We have a great opportunity

I am so excited to let you know that our “Day of Resistance” rallies are spreading across America like a wildfire. As of now we have more than 50 cities planning on holding rallies and the final number is going to be much larger! I apologize that this email is a little long but this fight is too important to sum up in a few words.

We have a fantastic opportunity to reach out to millions of people who until now did not feel the need to get involved. Taking away the basic right to defend ourselves and our families is an issue that the majority of Americans are upset about. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue and we need to talk openly to everyone, leaving the partisan rhetoric out of the conversation. The Day of Resistance is not about slamming a political party, it is about defending our basic rights and sparking a debate on the real cause of violence in our society. This is a chance to educate people about what really is going on in our government and wake people up to the real dangers we face.

Day of Resistance, San Francisco Press ConferenceI held a press conference outside Sen. Feinstein’s office in San Francisco this past Wednesday to talk to the media and a group of people who care about our Bill of Rights about the problems with Feinstein’s bill. I admit, it was a little uncomfortable knowing that I was not standing in friendly territory and the hostility from one of the reporters reinforced my thinking. Rather than listen, he just wanted to ask snippy little questions about whether or not we owned guns and if we owned any scary “assault weapons” I should have responded that he would only find out if he tried to break into my house. I don’t profess to being a professional speaker but you can watch the press conference by clicking on the image.

The bill introduced in Congress by Sen. Dianne Feinstein is typical of Washington politicizing a tragedy as a vehicle to push a leftist agenda. Like you, my heart goes out to the victims and families affected by recent violent acts but nothing in Feinstein’s bill would have done anything to prevent the acts or do anything to prevent further acts of violence against innocent people.

The Second Amendment was placed in our Constitution for a good reason. The founding fathers understood that the ability of individual citizens to defend themselves against threats, even if that threat came in the form of a tyrannical government was paramount to a free society. The words “shall not be infringed” leaves no room for Sen. Feinstein’s idea of taking the ability to arm ourselves away.

Many in the left wing media and some current members of Congress try to hide behind the idea that the framers of the Constitution never considered that someday we would have AR-15s with high capacity magazines or they would have made an exception. All one has to do is to read the arguments from the time the Second Amendment was debated to know that this is rubbish. It is clear that the intent of the authors was to allow citizens to be equally as well armed as the military without exception. If we followed the true intent of the law, we would still be legally able to own fully automatic weapons, a right that was taken away many years ago.

Prior to Obamacare becoming the law of the land, I might have said that something like this could never happen but my eyes are wide open to the dangers we face as a number of elected officials try to systematically dismantle our basic rights under the US Constitution to drive an agenda that the majority of the American people do not want. We will not allow them to succeed.

As I say, more gun laws will do nothing to curb or stop violence by people bent on killing or hurting others. In every city where tough gun laws have been implemented, violent crime goes up. It seems that criminals don’t get the memo in these cities that they are not supposed to use guns in their crimes but they do understand that unarmed people make better victims.

If we want to address the problem of violence in our society, which obviously Sen. Feinstein has no interest in doing, we would start looking at what drives people to commit heinous acts rather than think banning the gun used will stop it. Many more people die in car crashes every year than by guns but I have not seen a bill to ban steering wheels.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your support. I know how disappointed you were following the November election because I share your frustration. I have never been one to give up after a loss and have no plans on starting now. I love my country with all my heart and will fight with everything I have to make sure that my five grandchildren have the chance to grow up in a nation where “American exceptionalism” is alive and well. I hope you will stand with me.

Thank you,
Roger Stockton
Co-Founder, Western Representation PAC

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5 Responses to We have a great opportunity

  1. Brian light says:

    I’m with you 100 percent sir. I’m spreading the word about .223. However I don’t know what to tell anyone. Need some organization in Mesa Arizona !!

  2. Amanda McGover says:

    As a single mother with two kids and a full time job I cannot organize an event. But if someone in Oklahoma City wants to start one I sure can help! If we didn’t stop them at Obamacare, debt ceiling and the sales of weapons to aggressive countries we HAVE GOT TO STOP THEM AT THE SECOND AMENDMENT! I’m on board just need someone with more time on their hands.

  3. bonnie pinney says:

    They need to be stopped this is going to far. It starts with the top but the congress is doing nothing to protect the people so why do we keep voteing them in. They are the elite class and we just keep thinking they will protect us. It seems they are all thinking with the bottom parts of their bodies and want to protect themselves and to hell with us.

  4. We have activated our Minutemen who will travel to three locations throughout the day here in Monterey County, CA. Carmel, Monterey and Prunedale.

    Saturday – February 23, 2013

    9:30am-11:30am – Carmel, CA – Intersection of Hwy 1 & Rio Road
    12:30pm-3:00pm – Monterey, CA – Windows on the Bay Park – Intersection of Del Monte Blvd & across from Lake El Estero, Monterey & McDonalds
    4:00pm-5:30pm – Prunedale, CA – Prunedale Shopping Center – exit San Miguel Canyon Road – same corner as Pizza Hut

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