Rove and Republicans Seek To Destroy Party

There has been a lot of news lately that Karl Rove and some top Republican donors have decided that the problem with the Republican party isn’t the failed establishment but the grassroots.


Rove has been tasked by his puppet masters to put an end to the Tea Party uprising.  Rove must be one slick salesman if he was able to convince his overlords that it wasn’t his fault Mitt Romney lost in 2012, it was the Tea Party.  Rove controlled more than $200 million dollars but it couldn’t be HIS FAULT.

For years we have pursued a strategy of taking control of the Republican apparatus.  This is still the proper strategy, why should we allow them to keep all that infrastructure?

It’s pretty clear that they are feeling their hold on the power slipping away and have dispatched Rove as a last ditch attempt to maintain control.  Fine if they want to focus their energy on destroying the Tea Party in 2014, let this be the year that the Republican party actually finds a spine and stands for something by destroying Rove and his ilk.

If Rove is expecting an easy rebound after the thrashing he took at the hands of the Chicago machine, he’s got another thing coming.  We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that when Rove moves to protect an incumbent, he is actually giving them the kiss of death.

You can be sure that the Western Representation PAC and any other project I have managerial control of, will be keeping an eye on Rove and while we may not have his billionaire donors, we have built an impressive grassroots political machine funded by thousands of regular American who donate what they can comfortably afford.  You can help us finish Rove and the Republican establishment off by making a generous contribution HERE

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6 Responses to Rove and Republicans Seek To Destroy Party

  1. oldguy says:

    We are annoyed by Democrats but are undone by Rino’s.

  2. bonnie pinney says:

    The nore our Republican party caves into this adminstration and bringing down our country to those that want to distroy it the more they hurt themselves. They are getting quit the opposite effect they are making the Tea Party much stronger by the people of all parties Democrates and Republicans. They have become spineless and should not be voted back in. They have all gotten rich off from the tax payers and they are protected from all of the wrong doings that they are putting on us. This will effect our next generations and it is not far to our forefathers that worked their fingers to the bones. It is also not fair to all of our dead soldiers and living soldiers that gave up their lives some by death and others by being wounded and being taken away from their families.

  3. Sandie hubbard says:

    Why can’t we have a Christian party?

  4. DaToad says:

    They have been hell bent on destroying the party since Clinton. Bush was anything but a conservative, McLame was, and is, a sell-out. Mittens was not a conservative choice. The GOP needs to be destroyed.

  5. Deano says:

    If the Republicans let any of Obama’s Gun Control agenda pass they will be toast for 2014.

  6. Lawrence Ekdahl says:

    The “republic;” and the republican party is dead. I hope the tenthers and thetea party people and all who advocate constitutional government will band together and form a new party to run against the republicrats.

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