Organizer Lesson #5: Dealing With the Media

One of the most important ways to promote your event is through so-called “earned media.” By engaging with reporters, radio hosts, and journalists, you will be able to get details about your rally in front of tens of thousands of people (if not more). This is an invaluable tool to driving attendance to rallies, but it’s also treacherous at times. The mainstream media, even local outlets, can be unfriendly to conservatives. Below are some tips in dealing with media requests.

1. Be responsive and engaged.
We’ve discovered that no matter how unfriendly the media outlet is, by giving a quick, honest, and thoughtful response to journalists lead to fairer treatment in news stories. Journalists appreciate not having to play phone tag and being able to get an interview done quickly, which means that even if they aren’t sympathetic to your cause they will be inclined to write a fair news report.

2. Don’t lose your cool.
You will face tough questions and, more than likely, unfair questions as well. Your first instinct will be to lash out, end the interview, yell, or otherwise express your displeasure. DON’T! Your job in this situation is to relay the facts. Our right to bear arms is constitutionally guaranteed, and we’re standing up for those rights. Say it with a smile, even if the interview is over the phone. It’s reflected in your tone and, again, makes the reporter more likely to write a fair story.

3. Be proactive.
In addition to quickly responding to media requests, you should reach out to reporters in your area who cover politics and/or gun rights issues. At the very least, call the newsroom of the major newspaper, talk radio, and local tv networks. Producers are always looking for time filling material, and you have a great story to tell. Who knows, maybe you’ll be on tv?

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Our team is experienced in dealing with media requests – both friendly and hostile. And odds are, so are your local Republican elected officials and county/state party officials. Some of them will be establishment republicans who are hostile to us, but many will be great allies and anxious to help you get the word out.

5. Stay on message.
One of the media’s favorite tricks is to steer the discussion away from your message and force you into a misstep on an irrelevant issue (just look at all the costly comments conservative candidates made about rape in 2012!). There’s nothing wrong in telling a reporter than these rallies aren’t about that issue, that you’re not here to talk about what he/she is asking about, or that you disagree with the premise of a question. But again, say it with a smile and stay on message.

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2 Responses to Organizer Lesson #5: Dealing With the Media

  1. John Ronald Elkas says:

    I would like to do much more as I reside in RI (primarily Democratic/Liberal/Left Wing dominant) but lack the knowledge to know where and how to get started. Please have someone reach out to me to share more information. I am, in heart and sole, sincerely eager and driven to help make a change especially with regards to protecting our 2nd amended rights. Those rights seemingly are on attack more so in the New England area than many other parts of the country and so much so that I am currently working on plans for an exit strategy to uproot my business/career to another more conservative friendly section of the US. Please call anytime (401)256-6340 (mobile). I travel much so leave message. Thank you, in advance, for your time!

  2. Just contacted John to help him out.

    Many individuals don’t know how they can start a protest where there is no local organization in place. There is power in ONE. Encourage others “Got A Minute – Take Action.”

    - Be prepared to stand alone with your sign – others will soon follow.

    LOCATION – identify a PUBLIC, high traffic, visible, safe place – preferably in close proximity to 4 stop light intersection. People have time to read your signs when stopped. – Keep your message simple – use BIG BOLD BLACK LETTERS – “I SUPPORT THE 2ND AMENDMENT”

    - If you can, put up three or more tall flags around you – brings more attention
    – assemble flag atop your huge flag pole
    – flag pole using 8′x1.5″ PVC with insert at one end (cut in half for easy travel)
    – with a hammer, drive some rebar into the ground
    – install flag(s)

    - Make a two sided sign
    – one side is your message
    – the other side “GOT A MINUTE – COME STAND WITH ME NOW ”
    – Spin the sign around every 30 seconds or so – especially if people show interest.

    - Have sign making material and/or flags available for people who stop to join you – They are the “Minutemen”.

    - Start Your Own “Minutemen” call list
    – Get the phone number/email of people who are WILLING to STAND with you – even if it’s only for a minute. Give them your contact info/blog so they can pass the word.
    – Activate your “Minutemen” – call/email time, place, duration, issue of your protest
    – Call a “issue friendly” radio station and give them your protest information
    – Start a blog with your “Minutemen” protest information
    – Start a FB page dedicated to “Minutemen” events, videos, photos and discussions – notify family, friends, interested persons of your FB page.

    IF YOU TRAVEL – follow the above procedures – keep track of the “Minutemen” by city.

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