Rep. Jeff Duncan Asks For Your Input

Many Freshman Republican Congressmen are becoming increasingly savvy in the use of Social Media to reach out to their constituents as well as activists around the country.

South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan is one such example.

He went on to call out Barack Obama for saying that we should trust the government and “reject the voices warning of tyranny“.

Congressman Duncan is among those investigating why IRS Agents are being trained with high-power, semi-automatic rifles (or, what the Obama Administration would call “Assault Weapons”). Wonder why it’s ok for the IRS to have them but not private citizens.

Nope, no danger of tyranny. None whatsoever.

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55 Responses to Rep. Jeff Duncan Asks For Your Input

  1. Steve Northrop says:

    The myriad scandals and investigations bare the risk of overwhelming the message. That message is either this Administration is corrupt beyond measure or dangerously incompetent. Most likely a measure of both. If those elected to represent us get too bogged down by the minutiae of every indiscretion I fear the shear volume of misdeeds will by their very weight, stall any real opportunity to find redress for these grievances. From Benghazi to Extortion 17, to the IRS and NSA and immigration to Obamacare the multitude threatens to sink the already listing ship that is The Federal Government. Like a Master Illusionist the prestidigitation being employed by The Administration is baffling and astounding. Our Constitution is being slowly bled akin to The Death By A Thousand Cuts. We have met the enemy and he is us. Our elected government focuses on that which matters little and pursues vigorously that which once made this the greatest Nation on Earth, all the while ignoring the things that pose a dire threat to our existence and leaving the promise of Freedom restricted, regulated and ground under the heel of Government. In my fifty plus years I have never witnessed more division and intolerance, spurred on by Red vs. Blue. We used to be America, that shining city on the hill. If we do not rectify by strict adherence to our founding Document, we will throw away the gift so preciously bought for us over two hundred years ago. If the checks and balances that insured this experiment in Liberty are so easily cast aside in the hope of a greater measure of security, then what was once America will be an amusing anecdote in world history. I still hold out hope for this Country, but that hope is waning in light of what passes for legislation these days. Life is dangerous and the Fair is in August. We’d do well to remind those in DC of these hard truths.

    • Alan Connors says:

      According to Ben Franklin, those who would give up liberty for a measure of temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Nobody is guaranteed absolute security. Anyone who thinks they are is a fool. Personal liberty is the best guarantee against destruction there is. I want it no other way.

      • Bonehead says:

        Amen to that Steve Northrop & Alan Connors! Our Father’s America is worth fighting for! They left it to us and we need to keep it intact for our children! The war on Terror has came to our house “the White House” and is trying to destroy us from within. We stand with you Rep. Jeff Duncan and all like minded citizens of America! We must make a stand not only by choice but, by duty! It is up to every American to make their stand now! May God be with us as we take back our country in his name. God Bless America!

    • David says:

      Steve! Well said. I agree on every point you make and like you have my fears and frustrations of seeing a nation which I was taught to love and defend, torn apart by ignorance and ideology of a dying but visible believe system. Being an American born and raised in Europe, I saw the great things our nation did for western Europe as well as experience some of the dangers that comes with being a US citizen abroad. I have now been in the US for 28 years and have to the best of my ability served my nation proud. I honor all sacrifices made by the many whom served and have served our nation. It is however, very disheartening to witness the all the savagery and in your face disregard for our fundamental principles and gross violations of our laws. It is a travesty and if not corrected will harm our nation’s future stability.

      • Steve Northrop says:

        Thanks David. It is truly disheartening to see what passes for representation these days. My oldest Son is a Sargent in the USMC and after four tours, two each in Iraq and Afghanistan where he has been awarded Purples Crosses and awards for Valorous conduct, he has a hard time believing things were once better even under the shadow of the Cold War. After much reading and research, he’s decided that Reagan and Lincoln are his favorite Presidents. Standing up for what you believe seems to get negative consequences these days, but I’ll take statements like, “Mr Gorbachov, tear down this wall”, over, ” At some point I think you’ve made enough money”, any day of the week.

