Big Brother WANTS You to Know He’s Watching

For honest people the reaction of the administration and Eric Holder doesn’t seem logical. Holder scoffed at the idea that he might resign. The administration isn’t worried about these scandals, in fact there are tangible benefits from the increased spotlight.

Despite being targeted for government intimidation the Tea Party continued to grow, fight, and win. The media (thinking they were doing Obama a favor) kept a lid on those scandals until after the election but the problem for the big government bullies is that most of the people they were trying to intimidate weren’t aware that it was happening.

We full-time professional activists had a pretty good idea. We got the ridiculous “survey” from the IRS and forwarded it to our lawyers. The intimidation wasn’t very effective because a. we don’t scare easy and b. targeting “leaders” is ineffective in an authentic grassroots movement.

So now the administration is caught up in scandals that don’t appear to be any worse than much of the “green” graft, bailout handouts, and operation Fast and Furious. The real danger and I’m already seeing some anecdotal evidence of this is that the PUBLICITY of the intimidation will have a chilling effect on grassroots activism.

Our target audience are hardworking people who don’t always have time to go fight the government. Everything we do is designed to give people the opportunity to participate in the process with whatever time or resources they have available. Our target audience isn’t looking for a handout, they are looking for a way to fit their civic duty into their busy schedules.

I can’t be sure that recent decline in contributions isn’t do to the fact that our team isn’t doing a good enough job communicating our vision and mission but if you want to intimidate people, they have to KNOW that you are a bully.

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  1. Steve James says:

    I myself find it a little unnerving that I can be singled out for my beliefs, as I also find that it is even harder to send financial support in lieu of the fallout that very well could follow. However when the gun-fight comes I will be there front- an- center

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