Was It Something I Said?

Our team has been working towards this week for months. We fully expect that our crowdfunding platform will be a game changer in the grassroots battle against the establishment.

What we didn’t expect was the slow start we’ve been experiencing. We’ve been trying to figure out why our loyal members seem reluctant to participate in this project that our team is so excited about.

The first possible reason that comes to mind is that I have done an ineffective job of communicating the vision. If this is the case I’ll try to do better.

The second possible reason is that you are uncomfortable with one of the projects. If this is the case please let me know. If enough people let me know I’ll fix the situation.

Another possible reason could be that you aren’t interested in subjecting yourself to increased government scrutiny by donating to an anti-establishment cause. If this is the case you have the option to keep your contribution to any project anonymous.

Or it could be something we haven’t even thought of.

If you’d like to make a contribution no matter how large or small to help us get the momentum going please do so by visiting www.fundempowerment.com and pick a project or two to help fund.

We know that not everyone can afford to donate and that you are probably inundated with requests for contributions. If this is the case please understand that we get it. We ask because we don’t have the benefit of compulsory dues like the unions or government handouts like the establishment. Basically if we don’t ask, we don’t receive.

We have however seen a steep decline in contributions and need to get to the bottom of it. I’ll be personally reading every comment that we receive on this post so any feedback you could provide would be most appreciated.

I have personally contributed personally to all of the projects and will continue to do so, if you’ll join me we can create something incredible!

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205 Responses to Was It Something I Said?

  1. Ken says:

    Not sure of what you are doing NOW, whereas I did before.
    Lets see in the last few weeks I have had: Michele Bachman, Joe Arpio, NRA, NAGR, countless Tea Party emails, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and you all asking for money. I am at the point I don’t know if I am being Phished by Ethiopians or Lib-tards anymore. I didn’t even mention ACLJ or other Facebook places I LIKED.
    Sorry but every time I LIKED a post or complete countless number of surveys I get a bucket of emails.
    On a positive note I know all of you are working for us and thanks.

    • Ken says:

      I second the motion, so many causes, so little money. Another thing, we pay our congressmen Corporate salaries and expenses so they can feather their own nest then expect us to finance their causes. I say clean house and start all over.
      Another Ken

      • Elise says:

        I totally agree 150% with KEN. I have been unemployed/underemployed for 4 yrs now. No one talks about the 45-65 worker who doesnt count, but we have senators who are virtually dead sitting there sleeping (Joe Lieberman, very sick died at age 89, but was STILL EMPLOYED at a high salary, among other politicians. This HAS TO STOP and I cannot donate as I need to keep a roof over my head first.

        • Joan Neel says:

          Expenses due to the increase in cost of living, but no increase in my S.S. checks makes it impossible for me to stay in my home, so I certainly can’t make donations, as much as I would like to contribute.

      • gina says:

        Yes. agreed. great points.

      • keith alan williams says:

        I am 77 and dying to get back in to manufacturing a product. It was my life, but I am 77 and I notice age discrimination isn’t listed as one of the things prohibited. My Cherokee job developer told me to forget it. nobody will hire me due to my age and to sell myself as a contractor. Find me a gig within 50 mi. of Bartlesville OK. and I will pay off like a slot machine to save MY country from commies, queers, envious under-performers etc. I have a history of making thousands for my past employers and in one case instrumental in them winning the Malcolm Baldrige award of Excellence/.

    • gina says:

      Ditto! feeling exactly the same way.

      Also, Stockton and all other conservative teams are working hard. But many of my republican congressmen end up getting money and then turning on me and the tea party (i.e. Brown, Rubio). Managing their careers is more important than representing the people.

    • Cherri says:

      I couldn’t have said it more clearly! I have tried to stay informed and supportive of the causes that are close to my heart (This one being one of them). But when I try to stand for marriage, support of unborn babies, 2nd Amendment, less government, Support of our military, support for veterans, uncovering the truth about Benghazi, electing political figures who will support our American freedoms and rights.etc….. there is a lot of communication to muddle through. Most of those organizations are grounded in great ideals and by good people….. Unfortunately, my pocketbook does have a bottom! I have identified some groups that I support, but I have had to limit those.
      Dustin, you are supported by my prayers, my recommendations and my vote. Keep doing the good work… it doesn’t go unnoticed!

    • curtis love says:

      I am on a military disability pension, And while I appreciate the work that you do I cant donate nearly as much as I would like. I thank God for everything that you do, However every month I donate quite a lot to various causes and I feel as though nothing is truly happening to stop the corruption and lies of this President and his administration. If Obama was white and a republican he would be in prison. I am beyond frustrated and because nothing is ever done to punish and impeach a man who is responsible for Fast and Furious and the death of Bryan Terry and the killing of 4 Americans at a U.S. embassy along with rampant corruption and so many other crimes that should start with Impeachment and end with the imprisonment of those responsible i have lost all faith in this system. The Country i would die for is lost and the people in power, Those that promised to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States no longer listen to we the people. One Godless man has almost destroyed my beloved Republic, And it breaks my heart. I pray for Gods intervention but i fear its to late.

      • Linda Becker says:

        I agree with Curtis that even when donations are made, it seems little or nothing is being accomplished. I am a Senior Citizen who did not work much of my adult life; I was a young widow raising my children! So, now that I receive Social Security income, it is considered below poverty level. I survive by living in a house with someone else. When that older person passes, I will be s.o.l. Anyway, if you really want to accomplish something that will result in many issues being resolved, focus on removing Obama from our White House: he was NEVER eligible to be POTUS as he is NOT a natural born American. He has committed treason by aiding and abetting our enemies, given them military secrets about our ally Israel, as well as weapons; he is responsible for the murder of Brian Terry as well as the Americans in Benghazi. He has admitted to being a Socialist and he is near the end goal of destroying our Country! How much is required before we DEMAND than Congress have him arrested and indicted for his crimes against America? I’m pretty fed up with all the Conservative Organizations’ failed promises. I’m at the point I trust in God… and guns!

        • Linda Becker says:

          *that*… Congress have him arrested…

        • lois shells says:

          I also have problems with finances I feel very lucky to have a roof over me head. My lawn has not been cut in 4 years because I don’t have the money to get my mower fixed, my washing machine is broken and cannot go to the laundramat becase that costs money I don’t have, the oven in my range also quit on me and I only have one burner that works. I could go on but it doesn’t matter. I live with these things and am still happy. Linda is absolutely right when she says you should concentrate on getting Obama out of office. And get rid of everyone who lied to congress or said the words “I don’t know”. If you can do this I will contribute the money for my electric bill, and go without for a while. It wouldn’t be the first time.

      • Mike Sickerson says:

        Curtis I feel the exact same way, how can a country of well educated people, be so blind..
        thanks for taking the words out of my mouth…
        Mike S.

    • donjusko says:

      “Don’t spend money you don’t have” Ron Paul.
      I gave my opinion and money already. You have my name and my opinion, I shouldn’t have to give again. Do something with the names and opinions you already have.

    • Thank you for your response. As someone who contributes personally to a lot of groups/causes I get the same deluge of email/mail/calls.

      I actually think that the crowdfunding innovation could make those frustrating and annoying methods obsolete.

      With all the feedback I’ve received I’ve got some things that we will be improving starting now.


    • Dana says:

      I agree with Ken. There are so many sources that I receive info from and I cannot contribute to them all! Seriously, if I don’t unplug on some days I feel like I will come unglued because of the enormity of what’s happening in this country.

  2. Maralee says:

    I support what you are doing, but I am not in a position to donate. I just don’t have it. I have time, but not money.

  3. Frederick Beckett says:

    Well you hit on the head with some of the “excuses” for not contributing. I for one am 68 and living on my little bit of SS funds each month. I was doing some consulting but that came to an end several months ago, so it is time to hold back until I find other income. I am all for your programs and wish that I could be of more service. The current administration, its spy program, its coddling the illegals and muslims is beyond what I ever thought this country would come to.

    If things change in my financial status I will be glad to step up. Best of Fortunes

  4. Mary Jo Lunsford says:

    While I support your campaigns, I do not make donations online and my resources are currently committed to other projects. There are too many efforts requiring the limited resources of those who wish to take our country back.

  5. Joan & Richard Dalton says:

    We are a senior couple raising 2 grandsons and had to stay in the work force past our time. We barely make ends meet most months and things aren’t getting better. We support your cause so don’t think we don’t just because of the lack if extra income. We don’t take taxpayers money to help us take care of our family so you know we’re on your side. We are conservative, born again Christians and believe you must work for what you have for as long as you can.
    At this time our prayers are all we can offer.
    God Bless

  6. PJ Voisine says:

    I have spent so much freaking money in the past 2 years to the causes of freedom and things still keep GETTING WORSE! Where are all the rich people who seem to keep funding the left causes coming from the right?! Are there none? If not, then why do us poor folk keep falling on our swords to keep their taxes lower? I’m getting sick of seemingly fighting alone and getting no results. I think it’s time to pull in and marshall my resources and look for a place abroad to move to.