        My Son and many of his generation, both those who have served and those who’ never known any different from what they’ve witnessed in the last fifteen years or so, say we need to hit the reset button on this Nation. My hope is that is not what it will take to restore our once proud standing in the world. The sad fact of the matter is that those who call themselves ‘progressive’, or liberal, but socialist Marxists by any other honest evaluation, have been quietly placing people and policy in positions of merit in this Country since the early sixties. That fifty year pendulum swing to the left, (only interrupted by Reagan and Bush 41), has subtly pulled everyone, including those that call themselves Conservative, to the left. Making what would have been considered a centrist Republican position in the sixties or seventies seem ‘radically’ right today.

        My hope and belief is that in the natural order of things the pendulum that is American politics will swing back the other way as more and more people become dissatisfied and alarmed by what can only be seen as the purposeful dismantling of our rights and liberties. One of the founders was quoted when asked what kind of Nation had he helped to form, ” A Republic, if you can keep it”. If we allow those elected to represent us sell our Liberty for Security, we will wind up with neither and deservedly so. I prat that my Childrens generation will have the where with all to return us as a Country to the example of Liberty and Freedom that the world has looked to for over two hundred years. If we allow Democracy to trump the Republic, I fear we will never see it’s like again.

  2. John says:

    The problems are great. We are a divided people. We have turned out back on the truth of God’s word and the standards it provides. The media and mainstream thought is against any ‘extremism’ – but what this country needs is extreme patriots and extreme lovers of the one true God (not this modern day ‘blend’ of all gods into one). God provides for His people – He chastises His people – He does LOVE all people and shows that love by providing, punishing, and disciplining. Most people I know think love is only the mushy sweet romantic times. A father and mother working to provide for their family is love. A soldier working to protect his fellow soldier and country is love. Spanking a child in a controlled mature manner to bring correction to a child that they might grow up mature and respectful is love.

    We need true love and a healthy respect for God in this country and we could get this ship turned around. If the people were Godly, the politicians would come around.

  3. patriot4life says:

    Impeach Obama NOW !!… This Fraud has to go asap…

  4. siteunseen says:

    When Government is feared by the people it is Tyranny….end of remark! This is what I think of our present Government….just plain unadulterated Tyrannical.

  5. Dennis Loiacano says:

    Goverment control and mess ups lead to a lack of t hannds of therust. Wow lets put guns in the hands of the IRS or let them get into our politics.Bengazi! If we
    don’t protect our ambasadors what do we think of our citizens. I fear for this once great country. When we let poorly inormed non citizens rule we e in deep weads.

  6. Nina Pierce says:

    I personally think that an outside prosecutor should be brought in to fully investigate the IRS and the Benghazi. I do not think the FBI has even started an investigation, and how can we trust them after what we heard the other day. We need someone that has subpeona powers, and other ways to get the truth. It is like having the fox guard the hen house by asking the FBI or the DOJ to investigate any scandal that ob is involved in.

  7. Devon Stavrowsky says:

    Actually, this government is exceedingly competent. It’s just that their competence lies in the political arena… not in governance. Everything…… and I mean everything they do is political.

    They frankly don’t really care if they get caught dirty. It’s a minor inconvenience to them. They well know that no more than 15% of the American voting public has a clue as to what is going on at any given time, and of those that do, half are going to accept their statements that they are looking out for the public interest out of hand. It is a helluva lot easier than actually finding out where doubting the government leads you.

  8. Terry says:

    QUESTION AUTHORITY….especially if it comes from government!

  9. Oh Lord, help us clean up the corruption, immorality, and ignorance in our nation, and the incompetence, corruption, and tyranny in the current USA government!

  10. Daniel T. Osborn says:

    In point of fact one could take any of these scandalous actions on behalf of the administration and come to the most likely conclusion that this regime is BOTH incompetent and malevolent! Liberty is a commodity that is only worth what “We the People” are willing to pay for it. In the end, unless and until we wake up and then wake D.C. up to the reality that we will indeed stand for our God-given, inherent rights, we simply are not worthy of having them.

