Where Does Speaker Boehner Stand on Immigration Reform?

It has been reported that Speaker of the House John Boehner will observe the so called “Hastert Rule”, named after former Speaker Dennis Hastert, where he will not bring the bill to a vote unless it has the support of the overwhelming majority of the GOP caucus, when it comes to the showdown on Immigration Reform…

…but will he, really?

From the Speaker’s official Twitter account

His support of the Hastert Rule is likely tied to some threats to his Speakership from some of the more Conservative GOP Caucus members

Only time will tell who is right and on which side the Speaker will finally come down.

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One Response to Where Does Speaker Boehner Stand on Immigration Reform?

  1. Jo Ann fletcher says:

    We need two border fences about four feet apart when they jump over one they get caught in the middle and there is mud in the middle that keeps them trapped until authorities incarcerate them…….just sayin.

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