    • Loren Sr. says:

      PJ, I certainly see where you are coming from. I am in the same boat. The Koch Brothers appear to be the top funders for the Right. But please, and I say this very respectfully, do not think of running from your country…we need more like you to continue the fight. Sometimes I get cynical and begin to think that Groups that continue to ask for money, (Politicians included) are happy to see problems surface because it gives them another reason to send out requests for funds. In my view, this is the main reason why trust is so important. The folks out here need to see a recognized leader bring these fund raising groups together under one umbrella and not spend so much money on postage… It is not as simple as I have made it sound, but we need Trust and real Leadership to get a hold of our major problems. Education, Spending, Fraud, illegal immigration and Bring our beloved troops home to defend the homeland. Someone needs to stand for our kids learning responsibility and being able to use their brains to think and act on what is happening to our Country. We need to keep God in our lives and not meddle in the lives of others. Apologies for going on but it is how I feel.

    • Dana says:

      I’ve felt similarly. I can’t say I’ve donated a fortune, but I have made contributions. My husband jokingly says we’re moving to Canada.

  7. RF says:

    Im sorry, I honestly just don’t have the money right now.

  8. Nelson Johnson says:

    I have limited funds and too many solicitations. I have been massively inundated with political literature. I separate all solicitations each month and file for research and decision to support or not or possibly to delay. At the end of each month, I select the most important to support and proceed with that selection.
    The GOP and the Tea Party need to develop better focus and mores effective action processes if either is going to win in the current political arena.

  9. W Greg Bell says:

    Monitor Twitter?

    In the last year we have been fighting every single day to protect our basic constitutional rights. Who cares what these people say on Twitter. Who cares what they say in front of a teleprompter? They spread lies. Even proven, every lie will be ignored. I, we, are concerned with the actions they take, not the lies they spread.

  10. Norma C Bannon says:

    Dustin, I received your e-mail about lack of funding.. and I know that it has been harder for me to decide to send funds to any organization that has any ideas about stopping this administration from any endeavor they decide to pursue.. because I am not seeing much in the way of results in stopping them or even slowing them down… Still the news media keeps backing whatever this president does or says… ABC, NBC, MSNBC… Fox is doing a great job, but there is so much to cover that is wrong and with the other stations giving support not enough can possibly be done or understood by the general public. We are living in a time that the government just gets by with anything and everything.. and I wonder if all the funding in the world can stop all the fraud that is going on… I suspect others feel the same way, so sending money is just not an option for many who think it will barely make a difference if make any difference at all.. this is just my thoughts about the lack of funding.. I know that organizations I used to support, I find myself just tossing in the trash.. I know we cannot win with this being the attitude… I still just think this has a lot to do with the lack of funds being committed. The bad platforms just seem to almost always win…

    • Loren Sr. says:

      Yes my weekly trash can is filled with requests…probably $20 per week in postage. If these groups are really interested in change, they should get on CSpan and make their case and then have people vote on the best cause with their contributions… to no more than say 3 organizations. At the top of my list of funding is Wounded Warriors Project. I will continue to fund only after careful consideration of how these people asking for funds respond to what most of you are saying in this Blog.

    • I hear you. I get it all as well.

      I get the frustration and don’t always have an answer. We fought tooth and nail to get Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress only to see this administration blatantly ignore the rule of law.

      We’ll keep fighting, and thank you for the feedback.


  11. Nelson Johnson says:

    I have limited funds and too many solicitations. I have been massively inundated with political literature. I separate all solicitations each month and file for research and decision to support or not or possibly to delay. At the end of each month, I select the most important to support and proceed with that selection.
    The GOP and the Tea Party need to develop better focus and more effective action processes if either is going to win in the current political aren

  12. Daniel Fels says:

    It’s not something you said. Unfortunatly I’m not a lottery winner or one of the Koch brothers. I am however buried in requests for donations this is not your fault it’s mine. I do support all the work you do just not with my money. In this economy I can’t give any to anyone Sorry.
    Dan Fels

  13. edgar b. hoffpauir says:

    There are just too many individual tea party orgs that all need $$. A person cannot donate to all of them, we need somehow to gather all of the little and larger ones under one umbrella. Just too disorganized now. Each one on there own little pet project that a person may or may not agree with but would donate to a cause or platform that included some of the things he or she did not agree with if the larger platform was something that he agreed with. I try to donate but feel like sometimes I am just throwing money in the wind as the tea parties are just too localized with out a national outlook and organization to help. You may get a little money and possibly get someone elected but the next little group does not get their person elected so we are just spitting in the wind. I know each little drop helps but we need a big wad to get rid of these liberals, Rinos, and Demos in Congress, White house, and SCOUS. I am even getting tired of Roberts and some of the other so called conservatives there. Anyway, blowing off steamd, just fustrated.

    • I’ve received so many comments like this, I will address it at length in tomorrows email.


    • curtis love says:

      Call me frustrated #2, We need results, Instead it continues to get worse. Human beings need to have hope, At least I do and there is very little hope out there!.The criminals in charge just continue to break the law without consequences. I served my country during one of the most divisive times in history and never thought it could get that bad again. I was very wrong, We are close to losing this republic. It just doesn’t get any worse than that. God Bless.

  14. Robert Lavelle says:

    There are far too many separate conservative sites soliciting contributions. Dozens and dozens. This creates quite a conundrum for a person like me. I spent a ton of money, more than I should have, hoping we would see an electoral swing in this country last November, and it did not happen. I supported worthy candidates across the country, and now they all expect the money to keep coming. Not realistic thinking. What we need as conservatives is just a few organizations acting as “funnels” to collect contributions and dispense them efficiently. I could easily fill up both sides of an 8 1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper with all the organizations asking me for contributions.

    • donjusko says:

      Me too and I’m tired of it.
      The most important project is my opinion is that our votes don’t get over-written. That means we should have paper-trail voting.

      The majority has already expressed their opinion, protect the Second Amendment. The voting is rigged and that’s been proven. Now what? Get behind paper trail voting, nothing is going to change until the vote counts.

      Another thing, vote on issues not people.

    • I’ve received so many comments like this, I will address it at length in tomorrows email.


  15. Mary Walker says:

    In response to “was it something we said”

    I appreciate your efforts, your commentary, etc that your organization is putting forth–keep it up! I, personally, am not able to donate funds because our means are so limited with nothing to spare for outside non profits. It is because of this economy and the taxation that has wiped out more of our disposable income. We would not slip off of donating due to the recent NSA snooping. Let the jerks come after us–”greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world”
    I pray your organization and others who are fighting to good fight will have all the necessary resources to push on.

  16. Susan Flodder says:

    I am not unappreciative of all of actions taken by the Tea Party & affiliates, it is not that feel that true patriots should give up the good fight and I assure you that however frightening illegal scrutiny by the Federal Government may be, it does not deter my goal of exposing the criminal activities of the Obama administration. My inability to make a contribution at this time is for one reason, lack of extra funds to do so. The cost of everything has skyrocketed, the only thing that has not increased is the pay check. At this time, my contribution as a Constitutional patriot can be in name only, but I will sign petitions, call legislators, etc.

  17. Michael Orlando says:

    You hit it on the nose. To many fights going on to support new fights, if others are like myself ,we are in a pause position, and trying to sort out which org. to keep donating to.

  18. Chris Feller says:

    It’s information overload. Too many emails in one day. Some people, myself included, start to ignore them when they are constantly bombarded with emails.

    Perhaps you could condense and put out a daily email instead of 5 or 6 separate emails a day.

    • Hi Chris,

      I feel that frustration. I donate so I get the same overwhelming amount of solicitations. Unfortunately I can only control what my organizations send out.

      Hopefully the crowdfunding innovation will make those frustrating and annoying methods obsolete, here’s hoping!


  19. Gene Tinney says:

    I am not able to contribute money.with the Obama crap going on I have to watch every penny.i am 72 yo and retired injured.my wife injured her right rotary cuff and had to have an operation 2 weeks ago.as much as we would like to we cannot afford even $5.00 for any causes but our own.we can and will sign our names to your requests,but I am sorry we can not send $$$$$$
    sincerely yours Gene L Tinney

  20. BARBBF says:

    I am very disappointed that the Tea Party has neglected to speak out against one of the most hideous aspects of the Obama Administration..the increased use of US predatory drones and the thousands of innocent civilians who have been murdered as a result….among that number are included hundreds of children..who like their parents and siblings were in the wrong place at the wring time. I would have hoped that the Tea Party would have spoken out against Obama’s personal Kill List..and the targeting and murder of US citizens..by drones. I don’t remember seeing any articles expressing concerns about the government’s approval of 30,000 new drones which will eventually be flying over the US skies.

    • Hugo says:

      Hi Barbbf: You say “I am very disappointed that the Tea Party has neglected to speak out against one of the most hideous aspects of the Obama Administration..the increased use of US predatory drones”. My understanding of the loose confederation of Tea Parties is that they have no opinion on foreign policy. They are for 1) The Constitution, 2) Limited Government & 3) Limit taxation. Maybe you could shoe-horn drone murders under #2 but what’s happening IN this country is the TeaParty focus.
      Try the Libertarians. They have a foreign policy of Isolationism.
      BTW, why does anyone feel that killing someone from the air is better than taking them into custody & using “enhanced interigation” techniques?

  21. Chris McCoy says:

    With all of the attacks going on against us patriots lately, I think many of us are financially tapped out. I put out more than $400 for the attacks against the 2A in the last couple of months. Many of us can’t afford a steady outlay of cash. I would if I could justify it against the day-to-day and project (non-GMO garden plot, etc.) needs of the family.