    • David says:

      So here is where we the people need to go out and as a united front demonstrate and picket the government offices and buildings to include the Whitehouse and Congress. The Libs did it with Wall street so why don’t the more conservative including the Tea party? Crest a united front and wave our flags to show that enough is enough. Strike and take a stand brothers and sisters of Liberty and truth. No violence nor hate need be necessary. This is not about race nor religion. This is about right and wrong. Tyranny vs Freedom to be whom we choose to be. Fear vs love.

  11. Robert Thonen says:

    Incompetent or corrupt, or both. Whichever, the inevitable result is that “Our Constitution is being slowly bled akin to The Death By A Thousand Cuts. We have met the enemy and he is us. Our elected government focuses on that which matters little and pursues vigorously that which once made this the greatest Nation on Earth, all the while ignoring the things that pose a dire threat to our existence and leaving the promise of Freedom restricted, regulated and ground under the heel of Government. ”
    And the mainstream media seems to be ignorant or blind as to what is going on……..

  12. Faye Tillert says:

    They’re going to need the guns to enforce Obamacare.

  13. Lila LeGrande says:

    As always, just more talk talk talk talk. Any conservative not in hibernation knows that we are under a tyrannical govt, that ignoring God’s laws will cost us our freedom, that obama has never done anything to promote our country, that everything he’s done has been aimed at our destruction. One look at southwestern states should tell anyone that amnesty for illegals will be the final nail. But what does anyone DO about it? Boehner, a lying Democrat who doesn’t merit the title Republican, should have been replaced many moons ago, and how much more does obama have to do to rise to impeachment proceedings? He lies – has he ever told the truth, except to say “I am your president?” Is there a Republican anywhere committed to saving our country? Or are they all content with the status quo? Those who fought for our country against Britain were willing to sacrifice their lives. Those who fought in the world wars were willing to sacrifice their lives. Now we have a bunch of namby pambies who know only how to slouch to Gomorrah. They have compromised away every liberty we enjoyed while we talked about it.

    • Vanlear Blackwell says:

      VERY TRUE, CRIMINALS IN the FED COVERING for one another means justice will not be served correctly. EXCEPT God sees their evil and can destroy their plot or use ppl to destroy it or expose their evil inwhich they call good. Power corrupts absolutely. God is still in control. NSA got exposed to the public. Now what are we going to do since they want to be so noisey?

  14. I agree with your comment of 06/15, above. It is very much an issue of ‘the forest and the trees’; a lack of focus that will turn the whole thing into an inchoate miasma, where no one is responsible, no one gave the orders, or more likely, ‘raised an eyebrow in a significant way’ in the course of a meeting. I am convinced that while this administration, this entire regime is in office, no one will be punished. That has to change, and I’d encourage you to speak to Rep Issa about it, and help him if possible.

    It should be possible to leverage the issues involved in the main scandals into one over-arching indictment of corruption and/or incompetence. That indictment in the public perception can not help but bolster the Conservative brand in the run-up to the 2014 elections. I hardly need to point out that some of our worst enemies, philosophically and ideologically, are the entrenched leadership of out own party.

    As a serving Member of the House, I hope that you can lend your influence to reining in the influence of those unprincipled eunuchs with whom you serve.

    Thank you very much for your efforts so far …

    /s/ dmwilson

  15. David says:

    We need to stay vigilante, We have proved it can be done over and over if the people all stay vigilant. It has always been the people who protested ,fought,served,died for,voted in every election that has kept us free and always will be , it has never been the government or the lawmakers who did any of the above 85% of the time in our history.not the Government.

  16. jake says:

    Where is the Revoulutionary Guard when we need it?When all else fails including so called democracy or Mob rule.We have a right And a Duty to bring arms against the tyrants and restore constitutional law.

  17. Al says:

    Arming the IRS to enforce Obama Care is similar to Nazi Germany SS troops controlling the citizens and even killing those that resisted during WWII. We have zero trust in the policies of the Obama Administration.

  18. Clayton Kahabka says:

    The AR15 will not be effective in the hands of the IRS because it don’t have enough range. The people they will be going up against have deer rifles with much greater range and accuracy. It only takes one well aimed shot to eliminate a automatic weapon at 500 meters. The AR15 maximum effective range is 250 meters. When IRS agents learn what happens every time the opposition fires a round they will likely look for a different line of work. It worked with the Viet Cong and will work again.

