Resistance Movement Update

I wanted to take a break after Saturday but I haven’t yet. The people around me are going to force me to but I want to make sure everything is moving in the right direction before I take a hard earned break. So here is what I’m trying to do (prioritized)

1. Get the Day of Resistance rallies the attention they deserve by getting the biggest names in the friendly media to talk about what an awesome job we did.

2. Secure some big dollar funding for the projects I’m launching. I’m proud to have raised so much money from the grassroots but I need to do a better job of getting larger donor support. There has to be some rich guys who are sick of watching Karl Rove lose with their money who are looking for a fresh project that could actually win. Give us the resources we need to compete at the biggest levels and we will reignite the patriot movement in this nation. I’m personally available to give private presentations on the detailed plan if you’re serious about winning and can write a check in the 6-7 figure range. If you’ve got 5 figures I’ve got people for you too.

3. Get the plan and information together so that you can immediately get involved in your local government. Eventually I want to send you out to your city councils with all the training and tools you’ll need to pass an actual resolution fighting the big government agenda.

Your task for the next few days is this: Research your city council. Find out who is on it, when they take public comments, what party they represent, and whether they received Tea Party support in their last election.

My team will work up some material with detailed instructions on what we need to say to them in order to get these resolutions passed.

We are also planning round 2. Rallies all over the country again with a coinciding mega-rally in Washington DC! I can do it but I need to get 1 and 2 accomplished before we take it to the next level!

If you can help me spread this around it will be a big help. We are doing our best to respond to everyone but people are slipping through the cracks. If you see it happen please share this update with them with my apologies!

If you want to help me fund my next personal adventure and get something I worked really hard on in return, you can buy my book HERE: Community Organizer: A Tea Party Story

Keep it rocking,


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5 Responses to Resistance Movement Update

  1. Jean Larson says:

    Yes! Excellent! Your instructions for the next few days are things I can actually do! Thank you!!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Glad to see the update I had some great media coverage and a decent turn out for A 20 degree windy day.
    The getting involved in my local gov. Done been doing that. The Rally actually was great for me. I made many new contacts. I have people asking when the next Rally will take place!!! So we are ready and willing to help in Indiana.

  3. LTCRIce says:

    Rest up…a warrior cannot fight continuously without proper rest. I am reworking the resolution you provide from Texas and I will take it to every city in our County, then to the County of Latah Idaho. We must start at the grass roots level and develop the base then plan for the move as you say up..

  4. We had over 120 people show for our local sign waving event! So many cars honking and thumbs up’s from passer byers!!! Thank you Dustin for organzing this great event!!!
    Our local news also came out and interviewed folks.
    For some of our local pictures and links to our News video can go to our FB Event site if like.

    Best regards, and yes do rest up, recharge!

  5. Mannie says:

    We may get to see, this year, whether The Constitution is worth anything at all. We may get to see how many cops are willing to betray their country and become nothing more than jackbooted thugs deserving a bullet in the spine. Conversely, we may get to see with pride how many Patriot cops we have. We may get to see whether the American People are willing to kill and die for The Constitution, or whether they will lie down like sheep.

    These are perilous times.

    Μολὼν λαβέ

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