  22. Melanie says:

    Dear Dustin,
    I fully support the teapartiers.
    I am against most of the things that the party is against.
    I am fearful that I am or will be a target of obozo’s minions.
    I did hve a facebook page, & when I recently checked (Sat., Jun 8th) I hadn’t received any posts from you, freedom works, huckabee the tea party network and any of the other conservativepages that I like.
    On Monday, June 10th, I again checked my fb page & everything was gone, with the exception of my pics. I have since deleted my account. I don’t know if it’s obozo or if it’s that worm (I think it’s called koobface).
    also, I am unemployed, so therefore I really cannot afford to contribute.
    I would like to encourage you to keep up the fight, I know I am!
    I call and/or email my 2 senators; Reed & whitehouse of RI, who are stauch democratic liberals and my representative Langevin who is also a liberal (he votes whatever way Reid & pelosi vote) whenever a vote is coming up like the one yesterday on the amnest S774 I think it was or whenever something is going on that I don’t like.
    in patriotism ,
    Melanie Michael

    • donjusko says:

      Hawaii is just as bad, all dems, all socialists.
      Ron Paul won the Maui caucus and didn’t even get mentioned in the Maui News. You bet I’m fed up. I want paper trail voting and the Constitution.

      Another thing.. forget the people in this congress, politicians are our problem. Vote on issues and get a recite of your opinion.

  23. Marilyn says:

    Sir, I am terribly sorry about the problem you are having. In my own case, it is totally impossible for me to donate to anything. In the past months I have taken a 1/4 loss to my income, plus my home business has dropped and I am left with what remains after deductions of Medicare and Drug thing of Social Security. Every bill I have has gone up, gasoline is right at $4.00 a gallon and since I live in a tiny town, must travel 30 miles to do anything. Yes, I am swamped with requests for donations every single day, internet, mail and phone. And now, my adult daughter is out of work and that will require some help from me. It is beyond me what the answer is if we ever to be America again with those who are currently running things. I have worked hard to change that but it is not enough. Again, I am sorry. And did I say, my next birthday I will be 82.

  24. s says:

    We just do not have ANY $$$ to give right now. This economy has taken everything extra we had

  25. Poppy says:

    I think your fundraising efforts are not up to what you expect because of many reasons. For me personally, my wife and I live on our Social Security having lost everything in 2009 – 2010. That not withstanding the price of everything is going up, and the money stays the same and every day I get assailed by more than half of my emails are requests for donations or the world is going to end. Frankly I am tired of it, as you can probably tell I am a Senior Citizen and no matter what I have done in terms of donating to causes I see no change.
    If you want to generate more revenue, I think you will have to show some progress that people can see or donators will move on to the next cause.
    Sorry for the bad opinion but you did ask for it.

  26. Gary Miller says:

    Running low of funds. Business has been slow. Gary Miller

  27. Esther Pierce says:

    There are many new credible organizations. Yours was a newer one. I receive at least 30 to 60 requests a day (mail, e-mail, phone calls, etc.) Unfortunately, I cannot donate on a daily basis to any group.
    I support the ones from the larger , bigger, proven groups.
    Your question will not win you your needed donations from me.
    I wish you only the best in the future.

  28. Antoinette Lane says:

    Dear Dustin Stockton:

    My daily practice is to hastily read all Conservative e-mail for subject and content as a way to gather information and talking points on the many large issues that confront us.

    I never knew about your various projects but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since I’m retired with a very small monthly income. In spite of this drawback, I donate heavily to several Conservative organizations, projects, and candidates. However, the amounts to each group are small, and your project requirements are huge, in my estimation.

    I am a member of a local social welfare group, the designation we legally employ to avoid heavy income taxes, and I’m involved in many projects with this group. We’re an organization of activists, not content to attend meetings where we sit around, talk about the issues, and commiserate about our woes as frustrated Patriots.

    If your target membership consists of small business owners, which is the sense I’m getting from your project page, then I suspect many of your recipients are no longer in the business world in any capacity, which would make a donation of the size you require an almost impossible feat for us.

    I hope this feedback is of some value to you.


    Antoinette Lane

    • Hi Antoinette,

      Thanks for your response.

      While the costs may seem large we reach more than a quarter million people daily. Only a small percentage have to make a donation they can afford in order for us to succeed. Our momentum will help us expand our reach and our ability to accomplish big projects!


  29. elle says:

    Unfortunately, I cant afford to donate, but it’s good that U have a Twitter button here

  30. Don Drake says:

    I would like to personally thank you for ALL that you do . Please keep up all your good work, I think all the Gun control has taped us .

  31. Wesly Roach says:

    We live on fixed income at the time. We donate to several grassroots/liberty organizations, but we have to do it within the first five, or so, days in the month. We’ve got your back and will donate whenever possible.

  32. Me says:

    Sorry to hear your contributions are down! For ME… there are simply too many organizations aligned to the “right” that are competing for contributions; NRA, Tea Party, Rand Paul, Sheriff Arpaio, etc., etc. Many of us feel that there are a lot of “talkers” out there… all asking for money, but may not really be having any affect.

    Hope you can keep doing what you’re doing, and I morally support you 100%

    FYI, my email is fake… I see NO REASON to leave a trail.

  33. William Bridwell says:

    I would love to help out more than I do but I work for a small company, haven’t had a raise in six years and have been laid off eight times in the last year, usually for a week or two. I have to juggle what is going to get paid this week and what will have to get paid next week. It is also frustrating when I do give a little when ever possible I get two or three more times the request for more donations. Sometimes I think about just cutting off everything and just disappearing, but that doesn’t help anything. I used to get six to ten emails a day and now I get over one hundred and I can’t figure out how they all got my email. I can’t possibly read all that comes in so I delete alot of stuff and try to keep up the best I can. I’ll do my best as you are but in this climate of where we are right now I’m just trying to keep my head above water. I have my parents in their eighties and try to do what I can for them and if it weren’t for me being a disabled vet I would have no insurance. Not crying boo hoo but I have a full plate. Thank you for what you all do and please keep it up. I will try and donate when possible.

    • Thanks William,

      I hope that we can find a way to get the economy booming again in spite of the current administration so small companies like yours can flourish again!


  34. Deborah Nash says:

    We have donated to numerous Republican causes, candidates, and programs. Frankly, we are not seeing much progress and the GOP are still not siding with the Tea Party mission. Until we see some turn around from the GOP or more results from the Tea Party we are holding our donations.

  35. rick farano says:

    I can no longer afford to contribute. In todays environment EVERYBODY has their hand out. The organizations we have given to will just get you on a list of more organizations to give to. We give when we can afford it.

  36. Janet says:

    I don’t know about everybody else, but I am getting so many organizations asking for money that I can’t keep up with them.

  37. Sandra says:

    I cant afford it & I do believe in what your trying to do. I just get tired of always give, give ,give & for what.? If none of you can find any reason yet to impeach him, then I say your looking in wrong direction. Giving fighter jets to enemy, giving guns to enemy, illeagles make more $$ then I can earn in a year, & im disabled & on SS. Letting Muslims stop NY traffic at rush hour so they can pray , yet our football players get fined& schools get in trouble for praying???? Every thing he does or has done is reason enough. What in the world are you looking for besides more $$. I just don’t understand why it takes time & $$ that goes on forever. You’ve been at it for years now & nothing changes except he gets more radical & stupid all the time & no one wants to do anything!! I’m sorry, I’m just so sick of him & what the American people have let him get by with. No other president EVER would have gotten by with 1/2 what he has.They’d have been out of there so fast !!

  38. Wes Wilson says:

    Dustin –

    As with anyone who is very active in Tea Party/Conservative/Gun Rights/First Amendment & Constitutional causes, we are all involved in a number of different organizations, all of which depend upon donations for funding.

    EVERY DAY, I can open my E-mail and expect a minimum of 10-15 of these groups desperately begging for money. EVERY DAY! They are all important and significant groups supporting significant causes – but, especially in this bad economy, bank accounts are finite.

    As a former public relations and marketing executive, I can tell you that groups are far more apt to be successful if they run limited fundraising campaigns once – or at most twice – a year and look for a larger donation assuring people that they won’t be getting the same request for money tomorrow.

    With my limited means on fixed income, I throw a bone out there once in a while, but I get far more pleas for money than useful substance/benefit from many groups.

    Hope that helps!

    Wes Wilson

  39. diane wojtkowiak says:

    No its nothing you’ve said as a devout Catholic I agree with everything you are doing its just that I lost my job in 2008 and due to an injury it looks like ill never work again (I will not collect disabillity I’m not disabled) I do have one comment thought my Catholic church is dancing with the devil again they did it with health care and now they are doing it with the illegals. It seems the 10commandments don’t exist for them anymore like thou shall not steal what do you think also this is my favorite saying “America needed a fearless leader, we got a fearless liar! If my situation starts to look up I will donate to you in the mean time give me you physical address I can probably send a small check. I think if people could use the mail they might not be as afraid

    • Hi Diane,

      The problem with mail is that a much smaller percentage (usually less than half) actually makes it to the cause/group you are trying to support because of postage/printing/consultant fees.

