Organizer Lesson #3 Recruiting Speakers

Your speaker lineup is critical. These are the people who will be transmitting our message to your crowd. Speakers should be engaging, informative, and passionate. Don’t let speeches go on and on (more on that in a later lesson)

1. More than 225 Sheriff’s have issued statements stating that they will not comply with unconstitutional federal edicts, your local sheriff is a great place to start.

2. Look at conservative groups in your area – this will also double as promoting the event. If the chairman of a large conservative group is a speaker at your event, he/she will encourage the group’s members to attend the meeting. Some groups to consider approaching:
- Tea Party groups
- VFW groups
- American Legion
- Patriot Guard Riders
- Daughters/Sons of the American Revolution
- Local Republican Clubs

3. Contact the owners/managers of various gun ranges/stores and ask for their input. They will have connections to marksmanship clubs and veterans groups that will want to get involved, and the group leaders will want to speak.

4. Involve your Facebook page and email list! Involve the people who are going to attend your rally by asking them who they would like to hear from.

5. Make it clear that speaker time is limited and time limits will be enforced. An extremely long speech can kill the enthusiasm of a rally.

6. Try to get a speakers on a diversity of topics and with a diversity of speaking styles.

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3 Responses to Organizer Lesson #3 Recruiting Speakers

  1. Tom Liddle says:

    In your instructions above, you have a misprint.
    You wrote: 1. More than 225 Sheriff’s have issued statements stating that they will not comply with unconstitutional, your local sheriff is a great place to start.

    Unconstitutional what? You didn’t finish the sentence… We all know what it is, but not from this reading.


  2. Ralph L Myers says:

    I am the father of a murdered son that was murdered in Los Angeles at the age of 25 in 1993. His murderer purchased his handgun at a donut shop in a suburban Los Angeles community. At that time in California some of the nation’s most restrictive gun control laws were on the books including a waiting period of 15 days for taking possession of a legally purchased firearm which is ten days longer than the existing Brady Law. Needless to say none of those laws mattered to his murderer.

    Since that time I have been an advocate of the 2nd Amendment and have given speeches and written many articles, editorials that more gun control laws is not the answer and will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves and their families against criminals that care less about any gun control laws on the books.

    Enough is enough, snd since my son was not killed by a deranged person and not part of a mass shooting his story never captured the attention of the media and the anti-gun zealots. As a result, I have never really been afforded the opportunity to tell his story to a mass audience like those of Colombine, Aurora, CO or Newtown, CT have been able to. My loss and the losses suffered by others who have survived the murder of a child or other loved one is no less painful than the victim survivors in the places I have just mentioned. I would like to volunteer as a speaker at one of the events at the upcoming “Day of Resistance” events. I currently live in Northwest Washington State and can be reached via Email at the address I have listed above on this message.

    Thank you!

    Ralph L Myers
    Father of murder victim Tom Myers

  3. Susanna Corley says:

    Attn: Ralph Myers… I hope you have been contacted by some groups in Washington, but I could not find an e-mail address in the boy of your message. Best thing to do is contact a group in your area. This is the only one I could find in your area…
    If you were closer to us we would certainly invite you to tell your story… If you’re not committed anywhere, I will make sure you are… On your side, want to hear your story.

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