It’s About Winning

It’s overwhelming. Trying to keep up with the graft, corruption, and general problems in politics is almost too much to bear even when things are quiet. Recently we have been inundated with scandals. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Prism, LIBOR, QE, and countless others.

I see it as my calling to find a way to change the system so that my kids may know the opportunity that is the American promise.

Part of the solution can be accomplished by winning elections. Every two years we must fight the corrupt establishment with our impressive campaign infrastructure. This part of the solution is both necessary and painstakingly slow.

I guess at this point I should define what winning looks like. Winning is the destruction of our current monetary and banking system which rewards cronyism over merit. Winning is the modernization of education where we emphasize learning over submission. Winning is throwing the crooks in prison.

The establishment is terrified that we could win and they are the most powerful people in world history. They have defamed us, targeted us, and used their power to thwart our attempts to grow. No matter what they do, they can never break our gritty determination.

Right now more than anything we need to grow. We need to swell our ranks with anybody who is fed up because they are part of the established elite. This demographic includes Democrats and Republicans but most especially the politically apathetic.

Today we are launching our most ambitious project and one that has the potential to be the defining feature of our victory over the establishment.

Crowdfunding is the future. Frustrated entrepreneurs are taking to platforms like Kickstarter to bypass and overcome the barriers to entry the establishment have put in place to keep people like us from challenging their supremacy. TO WIN WE MUST BE A DOMINANT PLAYER IN THE CROWDFUNDING SPACE.

Eventually I envision crowdfunding the superior alternatives to government programs. We can build a better school and keep it free from government interference by keeping it free of government funding. We can change the world but it has to start right now, and we need your help.

We’ve put together a platform that technologically is competitive with every other crowdfunding platform. We’ve developed the projects and recruited top talent. Now all that is left to do is start successfully funding projects. We must start building momentum today and carry that all the way to our biggest ideas and dreams somewhere down the road.

If you’re still reading this, if you enjoy our posts, graphics, and activism please take a few moments right now and visit Contribute to a one of the projects, or all of them. Even if you can only spare $5, do it. If you do it, so will someone else. We’ll start building that momentum, right now.

It’s an investment, and it’s about winning.

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4 Responses to It’s About Winning

  1. Thomas says:

    I have offered to make all the financed payments for all funding. I have also been ignored from all these groups. These groups don’t need donations. I come to believe that they really don’t want to solve the problem, just make money on the problem. Does that sound familiar?

    An American, not born in America.


  2. JJeff Noncent says:

    What we need is man and women that have guts to stand for the constitution that’s all if we have those kind of people in the government we can change things around

    • Thomas says:


      That can be done, but this Dustin and others conservative groups refuse my help. In the above about crowd funding, I developed a form of club funding, more superior than crowd funding. No need for investors or donations and they still don’t want my help.

      I understand that Liberals are insane, but when I see conservatives as stupid, I say people get what they deserve. Let Got sort it all out.


  3. Veva Johnson says:

    Dustin, we can make a difference right now. A group that has worked, researched for 20+ years show that a consumer tax can replace the income tax – and “cancel” the IRS. Go to Read everything so that you understand it. Keep an open mind. NOW is the best time to fight to get it, H.R. 25, passed. And you can do your idea as well.

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