      My group WesternPac.org does provide the option to mail a contribution but we never solicit via mail for the reasons listed above.


  40. Charles Henry says:

    Hi Dustin,
    Sorry for lack of contribution, but for me it’s more of a financial limitation this time of year as my small business slows during summer months. My top three, make that four, reasons that limit my donating:
    1. TAXES owed and paid for 2012 – April 15th
    2. Quarterly taxes due again in July
    3. Vacation (much needed)
    4. The joy of home ownership – replaced failed a/c system in May!
    However, I will re-evaluate my position and see if I can squeeze a little something to keep things moving forward.

    And you are right – I am being inundated with requests for contributions to the point of feeling a sense of being overwhelmed in trying to determine which, if any, are truly working on projects that are of concern for me and my family. That along with the scandals in Washington and the fact that both parties are corrupt gives me pause for where I contribute my hard earned dollars.
    Thanks for listening.
    Best regards.

  41. Jo says:

    Retired, live on SS which hardly pays bills and food. Only drive when I have to. Gas!!!!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you all. STAY STRONG. LOUD and PROUD.

    • JC Clark says:

      I concur with ALL this comment. I have 63 request for donations NOW. I have 9 different ones from Sen. Rand Paul, who I might add,I feel is a real senator for the “We The People”..J C Clark, Blue Eye, MO

    • As a conservative I appreciate that you prioritize your independence above contributing. Thanks for being a part of our team!


  42. Billy Fowler says:

    I think the entire constitutional conservative community is worn out. The problem we must solve in order to create an observable reversal in the results of our fight against the Progressive agenda, is the success they have had in changing the moral character of a majority of our citizens. They have been at this process for over 100 years, and their success rate is phenomenal. We fight the battle for conservative values against too many fronts, and we are woefully unprepared ourselves to fight. We fight using worn out “talking points” that, like our enemy, are delivered by people with little knowledge to support them. We resort to hyperbole and exaggerated statements that do our cause more harm than good. We are unwilling to become educated in our history, and unwilling to learn how to deliver the message — we take the easy path, try to shout down the adversary, and then give up with the attitude “there is nothing I can do about it anyway”. There are those who are trying to educate and control outcomes, like yourselves, but you have become so numerous, and are prone to the same hyperbole and exaggeration to make a point, that the average conservative activist loses the will to participate. I wish it wasn’t so, but I believe that no matter who gets the right to draft our laws or to administer them, the Progressives have won the war, although there will many battles and skirmishes fought by Patriots, which will keep hope alive until we have cycled through the hard times that come with having a socialist/Marxist governing system.

    • Ron Webb says:

      SPEAKING TRUTH…Billy Fowler is the one “on the mark”.
      At the RNC (REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE), & the “leadership level” (Speaker & committee chairmanships level) THE REPUBLICANS are indistinguishable, from the Democrats…….(Except for “deceptive talking-points” that they beguile us with)
      WE DO NOT HAVE 2 POLITICAL PARTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      At the “totally corrupt head”, they only serve their MONEY MASTERS,
      ON WALL STREET !!!
      They are 1(ONE) “secret monolithic cartel”, bent on destroying our economy,
      Greatest “wealth transfer”, in the history of the planet…FROM US, 2 THEM.
      Think of the power…….ONE BOOT ON HUMANITIES NECK… UNTIL,
      The “Tea Party” has been denigrated, infiltrated, & “scattered to the 4-winds”,
      by the NAZI powers in the GOP.
      The Republicans are not on the side of LIBERTY & SMALL GOV`T…
      Never have been !!! But, they “talk a good game”…
      Hey, close enough for government work : )

    • Focus on achievable results. I’ll take that to heart.


      • Ron Webb says:

        Achievable results, are “educating & awakening” NUMBERS,
        Achievable results are “starving the beast”(money isn`t safe, in any bank, stock, bond, or retirement system), & hoarding
        food & PMs (including brass & lead), & preparing for
        economic & social collapse, & MARTIAL LAW…….
        Because it`s coming, &/or WWIII.
        OR BY THE BALLOT BOX !!!
        They will hide in their “shelters”, & blow the world up, first!!!

  43. Barry G. Meyer says:

    I suspect that thousands believe in your mission, but there are many other good causes out there all wanting limited contributions. It’s too bad some of you can’t pool your efforts for more effectiveness. Just a thought

  44. David says:

    I personally don’t know why everybody is not donating but in my case I have been off work for months with the work injury, have not been paid for a couple of months and do not have any discretionary money to give to charities at this time. I wish I could and I don’t particularly care if The government knows, they can go pound sand! Until I have some discretionary money, may God bless you and your work.

  45. sue ranck says:

    1) I do not know who you are or your goal from your name only.
    Suggestion: Clever title, like UR KIND. This should get U past scrutiny.
    2) there are too many groups who do the same thing &I call themselves conservative.
    So: we Americans of like persuasion cannot support everyone.
    3) the many organizations need to consolidate:
    A) efforts
    B) suits
    C) fundraising
    Question: are U aware of just how many groups are duplicating.
    Are Uin aware of how many organizations areneed duplicating -

  46. Lance says:

    1. I see so many request for money I get tired of them and I don’t have unlimited funds to give.
    2. I see “we are going to impeach Obama”. I have been seing this for two years and seen NO action thusmuch like most business decisions, I apply the same logic. You are either lying, stringing me on or have real intention to do so, just collect more money for overhead and parties. Thus give me a actual DATE IT WILL BE DONE and I will look at giving.
    3. I read much of the commentary and cannot comment back becuase you use two things I dare not use, Twitter and Facebook because of them giving info to the feds. I don’t like it. use the same medium you sent it on.
    4. I don’t like my time wasted on line watching long winded videos with trash ad’s interlaced. Get to the point in 30 seconds in print. Otherwise I move on as I don’t have time to waste. Adding to this is the long winded presentations. They have 30 seconds also. What is it they don’t understand about 30 seconds in concise clear and printed presentation?

  47. William Keller says:

    out of a job and can’t afford any extras right now, but I do forward your letters on to all my friends. Keep up the good fight

  48. Douglas R Johnson Sr says:

    I’m for fighting the current anti-American government I write my Congress members continually to tell them fight this scandal administration and the usurper in the white house. I’m against the Illegals Amnesty of any kind I’m for getting legal USA citizens back to work. I’m for stopping bringing more foreign workers. I’m for getting to the bottom of all the lies and cover ups and get Eric Holder to resign and impeach Obama and OUT OFF Office and VP too! I want Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gone out of any Office I believe they have played a large row in getting Barack Hussein Obama II in the white house illegally by fraud and cover up of his background. I’m for the Constitution of the USA, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. I’m a Christian and Tea Party member I’m proud to serve ed my country be even more so My Saviour Jesus Christ I will say His name publicly without shame. I’m for limited government. Having said all this I want to give to help all that are fighting this Liberty stealing government but I’m on a Pension a very small one. If it was not for my son’s help I would be homeless.

  49. Jb says:

    You hit it on the head. I’ve been involved in local disputes, sticking my neck out to right what I perceive as a wrong. What I got in return (more than once) is special scrutiny and years of misery from our local (in one case) school board and subsequently judicial system. When I initially read your plea for support, my immediate response was “let’s go”, my educated response was “who’s going to call on me when I do?”. You’re dealing with a system no longer run by the people. It’s now us (US) vs. them and the thems are now a scary powerful entity who can and will ruin your life with a phone call, an email or an audit. Sorry, no thanks, start the revolution without me. Maybe if we’re 80+ years old and had more money than god, or the reverse 20 something and nothing to lose, will people join a cause that could otherwise bankrupt them or make their lives one big pain in the rear.

    • Loren Sr. says:

      If you have been financially abused by a school board or any other organization, call Fox News and get someone to listen to your story to tell it to everyone. Don’t be afraid of this government…make a lot of noise.

      • Jb says:

        Yes, I believe we have been. I won’t bore you with the details, but it has been a very crazy, stressful and financially draining last 6 years. We’ve approached local newspapers over the last 5 years but they have been very reluctant to print our editorials (actually declined to print them for fear of retribution from local govt). Do you know who to contact at Fox?

  50. Jena Perkins says:

    I have tried donating from my phone. I am not able to complete the process due to errors on your end. Contact me directly for more info. I don’t have much but do want to save our great nation.

  51. Tom says:

    I love your principles and what you are doing. However, due to this economy I am on the verge of losing my business and life savings. I’m defaulting on credit cards and am permanently ruining my credit rating. I simply don’t have the money and I would do more in terms of time but I’m already working 80 hours per week trying in vain to keep my business afloat.

    I agree with what was written here. Reverse discrimination provides for Machiavelli’s continued assault on our beloved country. If we don’t stop him in 2014 it is likely over. I can’t believe how stupid the American people have become. It sure wasn’t like this during the time of Reagan. Even a dead Reagan could do a better job than this idiot. Yea, I’m going to get a veterinarian to operate on me when I need brain surgery. Community organizer running the largest economy in the world? Give me a break!

  52. M.K.D. says:

    Inundated is the word. Your work sounds good and correct on the philosophy and action needed.

    Inundated is also a time-related. I’m working on focus and still have too many worthy projects to absorb what some seem to think is an excess of money and time.

