I Hate Politcs

Today is the four year anniversary of Rick Santelli’s famous rant that sparked the Tea Party movement. I had already begun forming the Western Representation PAC naively believing that simply exposing the blatant corruption between K-Street and Wall Street would be enough to ensure that the kind of craven manipulation that crashed the housing market wouldn’t happen to my children.

So today when I saw many of my friends posting the Santelli rant I reflected on how that original mission is fairing four years later. The answer is not encouraging.

Despite raising millions of dollars and recruiting millions of people the only person actively attacking the Wall Street/K-Street Cartel inside the government is bleeding heart liberal Elizabeth Warren.

The problem is that the establishment continues to launch daily assaults against our most basic rights, forcing us to defend on long settled issues and keeping us distracted from the vastly more complicated webs of corruption they’ve successfully weaved for generations. Our LAW says that the ‘right to bear arms shall not be infringed’ and we shouldn’t have to spend one ounce of energy defending that natural right, but they attack and we must defend. While we are busy defending our basic natural rights the corruption continues mostly unchecked.

They also use a variety of other things to generally make anyone speaking out lives more difficult. They report our sites as SPAM, they hack our sites, in an effort to keep people from reading the things we are saying. I’ve had to fight to keep up on Facebook and nearly all our websites get “questionable” ratings at best from anti-spam/virus software despite being completely above board.

The ‘too big to fail’ bailouts continue at an unprecedented pace. We are now propping up the banking and bond markets to the tune of 85 billion dollars a month just through FED policy. Our tax code punishes the unconnected at the benefit of the well connected. Facebook doesn’t have to pay taxes because they can afford legions of tax attorneys and high priced lobbyists. Wall Street and the political elite are feasting on the American taxpayer and it doesn’t seem like anything can be done when nearly everyone just chalks trillions in theft up to a natural state of life. It should be obvious but the fact is that the corruption is hidden in a complex foreign language, legaleze.

Most people crave simple fictional narratives over complicated truths. The Day of Resistance rallies across the country will undoubtedly be awesome and will be a powerful step towards protecting our already settled rights against growing government oppression. It’s a worthy cause and I’m proud that I led the effort to get it going but I’m tired of defending long-settled issues.

I’m trapped. I have an obligation to keep fighting on behalf of the hundreds of thousands who have contributed to the cause I help champion but the deeper I get into politics, the more I hate it…..

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One Response to I Hate Politcs

  1. dj Barner-Cowell says:

    Dustin, it is a good thing you have started here. I have yet to find a more clear spoken individual. It sounds like you are moving on to bigger things! Good Luck!
    I am still searching for a like minded group here in Fairbanks Alaska. They wont move until something happens. Everyone seems to think that all the politicians know that Alaska is different and as such will be excluded.
    I called a local group and was told ” its winter, call us back in the spring” when I mentioned Saturday event it was dismissed as a lower 48 event.
    So I haven’t a clue what to do on Saturday. Where are others gathering? What buildings? If I have to drive into town and stand on a street corner waving a flag by myself I will. I hate politics as well. djbc

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