Organizer Lesson: Dealing with Counter-Protestors

There are two tactics that the left loves to use for events like these. Either they will send a bus full of counter protestors (usually union thugs who get a paid day off to come harass us), or they plant liberals in the crowd to pose as one of us and make us look like crazies (usually they are holding offensive/racist signs or shouting offensive things from the crowd). We’ve prepared a few helpful pointers for how to prepare for these situations.

1. Be prepared to shout down protestors with a chant

If the rally is interrupted by protestors, you should be prepared to drown them out with a chant. A popular chant for these events is “U-S-A!” The entire crowd will join you in expressing patriotism long enough for the offenders to lose interest. It also helps if you designate someone to start the chant if necessary. This is something you can handle yourself, the emcee can handle, and so can any other volunteers. But know in advance whose responsibility it is to get the chant started.

2. Acknowledge protestors

If the protestors are peaceful and do not interrupt the rally, then it’s helpful to acknowledge their presence and thank them for exercising their first amendment rights. You can also ask the crowd to give them a round of applause. This is great because it shows that we’re peacefully gathering to express our beliefs and values – which completely undermines one of the mainstream media’s favorite narratives about us! Again, know in advance who will do this – either the emcee or one of the speakers.

3. Have signs and flags ready

You may also encounter protestors that don’t necessarily disagree with us, but want to piggy-back off your rally in order to have their conspiracy theories heard. For example, we had a group of “truthers” crash a rally at a state capitol. They held a large sign declaring the government was behind 9/11, and the police refused to escort them off of OUR STAGE! Instead of causing a scene, we recruited 10-15 people with signs and flags to stand in front of their sign. There’s no need to escalate a confrontation, but having a group of people prepared to stand in front of unwelcome protestors is a good idea.

4. Call out the spies and plants if they make themselves known

If you see a racist sign or hear offensive speech, do not hesitate to shame that individual into leaving. Point them out from the stage and tell them that those statements do not reflect our beliefs or what we’re trying to accomplish. Ask the crowd to boo them if you have to! There’s no room at Day of Resistance for hateful or offensive people – and those who attend the rally will certainly be on your side if you need to shame a liberal plant into leaving!

The vast majority of these rallies will not have to worry about any of these problems, but we need to be prepared to handle any situation that might arise.

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3 Responses to Organizer Lesson: Dealing with Counter-Protestors

  1. - Have your sign making gear ready; blank poster board, wide tip sharpie
    - draw a huge bold arrow on the poster board
    - write a rebuttal under the arrow
    - stand next to the anti-protester with the arrow pointing at him/her

    Anti-protester sign reads: Gun Control – Save Our Kids
    Your Rebuttal: Gun Control – Doesn’t Stop Crazy


    use their exact sign wording, then cross out one word and substitute it with your own word
    Anti-protester sign reads: Gun Control Protects Our Kids
    Your Rebuttal: on your sign cross out Our Kids and write Criminals


    use ridicule and humor

    Anti-protester sign reads: Guns kill People
    Your Rebuttal: Like a fork makes you Fat or cross out Guns and write Criminals


    if there is a group – you can make two signs with bold arrows, one facing left, one facing right
    position a signs at both ends, basically acting as quotation marks
    Your statement under the arrows could read something like “These People Are Not With Us” or “Anti Second Amendment” or “I Want a Rape Whistle”


    If there the counter protesters are roaming around within your group, make up your signs and stick to them like glue

    remember if you are on public property, you can’t deny anybody their 1st amendment rights. This is what they are hoping you will do, then they can have you arrested and the media will pick it up and give the group a black eye….possibly forever.

    Get a video/photos of the counter protesters. Use their message on a blog or youtube to show the strength of your position, because most national and local media will take the opposite.

  2. Robert Wilson says:

    This comment is a cover for ALL of the problems created by B.O.; What is the rule of law? How can a counterfeit president not honor his oath of office. If there is no rule, then, WHY GIVE IT? How can an administration claim to be a normal governing body when it extols same sex marriage? “Same sex is NOT NORMAL! Has “fast&furious” died, or are we really going to prosecute the counterfeit attorney gen. Is it because that we have no representation/ no checks & balances, no leadership to hang criminals? What is very clear is that there is NO RULE OF ANY LAW. RW

  3. doug deaton says:

    Glad to see you know we have to eject Lindsey G. from S.C. As well as the other 11 liberal republicans that choose to eat dinner with the communist instead of backing their team mates.
    Keep up the good work
    Thanks, Doug

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