    • Steve Northrop says:

      You’ve obviously never used an AR before. In the hands of someone with a modicum of skill, the effective range is well beyond 250 or even 500 meters. That is one reason it’s cousin is standard issue in the U.S. Military. While it’s true that many common Deer Rifles Are accurate at distance, the rifle is only as good as the shooter. A rifle capable of better accuracy does not make the shooter more accurate. Just as the capability of the weapon holding more ammunition Doesn’t make the rifle more dangerous. In skilled hands a slingshot could be lethal.

  19. David says:

    Obama needs to be impeached, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton need to be tried and imprisoned. The IRS needs to be done away with and a flat tax or national sales tax put in place. This nonsense has gone on far too long.

    • Veva Johnson says: if passed will eliminate the IRS. It can be phased out like any other employment shut- down. Go to to get your bumper sticker – it can be pulled off and restuck many times – great – doesn’t harm the car surface.

  20. Mary says:

    Targeting conservatives by IRS OSHA EPA etal is because we are all on the potential terrorist list. That’s any group with patrio tea party Christian pro-life and any returning veteran. They are all listed by Napolitano as potential terrorists. And she has an unscinstitutional federal army that operates on US soil. Additionally IRS is getting AR-15s O is stringing out these “investigations” until a really big crisis comes along and they can toss out the constitution and take over completely.

  21. Glen says:

    I get the uneasy gut feeling that Barack Obama is not as smart as he seems. All of his works are anti-American. His works have been to divide, destroy, and confuse. Traditional American values are being eradicated by this guy. I refuse to refer to him with the title of president. That title is given to men with integrity. He has shown none of that to me. He would rather be a superstar celebrity than the President of The United States of America. I’ve seen managers put into position of authority that are as tyranical as Barack Obama is.

  22. Stan says:

    I’m 63 yrs old and in my lifetime I have seen scandals and impeachments and assassinations of Presidents. I find it almost incomprehensible that there has been no repercussions to Obama’s “Presidency” considering all of the corruption during his “reign” as in a monarchical reign of this country.
    I do not have to list all the tyrannical acts of this imposter who is in the White House, we all know them well and posting to this blog is like “preaching to the choir” . All of you and me sit and complain and bitch and moan and groan about this corrupt government which includes more than Barrack Hussein Obama. We have allowed this country to become ruled by evil men and women with evil intentions.
    What can we as individuals do to change the course of things, not much. The ones in control only care about one thing, being in control. It’s really not about the money, it is about the POWER that they have. They will do anything and everything to maintain control over the populace, and there is no way to change that no matter how well meaning someone is or how much power one has. What can be done?

    Unless some group of people, without fear, get together and basically say “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore” and change the structure of the government by forcing somehow these evil people out of control, then we might as well give in to the tyranny and be quite about it.

    What changes need to be made? I certainly don’t have all the answers, but we can start by demanding by constitutional amendments “term limits”. How much power would one person “President” have if he was limited to 1 term or 4 to 6 years? How many crooks would try to maintain control of the Senate , Harry Reid, if he was allowed only 1 four year term or maybe six, Why is the House of Representatives always having to run for election every two years? Why is there a lifetime appointment for the nine Judges at the Supreme Court? I understand that the founding fathers didn’t want the highest court of the land to be subject to politics and running for reelection but I do believe that one was a serious mistake. They should be appointed and not elected, but it should be for no more than 6 years, at which time they can no longer hold office.

    The president and anyone else in an elected office should be held to a higher standard than the general population and if caught with wrong doing, it should be GO TO JAIL and not a simple slap on the hand of impeachment. If people in higher offices were held to a higher standard and the punishment for treason is absolutely death by firing squad, then maybe they would be a little more hesitant to commit those crimes. Instead they get to protect themselves through “Executive Privilege” which in essence means “UP YOURS” and there is nothing you can do about it.

    Okay, I know, long stupid post but I see this type of blog all over the internet and still nothing gets done, it just goes on and on and on. What group of people can get together and actually do something about this tyranny instead of just pissing and moaning about what this country is turning into?

