I’m Leaving Something Amazing Behind

As I leave TheTeaParty.net I want to shower them with all the praise that I can. This is a good organization and our record of accomplishment is second to none. Our grassroots fundraising is based on a simple idea, we tell people we are going to do things and then we set ourselves to doing them. You look at the infrastructure and how much money we’ve spent compared to other organizations and I CHALLENGE you to show me a political organization with the kind of infrastructure we have put together.

The petition system is amazing. Together we wrote the Republican talking points during the debt ceiling debate and got a number of very interesting budgets written including the Mack, Ryan, Paul, and Lee budgets. This is critical work. When we went after the Post Office no one else was talking about it. After the Unions responded to the 250,000 messages we sent to Congress we advanced it along to where now we got one of our principle demands which was ending Saturday delivery.

We targeted the House Oversight Committee to keep the Fast and Furious investigation moving and then sent hundreds of thousands of letters that led to him being held in contempt of Congress.

Our social media is dominate. At one point during the election we made up 45% of the political digital activity outside of the Presidential Campaigns.

We’ve done it all from rallies, townhalls, presidential debates, radio shows, and candidate forums. Every time we’ve seen an obstacle standing between the Grassroots and the Political elite we’ve done whatever it takes to give our fighters the upper hand.

Our staff is incredible, dedicated, and hard working.

In just a few years and for 10% of the budget of comparable organizations, it’s pretty hard to argue, we rock! That attitude is going to continue because it doesn’t come from me, it comes from Todd Cefaratti their founder. He has a vision and it’s a good one. I plan to actively support and supplement their efforts because i believe in their cause and I know that they can do it!

It was a difficult and painful to leave all that behind. I have wonderful friendships and immense respect for the people who work there but I’m on to build another piece of the puzzle. If we’re going to defeat these SOB’s we’re going to need good people everywhere to do the best they can. I’ll be watching and if I ever see a moment where something I could do to help you out, I’ll do it without you even having to ask.

Keep driving forward, we’ve come a long way.

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2 Responses to I’m Leaving Something Amazing Behind

  1. Linda says:

    and where would you be off to?

  2. LTCRIce says:

    same question… ?? DM me so we stay in touch.. I owe you a shooting lesson

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