging full steam ahead to permanently remove His Light from the world once and for all, which CANNOT be allowed to happen! The odds may seem to be insurmountable from where we stand, but it’s no biggie for the Most High God; He is just waiting for us to ask for His help…then, victory will be assured!!

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