    • Veva Johnson says:

      Do YOU vote for local, state and federal offices, each time they come up? Do YOU know who your representative is, and how to reach him/her?
      Do YOU know who your Senators are and etc.
      How about at the State level? Follow the state legislatures actions. Learn how your rep./senator votes. Contact them. They often move on to the Federal level. Is it someone YOU want in Congress?
      Have YOU ever done that with your opposition to how they vote, or with your compliment of doing the right thing – upholding the Constitution? Do you follow regarding illegal immigration and lost jobs to Americans?
      Do YOU go to your primary caucus to help select candidates?
      Do YOU belong to your local and/or state political party of choice?
      Do YOU write letters to the Editor of your local papers, join in the conversation on current news? It’s an opportunity to post some facts to help educate many. Some suggestions to anyone who wants to be involved.

      You have lots of questions and offer your opinion. Do you not have any ideas what being an American citizen (?) requires as our duties?

  23. frank papcin says:

    –when people elect politicians for what they can get,–most of the time they get more then they wanted.–a snake oil salesman from CHICAGO is nothing more then a well educated ,articulate, self serving professional politician..–his motives are not in the best interest of a free country.–a elected tyrant is never the less still a tyrant.–what’s going to happen when we get 11 million illegals made eligible to get all the benefits you worked for?–besides less work and more taxes,–higher medical costs.

  24. Michael says:

    Half or more of the voters derive direct benefits from gov’t. To believe those voters are going to work with anyone at all to reverse the trend for more and more “free” stuff is delusional.

    At the heart of the matter is economics. Socialism, Keynesianism, fascism or whatever we can call what we see all over the world in developed countries guarantees a decline in wealth for the middle class while the poor get poorer and more dependent upon the architects of the problem. The elites make out very well so long as they can twist the facts to suit them with the help of the mainstream media and the masses of mis-educated educators.

    Austrian economists don’t use formulas to describe human action and they have been correct in all respects in their predictions while the formula users of the academics and pols have been wrong in all respects for a hundred years.

    Ignorance is always with us as we can never know everything about anything. Hubris is what allows pols and Keynesians to believe in their formulas that fail over and over. What drives them? Self-interest? The lust for power? It does not matter. What does matter is for people to begin to see that answers to problems do not come from on high, from formulas, from the celebrity politicians. That’s where the problems come from.

    Solutions have to be local where feedback mechanisms are extant so that waste is not tolerated and success is reinforced. A hundred pilgrims made that discover very early on. The question becomes, “How do we reduce gov’t dramatically when so many vested interests want it to grow?” I think there is no way to stop the decline in our country. The dollar is going lower and debt is growing to unseen heights. The coming collapse will be blamed on capitalism unless the message gets out that we have not seen capitalism for a very long time in this country. Austrian economics needs to be at the forefront of all communication so that after the inevitable collapse, local solutions to problems become the way of the land and a Federal government is not needed at all.

  25. HOW MUCH DO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE TO TAKE BEFORE YOU GET RID OF HIM–I have seen Treason, deliberate violation after violation to the US CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS, invasion of privacy the list just goes on and on–where and when does it end. You didn’t wait this long for Clinton or Nixon–so what’s the hold up–Getter’ done and the sooner the better, WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IF HE LEGAL OR NOT TO BE IN THE OFFICE HE IS IN!!!!!!!!!!

  26. IamOverit says:

    Homeland Security has targeted Vets, Christians, Tea Party Groups, as potential terrorist. Billions of bullets have been purchased by government agencies for domestic use. The IRS has intentionally culled out tea party and patriotic groups to harass and intimidate. It has become more and more common to hear stories of police ignoring the rule of law and not obtaining warrants as witnessed in Boston with martial law. The TSA is “patting down”
    travelers (with many accusations of sexual abuse) and also targeting average Americans instead of likely terrorists with dark skin and mid-eastern accents. Our phones and emails are being hacked into by the NSA and a ONE MILLION square foot data center is almost completed in Utah
    with little mention from the press or our government representatives. Homeland Security agents are showing up at Tea Party events in SUV’S marked “HOMELAND SECURITY”. A goal of Obama was a strong and well funded civilian military. Traditionally held Christian Biblical beliefs are now considered hate-speech and guns
    are being propagandized as a far right wing-nut obsession.

