News or Diversion?

Paula Deen

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  1. Dawn Carmichael says:

    It is a sad day. There are people out there that want to steal your joy. Paula Deen’s is a good person. I hope God helps and turns this problem around for her. Hope to see her in the future on TV again. We Love you Paula

  2. C J Cannon says:

    I would venture to say there is not a person living in the South who hasn’t used that word, not just once, but numerous times. (Probably all of the US). 30 Years ago it wasn’t considered a derogatory remark…’s just what they were called. They call white people ‘white HONKIES” all the time, and we don’t get bent out of shape over it. They don’t know what they want to be called…they like the sound of African American and most of them have probably never left their home state, much less been to Africa. Most of our ancestors are from other countries, but we don’t say…German-American; Italian-American; Irish American! It’s ridiculous the way the media is destroying her. I agree with you; they need to focus on the REAL problems facing our nation; not her!! She has done nothing wrong. I hope Food Network, Wal-Mart and Smithfield Foods wake up and realize what’s happening here!! Just another trick of the media to get us to focus on trivial things!

  3. Teri says:

    Poor woman has been the subject of digs ever since she got her TV show. What the heck could she have to have said that was so horrible that the media is crucifying her so badly? Bet she didn’t say anything that most people haven’t thought at least once in their lives.

  4. cindy kay says:

    I can’t understand why were even taking the time to worry about this, it was thirty years ago. I think people should live by example if you don”t like hearing that word, quit using it!
    Everyone evolves and changes ,grows from experience, I could see how this should be damaging if Paula would have said it yesterday? This just seems so out of character, in shows I’ve seen her on, she seems to embrace all ways of life.
    Really what we should put into practice is the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU)

  5. Carol Ellis says:

    Paula , honey don’t worry about the things that may have been said in the past, we all make mistakes and only God has the right to judge. They are pickin on You cause You are a celebrity and obviously a very excellent cook, I just think some folks are jelious of you. But look at the bright side You will have more recognition & again You will get the last laugh!!!

  6. Sheila says:

    Go to hell Food Network! Boycotting You!!!

  7. michelle smith says:

    I think its BS that ignorant people are attacking
    Paul Dean. What happened to freedom of speech..
    If she were anyone else no one would care… but people
    just have to have something or some to bitch about. Look in your own back
    Yard I am sure there is more then enough to talk about! Leave Paula the
    hell alone.
    There are awesome men an women fighting
    So we have our freedom to speak. Maybe someone
    Should dissect the people that started this crap
    Against Paula an disgrace them in public!!!!!

  8. Sheila says:

    Go to hell Food Network! Boycotting You!!!

  9. Mimi key says:

    That is sooooo wrong! I look up to her For all she has done. Have her cook books, always wanted to get My small salsa buisness going better, An have her Help to start a resturant. Well maybe thats what she should do is Help other s start up there dreams An screw those assholes that fired her. Well Paula if you ever get to phoenix please contact me. She Will find sucess in another way An we Will all be on her side. Go Puala Go. Hot Momma Salsa is behind you a 150 percent. Mimi Key from Peoria Az.

  10. Kathy Ward says:

    Paula Dean has done so much good for all. She wii bounce back and I hope her sponcers come PU losers. 30 years ago this is so ridiculous. Oprah said
    It does not mean the same between blacks but did not share it’s meaning just
    Laughed. If they did not continue to use it
    That word would no longer be used today. I guess I can not
    Longer tell my sister she is as white as a sheet. We are Americans with different races, beliefs and heritage. Oh, by the way all humans and make mistakes

  11. Cynthia Pdrith says:

    People say things in anger they can’t pull back. Paying for a thirty year old word when even the man forgives her and he did hold her at gun point. Get over it. Things change time change, people change. She has a lawsuit wrongful termination

  12. melissa says:

    leave paula alone it was 30 years ago it is in the past not now don’t make her loose everything.

  13. renee says:


    I think what the stores and TV programs that are dropping her show and Wal-Mart and JC Penny and that is just a few morons that need to be punished, because they are doing her harm for saying something 30 yrs ago.

    Let’s talk the music industry…Rappers call each other the N word like it is the other persons name. And they are doing it today…what is the difference…The difference is they use it as a good thing and don’t apologize to the person they are call a N word. You know 30 years ago it wasn’t looked upon as a bad word just like Kike or Heb or Ginny or Pollack…They were looked upon as name calling and everyone did it…and said it…so lets not shop at Wal-Mart or Sams or Jc Penny or shop at Amazon and lets see their profits go down the tubes…..BUT THE ADMINISTRATION????? REALLY

  14. Louise says:

    Paula, you are in our prayers! God will be your shelter, because He knows your pure heart, concerning this issue. My support comes all the way from South Africa. There are a few of these misunderstandings too. God Himself will see you through = feel the comfort of the One who cares for people that hurt so much !

  15. Mike boyd says:

    You are right on A bunch of hypocrites!
    One sided bigots

  16. Guess says:

    Nigga please! Whoops..there goes my career.

  17. If you’re going to drop Paula Deen’s products then I expect Wal Mart to fully remove all hip hop and rap CD’s that contain the same word in them. I also expect Wal Mart to get rid of any rap or other music that has any racist remarks in them against blacks, whites or any other race. If your not racists this should not be a problem. I wonder why it hasn’t been done already on the music. Why did Wal Mart ever let this racist music hit the shelves but your so willing to nail Paula Deen over something she did over 30 years ago? These racists CD’s are made every day and put on your shelves, not 30 years ago. My email buddies (which is a lot and don’t forget their email buddies) have asked me to tell you they will not shop at Wal Mart either until you do the right thing. Let’s see what you think the right thing is. Leave Paula Deen’s products on the shelf or pull ALL racists products you have in Wal Mart. Wal Mart jump on this band wagon against Paula Deen so lets see if it’s about sales or about being racists.

  18. Trisha Pauly says:

    It is so sad that we have gotten to the place where hurtin a person and ruining a person’s name is so important we all call each other things maybe we shouldn.’t but hey we get over it without destroying one another.
    “Hang In There Miss Paula”!!!!!!

  19. thedoveee says:

    Oh look… a picture that is clever and witty and has nothing to do with what is going on with Paula Deen. She is being sued because she called a manager of her food store her little monkey and surrounded by constant racial slurs…the BONUS of the deposition is that she admitted she was racists… she’s a racist… an active, current racist… idiots.

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