Organizer Lesson #4: Building A Crowd

The single most important thing to ensure success for your rally is to drive a crowd. If there is a big crowd at your rally, the media will be forced to take notice, as will our elected representatives and fellow citizens – and that’s what this is all about! Below are some tips on how to boost the size of your crowd to help ensure your rally is a success:

1. Contact Local Conservative Groups
Your local conservative groups (Tea Party groups, Republican clubs, county, state and municipal Republican parties, your local NRA, gun owners of America, Patriot Guard riders, VFW groups, 912 groups – the list goes on) all have members, and those members have friends, family members and Facebook friends/email lists they can reach out to. And the best part is we know these people agree with us! Reach out to them immediately and ask them to commit to attending and helping promote the event.

2. Visit Local Gun Stores and Firing Ranges
Ask your local gun stores to put up fliers and talk to their clients about the event. The employees and owners of these stores have livelihoods tied to the outcome of the gun debate, so they will have a BIG incentive to help us be heard!

3. Use the Media
Yes, the mainstream media is likely to attack us at times, but they can be a great avenue to promote your rally. Contact the local talk radio stations (the local hosts on Conservative AM talk stations can usually drive a crowd by themselves invite them to speak), television news rooms and gun rights/policy beat reporters for the print media and tell them about your event. If you can get an interview on conservative talk radio, you know you can reach a HUGE audience of people who will be excited to attend.

4. Use the Internet
Email lists, Facebook groups, and local conservative blogs and message boards are a great avenue to reach out to people. You know this, because that’s likely how you signed up to organize your rally! Email all of your personal contacts and tell them how hard you’re working on this event and ask them to attend. Go onto the local gun message boards and post a thread advertising your event. Email a popular pro-gun blogger in your area and ask for their help promoting the rally. These people all have very large audiences and are more than happy to help!

5. Get A Keynote Speaker
Line up a speaker that people will want to listen to. Is your local sheriff popular? Sign him up! Is your Congressman an avid hunter? Ask him to speak! Land the biggest name you can, and not only will people want to come listen to him or her, but they will likely bring their own staff, family and friends. It’s a win/win!

6. Word of Mouth
Once you get the ball rolling with the first five steps, this is where the magic happens. If you ask everyone to tell their friends about the event, THEY WILL! Ask them to bring someone with them, and they’ll be happy to do it! If you happen to be buying some ammo or visiting a firing range, tell other patrons about the event. It’s incredible how many people you will casually mention the rally to who you will see at the event!

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