    So, what can we deduce from the above incomplete list? HELLLOOOO people! Most Jews went willingly
    into the labor camps. If this “trend” is not stopped there no doubt we will be silenced by any means necessary. It is in our faces, but we have nobody representing us in Washington and the lies, scandals, and fascist propaganda used Obama and his minions, including the press, is wearing us down. I see no hope unless God Almighty intervenes. He is our only chance. He has always been our only chance and we must plead that He forgive us and shine His light on the liars and thieves in our government. Without His mercy we will face what we all know deep inside, but are afraid to admit. “They” want rid of “Us”.

  27. Wayne Gordon says:

    The Government as it is – dangerous – being politicaly correct – dangerous – not takeing there power away – dangerous – believeing anything the Obama administration says – stupid and dangerous

  28. Richard says:

    Of all the scandals, the worst is Obama’s lack of response when the IRS withheld equal treatment regarding 501C3 tax exempt classification – and then, the illegal leaking of donor’s names to their political enemies. I am amazed that the media has accepted that with minimal comment. Imagine in a few years, when the IRS decides to withhold medical treatment because you are a Republican donor. Of course, they will claim it is a mistake and apologize. After a few years, you will get your treatment, posthumously.

    Those leakers should be punished. That they are not, sets a precedence. I have heard the 5th Amendment taker Louis Learner is still on the job too.

  29. Veva Johnson says:

    Thanks for your efforts, Cong. Duncan! Too many in Congress ignore the oaths they took to uphold the Constitution! Call out the wrongs and injustices as you see them. You have the support of We The People!

  30. mandograss says:

    This may be part why Gov has purchased a billion or more bullets. The Gov has forgotton about Fast & Furious or probably hopes we have. I haven’t. Eric Holder should be fired. What about Bengazi They should be terminations all the way to the top yes even bo. I still stinks btw.

  31. George Newport says:

    barrack insane 0bama is following the Standard Operating Procedure for dictators since Julius Caesar,
    he has turned government agencies into his SS Gestapo,
    Homeland Security,
    all are at war with Conservitive Americans,
    the politically correct liberal demoncrats will soon be in total control,
    the Constition of the United States of America will be replaced with Sharia Law,
    the Bill of Rights will be gone,
    Christians will be persecuted and killed,
    all in the name of allah

  32. Roger M Shaw says:

    doesn’t matter anymore we have a piece of Crap for a so called President, until he’s gone and get rid of the congress & senate we have today nothing will change, impeach the piece of crap and lock up Hillary & holder for life until this is done, nothing will change for the good, giving illegals a free ride will make things worst, close the north and south borders, close the immigration for 10 years would help but deport all illegals would help more than anything and fine &and imprison them if they came back but no We have a congress & senate that doesn’t do their job, fire them all and shut it down for 5 years would do more good than what is going on to day, Roger M Shaw

  33. Rosalie Siri says:

    When our president first came on the scene, there were two things that stuck out in my mind. First of all when he was on that stage with the other people who were holding their hands over their hearts, he had his hands folded at his crotch. The second thing I remember very vividly was his comment about the 57 states in our country. What true American doesn’t know that we have 50 states in our country. I’m 80 years old and I remember the movies showing Hitler and the “seig heil” that fed his vanity Body language is something to watch. Another thing, I don’t know where Mr. Soros got his name, but in the jewish, Soros means trouble. It can be spelled many different ways, but that’s what it means. Just the rambling of an old lady who loves her country and hates what is happening.

  34. Jack Silcox says:

    When the other major players in the world
    drop the dollar as the reserve currency, it’ll
    be all over for us. THAT is THE event that
    our ‘dear leader’ is banking on to trigger
    enough civil unrest to justify severe gov’t
    intervention. After that, none of these other
    issues will be significant.

  35. I fail to understand why the Internal Revenue Service would ever need AR15s unless it is to quell resistance to the Obamacare edicts coming at us,and even then,what are they going to do take our money at gunpoint? There are lots of things wrong in our government today but this one seems to have slipped past the general media… not by accident. They’re frightened! So are many citizens!