    Our tyrannical despots-to-be have to be ousted or we’ll suffer like the Dominican Republic did 1930s-1961. The techniques of Mr. Amabo seem to be closely following the path of Mr. Trujillo back then. I lived there in the mid-80′s and the people were still recovering from his evil “leadership”–most of it focused on his personal aggrandizement. I’m really afraid to put my name and e-mail on this document. I have some key words in here that the Chicago gang members may find “un-Democratic.”

  53. Carolyn Bartholoma says:

    Every day, I receive 8-10 snail mail requests for donations, and through email, I receive another 20-30. It would seem to wise if all the different organizations could combine their efforts instead of having so many. What a money saving idea! And you all would be more powerful together than any one of you by yourself.

  54. Hugo says:

    Do Not dispair Dustin!
    We are still out here and keeping our powder dry.
    I am in MA & will be going to work the Gabriel Gomez phone bank. He’s no Ted Cruz but Thank God he is no Rep. Markey elther!!!
    This is YEAR FOUR of Long Term Unemployment for me so don’t look for cash from this direction. Damn!

  55. s.boitsova says:

    I have no financial means to support any of this causes, besides, as I learned in a last 4 years, non of them is achievable anyway. In modern American Empire with full merge between Government and money-making for them Corporation (Oligarchy ) there is no way for any middle-class supported Party or Organisation to get anywhere in politics. You need to have Billions and Trillions of dollars to make any dent in empire’s political System. Ron Paul , whose bid I supported, was hardly heard on Media, drowned completely in a noise by liberals and pretend-to- be- conservative republicans. Rich and powerful play Political games, not their de-facto slaves. Now, as a slave, I may join some political cause but only if I will get paid for it, as millions of liberal slaves do. Conservative and libertarian politics do not pay.

  56. Amanda says:

    My husband and I have emailed yourepeatedly with offers to host or ylan events, write press releases, and help in myriad ways We haven’t gotten a single outside of these emails requesting donations. I figure an organization that can turn away help doesn’t need money.

  57. David Roland says:

    1st, for your funding, personally there is nothing left over in the wallet.

    2nd, I haven’t been aware of your crowdfunding efforts. With regard to http://www.fundempowerment.com, I’ve suggested exactly this concept (Crowdfunding for patriot projects) to Mercury Radio Arts as there is a larger – like minded audience under TheBlaze. Perhaps if you have contacts there, PLEASE nudge them now. It is important to establish crowdfunding infrastructure to provide due-diligence with regard to projects and to make the findings about projects somewhat visible. More importantly, trust and credibility for the money handlers is also important – to KNOW the ethics and accountability of the crowdfunding management. Contact me if you get a response.

  58. James Lambert says:

    You have been doing a great job communicating to the citizens the threats and actions of this regime in Washington. However the average American is financially tapped out. I know it takes a lot of money to fight this government takeover being perpetrated by Obama. I believe its time we the people need to defund Washington. There needs to be an organized and concerted effort by the 60% of real Americans who oppose this attack on traditional America to stop paying any federal taxes until Obama and his cohorts are removed from office. We need to get the backing from our individual states and show are representatives we mean business.

  59. Earl Grunden says:

    Due to a limited income, I am unable to contribute to your cause. However, I do completely support your cause. Earl

  60. Paul LeBeau says:

    You are right, I have been inundated with requests for contributions to the point I have no more to give.
    Thanks for what you are doing to right this ship.

  61. Nels Wiberg says:

    I quite contributing to any of organization because no one can get the job done of removing the False Gods Obama who is control by George Sorus who says he is God.
    We have also forgotten the 10 Commandments.

  62. Truckman says:

    As you’re no doubt picking up from the comments so far,America is decimated by the current Badministration;we just don’t have anything to give. Personally,I’m almost 60, Disabled,and as it stands right now I run about $120.00 per month in the red,since the death of my younger Sister,who lived with me due to her circumstances and her income stopped. I’ve eliminated my phone,cut my TV cable to the lowest service they offer but that’s not enough. As soon as I get my bill paid up I’m cancelling that too. So-you’re hearing it again. We’re financially Destitute. I’m actually the HIGHEST paid of my remaining family-can you imagine how hard it is for my Brother and my older Sister? And this is just the financial ruin this Badministration has brought down on America. Our loss of privacy,our Constitutional Rights (Though our alleged president tells us,with a straight face,that he believes in the US Constitution.),and our expectation or at least HOPES of a Fair and Just Election have nearly beaten us down. I’m not a quitter,so I’ll fight on until either we get our Country back or they blow me out of the saddle. There’s NO way you’re at fault for any of this-who could ever have forseen the wicked turn towards Third World status this Country made when our illegal alien-in-chief won (??) his first election?

    • steven olson says:

      it is not anything that you said. I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income and every day I am overwhelmed by the number of donation requests that I am getting. Currently I am scraping by and hoping to make it til my next social security check.

  63. Fazeman says:

    I am on a very limited budget. Although I support a lot of things that some of the politicians are doing, it offends me that they ask me for money I don’t have. There are millions of dollars being wasted and cheated (by ILLEGALS) from the Tax payer, and then to ask me for a donation is a slap in the face to me. Ask me to sign a petition and on the next page, ask me to donate, how offensive is that?

  64. David says:

    All is OK. I like your blog. No money too many requests…

  65. Alitheah says:

    Hi Dustin,

    Essentially, I have not donated because I cannot afford to do so. Am disabled, and live on Soc Security with very limited resources. I just looked at my budget for next month, and after paying for the roof over my head, and basic utilities, I’ll have $16 left over for food for the month. That’s pretty much my financial picture every month.

    Though unable to donate monetarily, I look for other ways to support the cause, such as signing petitions, writing letters to my representatives, and keeping informed via emails so I am prepared when people ask me about the Tea Party movement.

    You are right about being inundated with requests for money. As others have noted, it’s EVERYDAY pleas that get so tiring, and frankly, discouraging. We haven’t forgotten. Yesterday we heard of the need and it’s no different today….. I think most folks realize the financial need is real and necessary. I signed up for ONE Tea Party group email list, and somehow got on about ten different Tea Party group emails, all legitimately but constantly asking for donations, along with other very fine conservative causes.

    As far as the Tea Party, I get it– it takes money to keep things moving forward, and the need is great, but I just don’t have it. The emails are my way of keeping up-to-date on what’s going on within the Tea Party movement–no where else is this info published–as well as what’s really going on in Washington. Otherwise, I think I would remove myself from these email lists.

    I truly appreciate all your time and effort that go into taking the lead in this grassroots organization, and keeping us all informed. You keep the flame going….you greatly inspire me to do all that I can to participate and support what the organization is doing. It is something you probably don’t hear enough: THANK YOU!! for all you do. I’m behind you 100% and I thank you for asking the question and listening.

    All the Best!

  66. Pat Townes says:

    We give as able. Do not take anything personally, Dustin, we all are doing out level best to guard, take back, resist, expose, protect, share, fight, cover, love, support, (get the picture?) and encourage that is humanly possible! We love America and our hearts are broken and our inner man is tremendously angry over the intentional usurping of everything that is good in this wonderful country. We join with everyone who is trying to do anything, something and everything to right a terribly wrong war against our beloved Constitution and our nation. Hang in there and do NOT lose hope!! Jesus knows exactly what is going on and nothing is taking Him by surprise!

  67. Alan says:


    Here are some other thoughts, the folks don’t like to be tracked (see IRS and NSA scandals). Who is pardot.com? What are they doing with our data? The best measure of performance on an email piece is simple enough, the dollars it generates. Worst case, get someone to take a look at your log files to determine source.

    You might also want to consider, when you send folks to a web site, going with a questionable provider might also be a bad plan. You host dustinstockton.com ( at GoDaddy and there is no problem with that choice at all. On the other hand you host fundempowerment.com ( at Softlayer, which is a blocked network around here from rather bad historic experiences (never been a customer, however this ISP has been a source of a lot of extra border router busywork dealing with scams, spam, probing, etc – so their ranges are now just blocked).

    The bottom line on the above means I could not even see the fundempowerment.com site to determine what it was all about.

    Just some thoughts to consider.


    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the heads up. The crowdfunding platform is run by Launcht and Pardot is a bulk email service provider. I will look into Softlayer as I was previously unaware of any issues.


  68. steven olson says:

    There are so many organizations like yours looking for money I agree with many of those on here who advocate that all of you get together under a common umbrella. I give when I can but for instance I have 3 different 2nd amendment groups asking for money I have 2 or 3 different tea party groups also the National right to work committee. I have probably worthy candidates from many different states asking. I am resigned to the idea that eventually we will have to fight this out in the streets with the Kenyan’s goons

    • ChrisR says:

      My eye is drawn to the words “www.fundempowerment.com”, and I feel overwhelmed by the number of emails and phone calls I get from different groups, asking me to contribute. I have a real sense of urgency about what is going on in our country, and wish I had unlimited funds to deal with it, as that is what seems to be the key to power these days. But the reality is that we are trying to deal with huge expenses being laid out by us to STILL clean up from “superstorm” Sandy. Right now, it is not a good time to ask me for money. In the future, I concur with Steven Olsen (previous commenter) that you might want to buddy up with other groups who have the same ideals/goals. You will all get more “bang for the buck”, and people won’t feel frustrated by so many different entities looking for their money.

