In Response to SCOTUS Voter ID Decision, Rep. Gingrey Introduces SAFE Act

In a 7-2 decision (Scalia, Roberts, Kennedy, Breyer, Ginsberg, Kagen, and Sotomayor in favor, Alito and Thomas opposed) the Supreme Court struck down Arizona’s Voter ID Law that required voters to show proof of citizenship before they would be allowed to cast a ballot.

In response to this decision by the SCOTUS, Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) has introduced the so-called SAFE (Securing America’s Fair Elections) Act.

According to a press release on the Congressman’s website

This legislation would allow states to determine state-specific enrollment requirements in a federal voter registration program.

Congressman Gingrey, age 70, represents Georgia’s 10th Congressonal District. He is one of a slew of candidates running for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Saxby Chambliss.

Rep. Gingrey has previously gotten himself involved in a feud with Rush Limbaugh after which he begged for El Rushbo’s forgiveness.

In addition to being a member of Congress, Phil Gingrey is an OB-GYN. In 2012, he defended former Congressman Todd Akin’s remarks about rape and said the Congressman was “partially right“.

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18 Responses to In Response to SCOTUS Voter ID Decision, Rep. Gingrey Introduces SAFE Act

  1. Shane Echols says:

    All of us Americans have to prove we’re US citizens when we get are Drivers License, State I D, To get a Job, to get Social Security. And to register are kids for School, To get are kids there inoculations that are required for them to go to School. AND TO GET A PASSPORT TO GO TO ANY AND ALL OTHER COUNTRY’S. what’s good enough for use U S citizens should be harder for illegally in the country. They should not be able to go to school here, work here, vote here, receive any city, county, state, or federal asentance, any medial asentance, “with the exception of true emergencies not a runny nose or an earache”. They should not be able to revive lottery money, they shouldn’t be able to file law suites. Us Americans could not go to any other country illegally and revive any benefits other than being executed or setting in one of they prisons. By the way there prisoners do not have all the rights and freedoms that prisoners in the USA have. So bag them up send ALL OF THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM ANF IF THEY RETURN EXECUTE THEM I bet you wouldn’t have to return them 20 or 40 times. JUST ONCE.

    • MindyR says:

      Legally, they are not allowed. They are invaders, hostile, they are a military force who has breached our borders, they have blatantly stated to America they are here to take our nation, they are the terrorists and we are at war. You fight for your nation, you fight for your freedom, that is the reality. Lock and load.

  2. Susan Vanderhoek says:

    This absolutely outrageous. Isn’t it the right of individual states to mandate what the requirements are for voting? It just goes to show even our supreme court has been bought. from Wikipedia
    The issue of voting rights in the United States has been contentious throughout the country’s history. Eligibility to vote in the U.S. is determined by both federal and state law. Currently, only citizens can vote in U.S. elections (although this has not always been the case). Who is (or who can become) a citizen is governed on a national basis by federal law. In the absence of a federal law or constitutional amendment, each state is given considerable discretion to establish qualifications for suffrage and candidacy within its own jurisdiction.
    When the country was founded, in most states, only white men with real property (land) or sufficient wealth for taxation were permitted to vote. Freed slaves could vote in four states. Unpropertied white men, women, and all other people of color were denied the franchise. At the time of the American Civil War, most white men were allowed to vote, whether or not they owned property. Literacy tests, poll taxes, and even religious tests were used in various places, and most white women, people of color, and Native Americans still could not vote.[1]
    The United States Constitution, in Article VI, section 3, states that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” The Constitution, however, leaves the determination of voting qualifications to the individual states. Over time, the federal role in elections has increased through amendments to the Constitution and enacted legislation, such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965.[2] At least four of the fifteen post-Civil War constitutional amendments were ratified specifically to extend voting rights to different groups of citizens. These extensions state that voting rights cannot be denied or abridged based on the following:
    Birth – “All persons born or naturalized” “are citizens” of the U.S. and the U.S. State where they reside (14th Amendment, 1868)
    “Race, color, or previous condition of servitude” – (15th Amendment, 1870)
    “On account of sex” – (19th Amendment, 1920)
    In Washington, D.C., presidential elections (23rd Amendment, 1961)
    (For federal elections) “By reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax” – (24th Amendment, 1964)
    (For state elections) Taxes – (Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections, 383 U.S. 663 (1966))
    “Who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of age” (26th Amendment, 1971).
    In addition, the 17th Amendment provided for the direct election of United States Senators.
    The “right to vote” is not explicitly stated in the U.S. Constitution except in the above referenced amendments, and only in reference to the fact that the franchise cannot be denied or abridged based solely on the aforementioned qualifications. In other words, the “right to vote” is perhaps better understood, in layman’s terms, as only prohibiting certain forms of legal discrimination in establishing qualifications for suffrage. States may deny the “right to vote” for other reasons.
    For example, many states require eligible citizens to register to vote a set number of days prior to the election in order to vote. More controversial restrictions include those laws that prohibit convicted felons from voting or, as seen in Bush v. Gore, disputes as to what rules should apply in counting or recounting ballots [3]
    As described below, voting rights reforms have significantly expanded access to the ballot for women, non-whites, non-Protestants, those who lack wealth, and those 18–21 years old. However, the ranks of elected officials remain disproportionately white, wealthy, male, and older. For example, the 112th Congress (2010-2011) was 83% male, 8% black and 6% Hispanic (compared to 13% and 16% of the population as a whole), and the average age of Senators was 62 years and Representatives was 57 years (compared to a national median age of 37).[4] And their median net worth was $913,000 which is roughly 9 times greater than the median net worth of all U.S. households.[5]