  36. 1_Eddie_1 says:

    The question that should be asked is: What is the IRS going to morph in to? Will they be a division in the Obama Civilian Army? If you kill the goose that lays the golden egg, then how do you collect more revenue? You don’t, and you can’t. We are engaged in a hostile takeover, and the government is building an army.

    • 1_Eddie_1 says:

      Let me rephrase my last statement. The government is engaged in a hostile takeover, and they are building an army.

  37. Bob says:

    We have BIG BROTHER government running amok!!!! We have SCANDALBAMA occurring at a practically daily rate, and who cares? Holder is in CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS, who cares? Benghazi cost us 4 Americans, who cares? IRS has done Obama’s bidding against Constitution-loving Conservatives, who cares? Reporters are being threatened, who cares? NSA and IRS are playing the BIG BROTHER ROLE, who cares? Our Constitutional rights are being trampled, who cares? Our Second Amendment Rights are threatened with ammo control by the government, who cares? Congressional Hearings are worthless due to the mockery of witnesses who openly and repeatedly and shamefacedly lie, violating their oaths to tell the truth, who cares? Terrorists murder and plot with impunity against us while our leadership refuses to acknowledge their true identities as radical Islamists, who cares? Egypt is now Muslim Brotherhood controlled due to Obama’s help, who cares? Syrian rebels, suspected to be Islamist Radicals, are now being equipped with U.S. weapons and assistance, further tightening the noose around Israel, our only ally in the Middle East, who cares? This is American leadership???
    When in our history have so many citizens’ rights and freedoms been violated and their economy so threatened as is happening right now? This growing of our government is intended to make people dependent and permanent supporters of the government, perpetuating its existence as a TAX AND SPEND entity. Government employees do not produce ANYTHING, but are paid big salaries. Entitlement-based governing is UNSUSTAINABLE AND WILL LEAD TO BANKRUPTCY. 100 Million dollar trips to Africa are unnecessary! Lavish vacations at an unprecedented rate are straining our economy! Millions of dollars of foreign aid to America- hating countries is IDIOCY! This leader is a sinister tyrant with a very un-American plan for our country’s economic future! Why is this being allowed to continue? Is it already too late? DOES ANYONE CARE??????

  38. Donna says:

    We the People can continue to beat the drum, alert our neighbors and investigate up coming politicians. But it is time for the politicians to demonstrate they have the intestinal fortitude to do the work of the People. Obamacare must be abolished at its root. We can hate it, we can scream about it but politicians and power players got it rammed down our throats. They need to defund it and eliminate it. The House voting to repeal it is smoke and mirrors. They can defund it. Immigration is sitting in front of us. 70 brave politicians are standing the rest are worried about loosing the latino vote. Look at the numbers from the Regan amnesty debacle- the latino vote didn’t improve for conservatives. Over all politicians seem to be more interested in keeping their political jobs rather than doing what we sent them to do. It is time. Talk is cheap. Show us that you mean what you say.

  39. tom joy says:

    the government can’t work in the model it is in now. it can’t be the biggest employer in the country. it doesn’t produce anything. no return for the dollar but more rules brought to us by people with nothing but a collage degree. if the do have common sense, they don’t go far in the government.

  40. Tracy says:

    Create an illusion. Distract and fullfil the illusion. He is a master at it. Create so many distractions that no one distraction is addressed. The gun ban is being implemented as we speak but it is not even being mentioned in the news. When you create emotional crisis it alway detracts from the business at hand. Not to mention the “divide and conquer” methodology he has implemented. Old war tactics “divide and conquer”. Our country has never been so divided. As we go to work every day trying to make ends meet, it becomes more and more difficult to do so. So we pay less attention to the business at hand. Beating down a society through monetary means is used by our own military in other countries. Ask the military, they will tell you. Since when do we fear being called names for suspecting someone of harming us? I would rather be wrong of accusing someone and think it stopped a conspiracy than to be right and give them the benefit of the doubt and suffer the consequences. Sometimes the accusation stops the conspiracy. Since when do we give a track record as awful as the current one the benefit of the doubt? Since when do we fear the ramifications of voicing our opinion and being made fun of by a thin skinned president? That is not America!

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