    • The crowdfunding innovation is our attempt to deaal with that problem by making the old methods obsolete. Here’s hoping!


  69. Al says:

    I’m sorry your contributions aren’t up, but I ,myself have been unemployed for over 5 years and my honey is only working part-time.We are literally living hand to mouth. Not to bad for a Vet with no chance what-so-ever! Sure wish I was a Mex, I could get some help!!!

  70. AS says:

    Tried to donate, clicked on Continue to Checkout and nothing happened. Not sure if it is my browser or your page.

  71. Joe Osegueda says:

    Its not I don’t want to donate,i just simply am barely able to keep my head above water financially!I for one would like to be able to donate huge amounts to be able to tear down this corruption in our govt,and rid us all of this corrupt administration!!That also includes repubs,and dems,that are tearing America down!When I can finally pick up an extra job,to increase my income,then you could surely count on me for donations!

  72. Roger Lindsey says:

    Lets see in the last few weeks I have had: Michele Bachman, Joe Arpio, NRA, NAGR, countless Tea Party emails, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and you all asking for money. I have tried to stay informed and supportive of the causes but living on SS it seems impossible to keep up with the rising prices.

  73. Louis Fiore says:

    I am a product of the baby boomer generation. When I was growing up the laws were enforced and although politicians will never change when they got caught they were prosecuted. Today we millions of illegal aliens that are sanctioned by our government on all level’s. Politicians that spit and step on the constitution a White House no decency for life in America. In my time I have seen this country die one day at a time and we have DNR order in our future. We are over run with other countries being furnished with weapons and tax dollars all in the name of foreign politics while many millions including myself that are unemployed after working forty steady years in construction. Now we have all our lives personal information opened up to any person with the power to snoop in our representatives various departments. The last vote was a joke so many inconsistencies and fraudulent practices and what was followed up on? nothing, this is the America we live in today, we can throw all the money at this problem that we want the only solution is justice and a showing that this can and will get fixed. So I say in conclusion if you want to see any further contributions someone needs to show the true Americans we still have the power to be number one in the world.


  74. Patricia Smith says:

    I am so sorry that you think i might not care about the things you and your organization are trying to fight against and rectify. I and my husband care deeply and like the others who have responded,we are swamped with organizations asking for contributions. And we understand you have to ask to receive,and further more,you should continue to do so. After more than two years and some months of being out of work,my husband has just found a temporary job. We are lucky we know how to budget as we’ve done without a lot of things we see others have as necessities-cell phones,new cars,vacations etc. but we don’t have that right now and quite frankly have lived without them for many years. We have managed to keep our home and keep our bills -all of them-paid on time and never late. But like a lot of americans,who are ‘nt on welfare etc. we are just barely getting by. So an extra $5 or even $10 is alot for us to come up with. ( no,we don’t smoke or drink so wheni say no extra,i’m very serious) We do sign petitions,talk to our neighbors and friends and we do support in other ways all that you have done and are doing even now. Please know this;if ever our situation changes you will be the first to receive a monatary donation. thank you for all that you do for all of us. Sincerely,Mrs. Smith

    • Mrs Smith,

      Thank you, please keep doing all that you are doing. We don’t take it to mean you don’t care but we rely on our broad coalition to IMPROVE daily. You are our best resource and we sincerely appreciate your feedback.


  75. Dave says:

    I appreciate all that you are trying to do. I will reiterate what so many have already said. I get so much email from so many different conservative and tea-party groups that I am overwhelmed and I do not appreciate the fact that when I respond to some group, I get hit on by many more for money, to the point of not knowing if they are legitimate groups or not. I am suffering from information overload and don’t know who to trust. I have donated a small fortune to conservative, constitutional, tea-party causes and candidates. Quite honestly have seen no results from any groups efforts that amount to anything, so far. You must unify with other groups to better utilize available funds in my opinion. God bless you for trying, but as for me, I will be donating primarily to Christian charities in the future. It’s all in the hands of G_D anyway.

  76. Mark says:

    its not fucking working. everyday I receive emails about the fight yet the FEDERAL government is at its worse and EXPANDING and like everything else this Administration does YOU WANT ME TO THROW MONEY at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really? I used to enjoy these emails. all they do is ask for money!! imtired of all the crap. money isn’t the solution. our system is nroke. ALL 3 BRANCHES ARE BROKEN. Republicans and Democrats are the SAME!!! The SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE BOOTED!!!

    • No I want to beat the system and share your frustration. We must keep growing and fighting but our enemies are entrenched and have the unlimited resources of government with which to fight us.


  77. dewayne says:

    Your doing your best….and we understand, but when you are us and get about 20 to 25 emails a day asking for money it gets overwelming. I have had to start removing myself from organizations, becasue it is getting rediculious that every email from tea party, aclj, patriots, etc are asking for money. WE understand it takes money to keep things moving forward, but you can only go to the same well a few times before it becomes dry. I personally am having to prioritize who I am going to give to, but if I don’t see things turn around soon I think I will just start collecting ammo for the final fight for liberty.

  78. Johnnycake says:

    I came to comment about giving. I have given a small fortune the last 5 years on donations to many causes. I will continue to donate to Wounded Warriors and MN Military Families Foundation and Ride for Recovery. Not seeing the benefit that was hoped for from all the political donations. Times are tight and being self employed, have had little income the last 6 months. I’m tapped mentally, financially and physically right now. The way things are with the media and the outright lies and obfuscations from the mouths of our “leaders” that pass unquestioned or glossed over and accepted by the masses is downright depressing. If the episodes of the last 6 months aren’t enough for even the most liberal people to decry, there is likely no chance the US will ever be the same again. The US Gov’t is a massive beast, out of control with no way to stop it. The system has been changed to benefit the enemies of freedom and liberty. The socialists and non-US interests have won. No amount of my giving is going to change that. I’m investing in space (land), ammo, water sources and filtration, and storable food for when the shit hits the fan… and it will. Unlike the US Gov’t, I will defend myself and my family from all enemies, foreign and domestic, especially when they try to take my things. Good Luck to you all!

  79. carmen says:

    I read everything you send, but I’ve been out of work for 3 years last may, and there are no jobs in this small town. I support all the hard work you guys are doing, but I found a small job, two days a week, which brings in about $80, and I have a mortgage. I live in a small beach town, and all the businesses are small businesses hit very hard. owners are laying off employees, cutting hours; there is simply no work here. my unemployment was cut off, I’ve been thru my 401-k, savings is gone, and i’m still looking for work. I was raised to support myself, there were six of us kids from a poor family, and I would never take money from the government to survive. the only exception was that I took the unemployment into which I’ve been paying since I was a teenager working after school. our good governor cut off unemployment stating ‘…there are plenty of jobs here in fla’. guess what? he hasn’t visited the left coast of fla lately. I would be more than willing to contribute to you, tea party, anyone who is fighting to win our freedom back where it belongs, but I simply cant–i’m broke. thank you for your continued hard work on our behalf.

  80. Michael Verlin says:

    I am in support of your efforts. I am, unfortunately, unable to make a contribution.

  81. ROBERT GOTTY says:

    just donated to another tea part group and at 85 on limited income there’s no more to give. I have to eat and keep a roof over my head. Keep up the good work. Robert

  82. mel says:

    what else needs too be said. people with money and power republican and democrat (congress and administration) has another feed proving their winning. sad but the game of monopoly is won by the one that has the most assets. doesn’t mean that colonies’ lost. please use the assets you can attain too it’s best effect and pawns in this game of chess to attain our victory. WE THE PEOPLE are counting on your best moves. in chess as well as history, it’s not the people with. the most, but the ones who make the best use of what they have. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AS WELL AS THE REPUBLIC IN WHICH WE STAND FOR. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Linda says:

    Dustin, I care about what you do…and the above comments sum up the general feelings of the grassroots people. There are no positive results being seen..no one is standing up to the corruption in respect to holding people accountable. No one is being punished for their deeds..deeds that if it were you or me we would be fined and put in jail; ie: 4 million dollars for the IRS to party on our hard earned tax dollars and no one is being held accountable, Eric Holder lying and smugly daring anyone to try and do anything. People are very discouraged and do not feel anyone is listening.
    I, like the others who have commented, have been deluged with request for money. I don’t know where to send money anymore. I know you work hard and you were one who could be trusted to stay on top of the issues. I have no answers except I know nothing is working.
    There is corruption from top to bottom, Republicans and Democrats.

  84. LaRae Bailey says:

    I live alone on such a small social security check I decide month to month what is the cheapest food to eat and how to find money to buy gas to get to the doctor. I am disabled and unable to earn money. I do like your posta and articles and try to pass them along to inform the ignorant. thanks for being here for us

  85. Henry says:

    I agree with just about every comment I read. I get so many requests phone calls and all they want is the same thing. My money. That is fine, but I am not seeing any change in the feelings of the general population.

    We have so many different groups asking for money, might I suggest that you begin to merge together and form a coalition where you will have greater influence than now. Basically, I’m tired. I have contributed now for many years and the volume continues to rise asking for more. Just can not do it anymore.

    Remember, they have over 50 Czars who are laying the plans for every thought that emerges. There are so many bad things happening that it is hard to remember. I would like to put them down now but I will not.