    A state may choose to fill an office by means other than an election. For example, upon death or resignation of a legislator, the state may allow the affiliated political party to choose a replacement to hold office until the next scheduled election. Such an appointment is often affirmed by the governor.[6]

    • MindyR says:

      Yes , it is constitutionally the right of the states to govern this. The fed overstepped it’s constitutional powers years before we were born, the fed is legally restricted to govern military and national security, that is all the fed has a legal right to govern. Our forefathers knew exactly what they were doing when the constitution and bill of rights were created, we allowed those rights and laws to be violated and today, we must now fight the tyranny our forefathers foresaw if they did not provide the foundation to prevent it. What our forefathers did not foresee was a nation of strong people becoming weak , lazy and immoral. Now, we pay the price. It is not too late to put right what is wrong, but, it will take great courage and conviction, just as it did those who fought and died for freedom, this nations freedom.

  3. Roger Buggle says:


    If you do not secure voting machines across America and initiate a fool proof method of one vote for a legalized citizen for America Clinton will be in office for 8 years and “We Will Suffer Again”!

    Its up to you,
    Roger Buggle

  4. Dexter Wilson says:

    I have a friend who lives on the street, he needed to get some money out of his checking. He had to showed an expired driver’s license and the bank still would not give him his money. Now I ask you , don’t you think that Judge should be impeached and disbarred. You can’t buy a house, can’t use a credit card, a debit card, without a piece of identification. Anyone voting in this country should have to demonstrate he is a citizen and is located where he can vote in that district. Who ever runs for office should sign a statement that he or she is ready to impeach any judge that refuses or demonstrates not following the constitution as it is written.

  5. frank papcin says:

    I personally place the blame of this decision on the DEMOCRATIC party.,–but the republican party must share the blame for their refusal to act for anyone except themselves.–It’s no wonder the TEA PARTY is gaining so much support from the working class people that are fed up with the republicans refusal to stand up for them.– this decision should never come out of the supreme court of our land.

    –the idea that anyone can vote with only their word?–with a government that has never stopped lying to the people.–bring on the busses from MEXICO,–our government doesn’t care.–OBAMA doesn’t care the DEMOCRATIC party doesn’t care. who’s left anywhere to stop them.

    • MindyR says:

      Frank, I am a Tea Party member. I will share this with you, I am not racist, I am not anti gov, I am not an extremist. What I am is a person who goes to work every day, have since I was 15, a person who once was able to vote dem or repub, a person who has become a victim of an illegal gov. I am a person who has watched this nation and it’s freedoms being destroyed since I was old enough to care. I am a moderate who today finds myself in the position of picking a side, I can no longer be in the middle of the road. I am a strong, but compassionate person, who has known for years what was happening to our freedoms. This is not about being a dem or repub, this about individuals, the citizens and those who run professing a desire to restore our nation, to bring her back to the greatness and freedoms she once offered, a nation blessed by God. Yes, I believe in God , will stand against all forces to defend God and God’s truth. Anyways, I see a very few in the regime today that some call gov, from both parties, dem and repub , whom I support. These handful of courageous people put aside their own security to fight this fight with us. Recognize them, support them. The Tea Party is no different Ronald, I have heard and seen what the mainstream media portrays to the public, I can personally testify that the media has intentionally misled the public. No , we have not committed any terrorism, racists are booted, this is not a political party, it is an org that is working hard to find candidates that lead us to believe will restore this nation’s freedom’s, we are an org that petitions , calls and educates the public to put an end to the tyranny we face today. We are an org of working class people who desire nothing more than being able to go back to living our lives secure in a constitutional gov, we are people who pool our financial resources, resources we do not have to give, we are people who use time and energy we do not have to fight to restore this great nation, we are just people willing to sacrifice much to restore our nation. We are just people, like you, busy working Americans living on very tight budgets.

  6. M. E. Simmons says:

    The Congress should have no control of the votenno matter where it is taken or what issue is being decided. Electronic automatic calculation of each states votes and report them electronicaly to a public notification system ( TV and Radio (s) Station (s)) the state total votes should be sent electronicaly to a secure system which will total all votes and send the final count electronicaly to a central data base system that can store each states count, add them and report to a National Vote Reporting agency. Keep all human hands off the system and pass a law with no immunity and with no pleas to a lesser crime (Including The President) for tampering with the vote or any part of the system for calculating, storing and sending the results, “A Criminal Act Of Terrorism Against The American People”, Punishable by death only.

