Organizing a rally: Getting Started

So you’ve decided to step up to the plate and get your local rally going! Awesome and thank you! Here are the steps you need to get started:

First you need to have an email that we can list publicly as the organizer contact. We suggest setting up a new email to handle this.

Next, you need to create a place digitally where other people in your area can congregate to talk about the rally. Facebook is a really great tool for this. We’ve been asking people to create their page/event in the following format: city, state Day of Resistance. Here is an example:

As an organizer you need to do two things to connect with the organizers around the country who are putting together rallies.

1.  Join the Day of Resistance Organizer page here:

2. Make sure you sign up as an organizer at

Ok, now you’ve got everything you need for us to add you to the Official Day of Resistance Rally list! Congratulations! Make sure you send us an email at with your information so we can update the official list!

Now it’s time to start planning your rally!  You can find a list of other lessons/instructions we’ve created and will continue to create here:

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One Response to Organizing a rally: Getting Started

  1. Donny Loftis says:

    Rally in NC located in Marion, NC, county courthouse lawn-2-23-13–high noon till 2 Contact email:

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