    And in the end, nothing ever happens. Benghazi with all the press, the flames are going out. Hardly hear about the IRS anymore and now the latest with the ease dropping.

    This president is illegal and no body seems to care. How is he able to keep the whole country at bay? Answer: Because the Pubs and Dems are all just alike with just a few exceptions.

  86. Grandma Emma says:

    I get on the average 25 plus emails from dozens of organizations asking for money. Most of them political organizations. I am an older person, retired, living on limited Social Security. I can not begin to contribute to all or even some of them. The $15.00 per month I do give goes to The Tea Party. I have tried to get off your mailing list but in a few days your back. So it’s not anything you said because your saying what everyone else is saying. It’s the money thing.

  87. Janice Ladewski says:

    I think we are all getting so discouraged because we sign petitions, send money, read hundreds of emails and nothing happens. I feel like I’m wasting my time and money. No matter what we do, Obama just keeps right on with whatever he pleases and none of it is good. If there is any progress in righting all the wrongs, I could then feel some enthusiasm. I sincerely hope and pray that someone, somewhere will find a solution. If not….the Democrates will bring down our government. It’s just a matter of when.

  88. Like most of the commenters, I respect the cause but don’t have any money to spare; am still barely earning enough to pay the bills with my web site. But I link and post often.

  89. John says:

    The first Ken said it all. My mail box is full of “conservative” organizations who all want money. It seems that bashing zero has become a big business. Just how many fax’s can the Congress system delete unread per hour? What have most of them done but take peoples money as a form of self employment? It’s not what you said or didn’t say, it’s what a hundred of you said and didn’t do.

  90. MariaB says:

    I don’ think it’s what you’ve said, I think it is that you haven’t said enough. I honestly had no idea about your new crowdfunding platform. Perhaps your messaging is off? You have a real opportunity to empower people to fund specific projects that they are really enthused about, but I don’t really remember seeing and email from you explaining the new platform. Perhaps because I receive too many emails from you and other organizations and I tend to ignore things because my inbox gets too full. Have you also considered showing donors the exact breakdown of where their money is going? (i.e. percent for overhead if any) What about sharing real results of ways that donations have improved situations and effected real change? I’m in the communications industry and as you know, you have to tell people something several times in several different ways for them to understand and take the appropriate action. Consider changing up your email subject lines to something more enticing and really use the body to motivate and inspire people to donate. Just my two cents.

    • Great advice, will take it to heart.


      • Loren Sr. says:

        Remember, the Progressives/Liberals love it when we are fragmented. We need one or two main coalitions with great respected strong leaders to focus on the issues that are making it difficult for Americans to earn a living, trust their Representatives and turn the economy around… it starts with trust and hard work by the leaders we choose. God Bless!

  91. Mardee says:

    It is not that I choose not to donate, I simply cannot afford to. I have given all that I can and am struggling myself. I appreciate all you do and wish I could help but I cannot do so with $$$$.

  92. Linda Brady says:

    No job…no money to contribute.

  93. Dennis P. Cortes says:

    Many times I want to e-mail you and say that this or that is a good idea or not. However, the response section is set up where the only way my message will get through to you is IF I CONTRIBUTE something. I am a service connected disabled veteran and live on fixed income, my budget is very tight and I CAN NOT donate. My credit card is FULL NOW. I will contribute this story however. Nixon had a VP named Spiro Agnew, and he was a real joke. So much so that watch makers were putting Agnew’s face on cheap watches and made them run backwards! When congress knew that they would have to oust Nixon they DID NOT want Agnew to be Pres. So they chose one of their own and made him VP. His name was Gerald Ford. He became Pres. shortly after as Nixon resigned. Everybody is screaming for Mr. Obama’s impeachment. Does the tern “PRESIDENT BIDEN” give y’all a severe case of the “colywobbils”? Find out how they did it with Spiro Agnew and follow that example with the current players.

    • Dennis you are wrong about needing to contribute in order to respond.

      The biggest issue is that we receive thousands of emails a day, I read as many as I can, without sacrificing my productivity.


  94. Gerry says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$it would cost me 1,300$ a day if money was given to those that ask every day to the people and org. the e-mail info is secondary the contributions are paramount.

  95. Virginia says:

    We have a massive battle on our hands, but seem unable to get together on issues, there are too many different groups, many duplicating efforts, as everyone has posted, too many requests for money from too many similar groups, and too little extra money in people’s pockets, given the horrid economy/joblessness. A call to arms to “Unite the Fight”, perhaps on each issue, might be more effective. But I know I’m dreaming, leading conservatives/patriots is much like trying to herd cats…

  96. Terry Hoffman says:

    A little unity would go a long way; resources could be pooled; people divided on who to support would have one place to help.

  97. Theresa says:

    I don’t know if this has already been covered here…..sorry but can’t wade through 158 comments/responses…..butt what is “crowdfunding” in basic terms and how is it different/advantageous ?

    • David Roland says:

      Crowdfunding is a mechanism for fund raising. When applied to businesses – startups – financial rules prevent “investing” into a company to protect people from scams unless the investor is an active participant, or is so wealthy that they can stand to lose all the money. Crowdfunding is a way for anyone to donate money to any kind of project: business, PAC, charity project, etc, which doesn’t cause a financial connection with legal obligations. Most crowdfunding (kickstarter/indiegogo) sites, suggest offering a “premium” in exchange for a size of donation (like the PBS DVD offers, etc). Crowdfunding is a great way to start a business, raise funds for personal projects and non-political affiliated groups. IMPORTANTLY, I believe, donations are not tax deductable. Hope that helps.

  98. David Barkey says:

    You are doing fine. Like the others, I would love to give you and all the others who request funds a generous donation. We just don’t have the resources to do it.

  99. Roxie says:

    Dustin, firstly I am not sure who you are. I contributed to a number of campaigns during the election, and volunteered as a Poll Watcher. (wow, what a sham our voting system is) The reason I’m leary of contributing is a. that IRS scandal does scare me and b. I want results. I can’t just keep giving money to so many orgs and having zero results. If I saw something working, I’d continue. For me, I do have a little extra to give. But like some people have said, there’s too many little orgs looking for money. The conservative party needs to organize and message themselves better…or we can kiss our great country goodbye. In fact, it’s almost gone. Hillary will probably win next election. Can you imagine? UGH

  100. T. ALLEN SMITH says:

    I get a ton of emails from Tea Party groups everyday and this is the first I remember hearing about “Crowdfunding.” Like most others my wife and I are retired and have given more than we can afford already. Both our kids lost good jobs and have needed help keeping the six grand kids fed. I am frustrated as well with the “can’t do nothing” Republicans. I am a retired Marine pilot and I believe the old adage “No guts, no air medals!” I ran for office several times here in Alabama when no one else would run as a Republican. I exposed corruption and I have seen several tried and convicted- all without the support of the RINO Party. One election my name didn’t show up on most ballots, and I couldn’t get anything but a hard time from the Republicans in charge that could have done something. The bias-negative press coverage has cost me everything. They didn’t need the IRS’s help. We need to see success, but I know that may take awhile– electing the right people who are fearless, getting rid of the criminals in charge. One more thing, I have donated numerous times and even signed up for a monthly contribution, and I just got a notice I haven’t paid my annual dues, what?

    • terris bailey says:

      Please explain why Mr.T. Allen Smith got a notice saying” he hadn’t paid his annual dues”.

      • This was not from a group I am affiliated with. Western PAC and the Stockton Breakdown don’t have “dues”.

        • T.Allen smith says:

          The letter head says the dues request is from Tea Party Patriots, PO Box 1205, Merefield, VA.
          Maybe I am confused about the Tea Party, how many national organizations are there?

          • I have never and will never be affiliated with the Tea Party Patriots national organization.

            Towards your other question the big “Tea Party groups” are and there are dozens of somewhat smaller groups:

            Tea Party Express
            Tea Party Patriots

          • T.Allen smith says:

            Educate us so we don’t donate to the wrong cause.

          • donjusko says:

            How many Tea Parties have I endorsed? Zero. The Tea Party has been usurped. They let O in even tho he is not eligible, he lies, allows the money supply to be increased without any backing. He runs around our elected to unconstitutional wars. Does that sound like the Tea Party? All they do is ask for money. I don’t get any of it and I’m tired of them taking it and just stating the problems.

            Here’s an answer to stop the vote rigging, paper trail voting. Ever heard of it? It’s when you get a receipt for your choice. The tea party wants this done, why isn’t it on the top of the agenda? Why is it never mentioned?

            Another thing, we elect them and they don’t listen. Why don’t we vote on issues instead of people? I wan’t a recite and they don’t want to give me one. I have a phone number that matches up to my SS number, surely they can be matched up to me and a receipt of my choices can be mailed to me each month in my phone bill.

  101. Susan D Garman says:

    I am disabled, and the only little income I get is child support. So, I’m, unfortunately, very limited. My husband works 3 part time jobs to make ends meet, and that’s very seldom. We are raising our 5 yr old grandchild. I give as I can. I have to prioritize at the moment. But, I haven’t given up on what you do. I will give as I can.

  102. Terry Cahill says:

    All conservative online groups survive now on contributions. There is just no way to support all of them. This Great Country is falling apart on a daily basis and I don’t think we can stop the fall. I control my small piece of the puzzle and am preparing for difficult times ahead. Three percent of us will stand up and turn things around when the right time arrives. God bless good men and women who will answer the call.