    • MindyR says:

      The fed has no constitutional right to be involved in this, the fed overreached its powers many years ago, now , we must put the fed back in it’s place.

  7. Ronald Chappell says:

    Apparently the stated requirement that the enfranchise for vote is for a ‘Citizen’( even if not for the highest office). How can it not be constitutional to require citizenship? I don’t doubt that lawyers can use the English language to construe any interpretation of anything that they please but a remedy must be found for this .
    Our deeper concern is that any member of SCOTUS could find a way to subvert our most basic and sacred right in this country.
    Can Impeachment be applied directly or at least to the appointOr for this travesty.
    As this stands our entire country has already been stolen from us. We have rebelled and indeed invaded other countries for far lesser infringements.

    • MindyR says:

      Ronald, we are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of tyranny. When a people who are presumably the governing of a people , put aside the law of the land to satisfy their personal agenda’s, that is tyranny. This is a lawless nation, it is a nation of chaos and tyranny, what we have before us is a hostile takeover of our nation. Until we fully come to terms with the reality of this , I do not think we will put an end to it. According to our laws, this regime, formerly known as a gov, are criminals, should be in prison and are not. The laws have ceased to exist and at this point and time in our nation’s history we are now at the mercy of those whom rule with tyranny. That is what tyranny is , existing and living at the whim of a regime.

  8. M. E. Simmons says:

    The same way they disallowed Military personnel the right to a vote if they were currently in combat deployment.

    Osabama wanted to eliminate as many nosupporters as possible and to all ILLEGAL ALIENS a free pass into the country with immunity he knew he would gain a large supply of supporting votes. It’s “Social Communisim” and that’s how he runs things on that platform which gives him some amount of “Plausible Deniability”.

    Osabama and his “Brown Shirts” as well as “His SS Troops” use this every chance they get even if the proof of their knowledge of their actions are in the data the produce and sign.

    Most Americans do not anything about how countries were overtaken in the past so they cannot see it happening today.

    I guess they don’t have the time to look carefully at what is happening, or maybe they just do not care.

    I wonder if they really think I will fight to protect them when the time come, “And It Will Come”.

    The IRS, DHS,FEMA and other agencies are at this time being trained with “M16s or AR15s” and Osabama purchased milions of rounds of ammunition, charging the cost to each of agencies.

    He also has been purchasing “Armored Personel Carriers” and other weapons for “His Amry”. I have a picture of one taken by a friend as a caravan of these black unmarked “Citizen Suppressors” traveled down an interstate in Florida.

    His Prision he had built by “Mexican Nationals” ” One of them immigrated the right way and lives in Tennessee”were hired on the street in Mexico and transported to the desert southwest in a “No Fly Zone” on federal land and construction was overseen by men wearin black pants, Shirts and hats with no markings. The fellow who lives here said he and some of the other men went ouside during a lunch break and saw something they didn’t understand “A Large Fully Equipyed Childrens Playground”.
    One of the workers asked one of the men incharge of their section about it and was told he knew nothing about it that his job was not to ask questions just to see that the work in his area was getting done.

    • MindyR says:

      Half of us know the reality of what is happening, if this continues , if we cannot stop it by educating the public, we either hand over our freedom , which I will not, allow ourselves to be imprisoned or killed, or , we unite as a physical force. I know, it is just to hard to believe it will come to that, but, it may very well come to that. United we stand, divided we fall. That phrase is fact, not just pretty words.

  9. Jeffrey Wade says:

    If ever there was a threat to our national security, this is one that should be at the top of the list.

  10. Sam Wiersma says:

    President Ronald Reagan “In this Present crisis government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem it is time to re-awaken this industrial giant to get
    government back within it’s means and to lighten our punitive tax burden and these will be our first priority’s and on these prinipals there will be no compramise.” I have to say I wasn’t alive during President Reagan’s terms in office I have heard he was the best president this country has ever had now some of you might agree and others might disagree with me what ever your desicion is make it wisely I agree with President Regan though

  11. MindyR says:

    America’s reality is that we are a nation divided, we are at war. That is not a radical nor unrealistic comment. I do not know what the evolution of this war will unfold, I know this for certain, we are seeing a gov and a handful of traitors destroy the little bit that is left of this once great nation. We are looking blatant tyranny in the eye. I would rather die free than caged, these are not just words, they are truth. My conviction that without freedom there is no life is so deeply ingrained it even applies to my farm animals. I will die free, death is preferable to the tyranny we suffer today. Only the most courageous dare state what I state, only the most courageous are willing to defy a gov such as I do. A gov governs only with the consent of the people, don’t forget that. This gov no longer has my consent, this gov is not a gov at all, it is hostile regime who seek to destroy America and freedom. Time to put an end to tyranny.

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