  103. Neal Duff says:

    Nothing personal against you or your cause – just that there are thousands like you with worthwhile causes and each and everyone of you say “please send money”. Have to draw the line somewhere. Sorry.

  104. Zenphamy says:

    I’ve recently begun limiting my donations to those that are actively pursuing actions against the misdeeds of government in general and specifically. I have no interest in just politicizing against progressives or RHINO’s or simplistically developed, populist issues without looking at and confronting the real problems. The best example was the panic (and donations) generated on the push against the 2nd Amendment, but most of you failed to address the ongoing attack on all individual rights and the intent and purpose of the Constitution. Emphasizing that attack may well have generated a lot of donations, but totally misses the point and leaves those donating uninformed about the truth of the government we are saddled with.
    Just using the Tea Party name and talking points isn’t carrying the day. Look at what that’s gotten us with Rubio and Cruz.
    If you really want to monitor twitter discussions to keep them accountable, you need to look at the real power, those appointees and government employees, such as Lois Lerner, that actually control what our government does.

  105. Cristy Edwards says:

    I don’t believe anymore. We are loosing all the important battles, and are now just fighting for existence. I have lost faith in all parties, they are all just politicians. I get 30 e-mails a day asking for money, with no results. I’m tired of hearing, “it could have been worse”. We are not making a difference, we are being beaten up and loosing, period.

  106. Gerald More says:

    I recieve at least two emails every day from one Tea Party or another. Each one wants money and they are not satisfied with one donation they keep hammering away. The Tea Party has grown larger and larger somewhat like the government they are sapposed to rein in. I am often confused about just what it is you are doing. You are not accountable to me. I don’t know were my money goes. I have no say in your direction. The only input I have is those canned questionaires thatare going to say what you want them to say. I think you are doing some good but I don’t know it. Your people hand out propaganda just like the other side.

  107. Barb D says:

    I would love to donate but being disabled and not having enough money for meds and food I just can’t. Keep up the great work!

  108. Dave D says:

    Just chiming in a bit late, but I am yet another person who is too inundated with contribution requests (mail and Email) to know where to start. It is good to know I am far from alone in this respect.

    Perhaps an “United Way” approach to fundraising for all these conservative causes may be another idea?

    It would also be nice when responding to an action alert that we are given the option to continue to receive alerts from that given cause (instead of being auto-subscribed) so we can manage the inflow of contribution requests.

  109. Hi Dustin,

    Love ya man. Ken, Curtis Love, and others have pretty much NAILED it for me. I have given to all those outfits too and others not listed. I’m 69. retired, on fixed income, blah, blah blah… IRS is on my butt.. paying for wife’s hip replacement & therapy, throwing money into our ole 95 Buick… ammo is sky high (if you can find it) well the list goes on. I am having to do a moratorium on my giving for a while and have changed tactics and am doing shoe leather leg work and sign waving for worthy LOCAL candidates while continuing to be a pain in the neck to the “professional elitists” who have take over State and Local government. I think most of them want to get in with the in crowd among the D.C. progressives under the”usurper’s” regime or someone like him. I say impeach and incarcerate them and abolish the IRS and go with the Fair TAX. Molon Labe.

  110. Marshall Bryant says:

    Unlike the Federal Government, when we’re out of money, we have to stop spending.

    But the biggest problem I have is that even you think my money is more important than my vote. Even ‘success’ using standard politics of money winds up being a LOSS. It’s really easy to choose not to participate in it when it isn’t an option.

  111. NatalieF says:

    After the last election was so blatantly stolen I won’t be throwing my money away on any political group. In fact, I may never vote again. We are completely powerless as long as as our government is so large and corrupt. Soon it will be survival of the fittest and my money is better spent preparing for what seems inevitable.

  112. Jean says:

    When times get tough like the times we are in
    My motto is”we have to work with what we’ve got”
    We need the people who are in office NOW
    To stop waiting for reinforcements. Without
    Honest elections all is in vain. The people we have in
    office now need to pull out all the stops.
    We hear all this talk about corruption in high office.
    We need our leaders to hold the line at the states.
    Nobody talks about voter fraud until 2 weeks before
    An election.NOW IS THE TIME to put all efforts
    Into election protection. And informing the low
    Information crowd about what’s coming if they
    Vote in ignorance.

  113. AmericanPatriot says:


    I’d think about sending a wad of cash if you got with the program and started sounding like an AMERICAN. I haven’t seen you advocate for any real change!!!! When are you going to call for Obama to let us ALL have fully automatic weapons like all of the criminals???!!! At the moment it is clear to REAL PATRIOTS that you are just a mouthpiece for NANCY PELOSI and all of her pals. Get with the program!!! Are you with the PATRIOTS on this Dustin, or should I just send NANCY and OBAMA a check in your name?

    • Please….. This is insulting and completely off base. Why don’t you call for Obama to give each of us a million dollars and unicorns because otherwise your a secret Democrat. Get a grip.

  114. Swed says:

    I get 5-10 “begging for money” letters a day. Many Start at $2500.00 and go down to $25.00, SERIOUSLY, $2500.00. Almost all have a return address in Washington DC which is a RED flag for me that this is a liberal /demonrat spoof or phishing.
    I cannot tell if any of these groups are legitimate or not as most do not answer their phones, have Do Not Reply E-mails and are otherwise unreachable.
    From what I can tell by tracing middle initial changes or name misspellings ( I use this ploy to track who sells my addresses), the Tea Party folks in Arizona sell e-mail listings to everybody. I am not sure which ones are trustworthy or not, it is extremely difficult to tell but anything with a Maryland or DC return address goes directly to the shredder. You want to do something good publish a working list with hyperlinks of the valid and honest, effective groups. Start a Pro-bono Law firm to sue Principals and teachers that abuse children with Political Correctness. Give a Saturdays Gun training to any kid abused by the system to counter the sick liberal hatred of American Freedoms. Just a start.

  115. Hi;
    I am a 58 year old farmer who has sold off equipment the last few years to afford gasoline/diesel prices. I am currently in bankruptcy and because it is a farm and not a house, there is none of the government aid that is pumped into the cities. I have no more money to donate. The cost of living is constantly going up, and seeing this from a farm standpoint, I have to tell my friends on this site, the cost of food is going to go even higher…MUCH HIGHER. Most of my fellow farmers are farming less land due to the high cost of fuel. I have three adult children living with me who are all unemployed or underemployed. My elderly parents also live on the farm. All I can say, is that we won’t starve.

  116. Ruger S Redhawk says:

    Fellow Patriot Stockton,
    Please have this more “personalized” form of communication to you OPEN.
    I trust you and your WesPac group since it backed Joe Miller in Alaska.
    That was a bitter defeat and I hope that we can do better now.

    I have the same concerns and problems that other responders to your question have.
    I hope to read thru most of them and then give you my opinion and thinking to help you with raising more $$$ and more importantly more member/followers.
    I know that you and your dad will continue the good fight, as will I.

  117. Ken Heise says:

    I am retired military working part time to pay bills. I have a few health issues which are not serious at this time. I missed whatever happened yesterday, however I have a comment/suggestion to make. Due to my limited funds I try to reserve my giving to actual conservative candidates campaigns, hoping to help them get elected. I gave to Bachman, Rubio, Rand Paul, and to a couple of failed Presidential campaigns. However I gave most to a group, probably the tea party Site which allowed me to give one amount and have it divided between several candidates as I specified.

    If yours and the others had one central donation Site (You could keep your own too.) with all the groups listed, then I myself would give more often. Now, I just ignore them all as I know I can’t give 25.00 to every group, and it takes far more time than I have, to study each and every one! If all of you would band together and merge into one place to give and allow the giver to divide equally, or break it down into dollar amounts or percentages to each group, you all would get more than you do now. Instead of me throwing up my hands and saying I give up, I would likely give 25.00 per month and set it to divide equally. Think how much more money that would be if there are just a couple thousand more old codgers who feel the same way, overwhelmed and underfinanced. In fact, I could probably set up an automatic payment of 25.00 per month for as long as my health would permit!

    Put that in your pipe and think about it!

  118. Ken Heise says:

    I first commented, then read some of the others. One person I do give to on occasion is Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Why? Because he help individuals get justice in this unjust society. He goes to the Supreme Court and wins major cases. And most of all, his newsletter and Website tell exactly what they are working on each and ever day, and the outcome of each and every event they are fighting for. His is an action group with known results, not a talking group asking for money only. This may sound like I am critizing you Mr. Stockton, but I am not meaning to. I am trying to show you a format to get more donations. Show us what you do with our money, and the results of what you are doing!

  119. Liz says:

    It isn’t anything you said…It is that Republicans and Conservatives are war weary.
    We don’t who to contribute to anymore…or where to go..or what to do!….
    I can’t give to all the Tea Party and Conservative groups or causes…
    My wish and suggestion is that one big Tea Party Machine needs to be formed. All the separate Tea Party organizations need to unite into one big political machine against Obama and his Fascist agenda…All the money and resources go to the “cause”..

    • donjusko says:

      Forget it Liz, they can’t just keep taking money from us suckers. We know what we want. Just stick to it. Don’t expect anyone to speak for you. Get paper trail voting any way you can.

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